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Over 40 ttc - August baby dust for me!

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Orchid222 Tue 31-Jul-18 19:13:09

Ladies, here's our 2nd summer thread smile

BooseysMom Tue 31-Jul-18 21:44:06

Got it! Thanks Orchid x

CookieWaffle Tue 31-Jul-18 21:47:32

Checking in!

weasledee Tue 31-Jul-18 22:09:23

Checking in! smile x

Ficidy Tue 31-Jul-18 22:43:35

Hi, just moving over here x

MATTSMAMMA Tue 31-Jul-18 23:03:44

Just checking in ladies smile

mellongoose Wed 01-Aug-18 13:09:25

Thanks for the new thread smile

StepAwayFromGoogle Wed 01-Aug-18 14:36:59

Hi ladies, I just wanted to say hello and pass on something that I hope might help.

I was on the over 40 ttc thread just over a year ago and for about a year before that, on and off. This April at the age of 41 I gave birth to DD2 who is now a happy 13 week old. I'll be 42 next month.

I'd had three miscarriages in the year before I conceived and I was broken. I'd honestly given up hope that I might have a happy ending.

The only things I did differently with this pregnancy were baby aspirin, ubiquinol and reflexology. I was already taking b vitamin complex and ttc multivitamins. No idea if any of them made the difference.

But I just wanted to say don't give up hope. It can be a long, hard and painful road ttc in your 40s but ultimately with a happy ending.

CookieWaffle Wed 01-Aug-18 14:51:45

Ahh that's so lovely to hear @StepAwayFromGoogle and I love your username! Thanks so much and congratulations smile xx

BooseysMom Wed 01-Aug-18 20:04:28

Congratulations StepawayfromGoogle! I was also 41 when i had DS who is now 4.5. Sorry to read of your 3 miscarriages. I know that feeling as I'd had 2 previously and had given up hope when the miracle happened and i didn't even twig that i was preg for the first 3 months! Ttc no. 2 has been v hard and being 46 i am worried more than ever of late mcs and worse. Lovely to hear of your news ..thank you for sharing xx

KeepingTheFaith9 Wed 01-Aug-18 21:09:37

Hi ladies. Just checking in after what seems like an exceedingly long time away. I’ve been here in the background keeping up to date with all your news, welcome to the newcomers Dinah and Ficidy and God bless Denise Lewis.

So my fertility sisters - my reason for not writing has been superstition largely, having had 2 MCs in the past and being aware of the high number of losses before 12 weeks, I just wanted to keep a low profile.

On June 21st, midsummer’s day - I contemplated doing a fertility spell - I’ve done spells in the past and some of them have appeared to work - so I thought I’d give it a go. But before I did, I had to rule out the week of nausea I had been battling. My brother in law had a similar viral thing and I’d put it down to that.

I went to £land like I had a million times before and bought 3 tests. Waited for my DD to get in the bath and then took one, barely bothering to consider the result - as I knew it would be negative - I nearly fell on the floor when it was positive. I did the remaining 2 and they were the same. I was in total shock.

As some of you might remember - following the TCM during Jan-April my period went MIA. When it was late by 18 days there were no alarm bells, just irritation that the TCM (or was it the DHEA) had messed my cycles up.

I calculated I was almost 7 weeks pregnant. I had had NO symptoms - not one little itch, twinge or sign - other than the sickly state of affairs and that wasn’t constant.

The day after I’d taken the test, as if by clockwork - things started to feel strange and a bit more real.

I managed to persuade my GP to get me along to the EPU for a scan. There was a heartbeat. I was almost 8 weeks at that point.

I booked the Panorama (with micro deletions as extra) for 9 weeks - hoping I’d make it that far.

I did - a week later - now just over 10 weeks, the result came back. Low risk on all counts. The gender was revealed - the baby was a boy.

I had another private scan at 11 weeks and today I went for my dating scan and Nuchal. All seems well, baby has everything in the right place for growing.

I am now 12 weeks and I’m high risk because of age and previous placental abruption.

I will live in fear till 20 weeks now, but not much I can do but hope, pray and be positive baby develops normally.

I am still in shock. So much so that so far I have only told DH, my Mum and best mate (and now all of you!!)

My daughter will be 4 tomorrow. This time 4 years ago I was in labour, 29 weeks - at the same unit I went today for my scan. I have prayed so many times for God to let me walk back info that ante-natal dept - today my prayers were answered.

I will be 44 in 3 weeks. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years

My dear fertility sisters - it DOES and can happen.

I just kept believing and that carried me through, along with a faith that tells me things that are meant for you - won’t pass you by.

It is still early days for me, I will never be complacent - and I will probably spend the next 6 months in total fear and irrational thinking - BUT just for today, I am pregnant and I thank God, the Universe and this community of support for keeping me sane and focussed on the end goal.

I’ll keep in touch. Wishing you all continued strength and hope - KEEP THE FAITH.


Orchid222 Wed 01-Aug-18 21:30:20

Faith-I'm speechless, wonderful news! And you already have the 1st trimester behind you! Huge congratulations and keeping everything crossed the next 6 months are as smooth as the first 3 xx

Orchid222 Wed 01-Aug-18 21:36:40

Faith- what made you take DHEA? I've heard good things about it and was going to give it a shot next cycle. So happy for you! We all needed a bfp on here!

CookieWaffle Wed 01-Aug-18 21:47:58

That's amazing news @KeepingTheFaith9, thank you for your story xxx

MATTSMAMMA Wed 01-Aug-18 22:01:26

FAITH - I have tears of joy for you after reading your post. Amazing and thank you for sharing. Wishing you all the very best xx

weasledee Wed 01-Aug-18 22:04:23

Oh my god faith what amazing news!!! We haven't had a BPF for so long, I'm thrilled for you!!! You must keep us updated!! So many congratulations, a boy, how lovely smile

Dinah99 Wed 01-Aug-18 22:33:32

Here I am, forgot it was August! shockx

Dinah99 Wed 01-Aug-18 22:36:44

Just read the thread! Amazing news @KeepingTheFaith9 !! Congratulations, so happy for you. Wonderful news xxx

PetraRabbit Thu 02-Aug-18 00:11:07

Faith, that is so helpful and encouraging. I ocassionally look at this 40+ thread. I have just turned 43 with a 13 month old and had a MMC at 10 weeks in March. I am going to use your story to help me believe I can have a sibling for my DC. You must have been almost exactly my age within a month or two when you conceived! So exciting for you to be expecting a baby son!

KeepingTheFaith9 Thu 02-Aug-18 05:33:36

Thank you everyone. I have been waiting patiently to post, and has each week has gone by, more hopeful that I could. After having spent so long trying it feels surreal to be here. Orchid, I took the DHEA as I figured I had nothing to lose and Google seemed to recommend it!! Also, a friend of mine who has had a lot of IVF suggested I give it a go, she told me that lots of clinics recommend it and that her ‘fertility boards’ were awash with it. Tbh I don’t know if it was the DHEA or the TCM or even me being (thanks to the wisdom on this forum) that little bit more clued up about my body each month...

The DHEA May have improved my egg quality - I don’t know, it did make me a tad spotty, but I rode that pesky wave (Orchid I have 1/3 of a tub of the Biovea tablets left if you want them - let me know)

What I do know is that this pregnancy was the total opposite in terms of symptoms (ie there wasn’t any kind of clues, no niggles or implantation type pulling or sore boobs or much at all really, I seriously thought I was just peri-menopause and things had dried up. On that note, my last period lasted for 1.5 days and was so light I didn’t even wear anything for protection... (!) I had always feared my light periods meant rubbish lining, clearly this is a myth which may give encouragement to some of you with increasingly lighter flows.

I always tried to keep positive and knew that all the time there was a period, I had a chance. I also changed all my passwords (phone, laptop, bank etc) to positive phrases like ‘believe’ and ‘InGodWeTrust’ and ‘keepthefaith’ as I believe writing these daily keeps me repeating positive affirmations daily - this helps me a lot.

Well ladies, this is all from me for now. I will keep in touch. Take care, and baby dust to you all. XxxX BELIEVE you can and you are half way there. X. smile

shinyblackdog Thu 02-Aug-18 07:58:50

Faith, this is brilliant news, and great advice as well! I'll do a new list for our new thread tonight.

mondaycando1 Thu 02-Aug-18 08:53:03

Orchid - thank you for starting us up again.
@Faith and @Step what lovely news both to keep us all going.

So am on cd29 and feel dreadful - brewing a cold, load of af symptoms all week but nothing and just started a new job so a duvet day is not an option. Roll on the weekend. May you all have much shinier Thursday's than me.

SparrowSG Thu 02-Aug-18 11:03:09

Many congratulations Faith, wishing you a healthy remainder of your pregnancy.

(...goes away and cracks open the DHEA that I've been procrastinating over for months!)

Karigan198 Thu 02-Aug-18 12:59:14


I’m getting worried I AM pregnant. I tried to avoid this cycle as I have to have an operation which has been fast tracked due to it being kind of an emergency.

Still no AF however and this sure as heck isn’t anovulatory as my boobs have grown and are sore. I’m at the point where I guess I either am or I’m due on soon.

Left it a week to try testing again. Will try again tomorrow.

Chatbash72 Thu 02-Aug-18 17:04:21

@KeepingTheFaith9 congratulations that is wonderful news... hope the next 6 months is a lot smoother..
we were supposed to be going away today, but hubs didn't check the passports and one of us is out of date.. stress levels out the window.. but can follow you for next week before enforced internet break.. sending baby dust to you all

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