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December Bus - Christmas Wishes

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peterpanwendy Sun 05-Nov-17 09:33:03

Hi all,

I’ve decided to take the plunge and make a December Bus. I know it’s still early in Nov but for those of us whose cycles fall early in the month it’ll be nice for us to have a new thread!

I’m 23
TTC #1
Cycle: 2

Had so many symptoms in October (unusual for my regular AF) so felt so disappointed when it wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway let’s hope December is our month and hope for that Christmas surprise! smilethlgrinstar

Fia256 Sun 05-Nov-17 09:46:57

Joining! BFP/AF due end of November/start of December.

TTC - 3
Cycle - 6 (sort of. 6th cycle after starting again after late miscarriage. 3rd cycle after very early miscarriage)

Also first cycle I’ll be using the clear blue advanced fertility monitor so hoping that brings some luck this month. Also seem to average on falling pregnant after 3 months each time, so hoping that’ll be the case again this month smile

AJ89 Sun 05-Nov-17 10:31:56

Joining as af arrived Friday sad

TTC #1
Cycle 3
Age 28

Af due December 2nd

Owlpatrol Sun 05-Nov-17 12:30:45

Morning ladies. Joining December..

29 yrs old
Bfp due 4th December
Never had a bfp i.e no chemicals etc that I know of

I'm on folic acid only and using Ovia app. Going to have a think this week as on AF as to how I want to feel this month because ttc is getting on top of me. But it's so hard to just go with the flow.

Hey @Fia256 nice to see you again fingers crossed for us both this month x

Owlpatrol Sun 05-Nov-17 12:31:31

Forgot to say ttc for 12 months now. Sigh

Can't bring myself to go tot he doctor yet. Think I might wait till new year

LovePinaColada Sun 05-Nov-17 14:28:33


Cycle 7
TTC #1
BFP due 3rd December 🤞❤️

LostMyBaubles Sun 05-Nov-17 14:42:11

Hi ladies
Coming over from Nov

Ttc #4
Cycle 1 .coil out Wednesday
Cd 3/4 can't remember lol

NimbleKnitter Sun 05-Nov-17 14:56:05

Hey owl. Are you temping? Do you know you’re ovulating?

I know it’s hard not to get disappointed, but making a human is a complicated business!

peterpanwendy Sun 05-Nov-17 15:44:33

Nice to see some familiar names from the Nov thread, I am using the Ovia app and have bought some opk’s but what else can I do to up my chances without becoming obsessed?

Owlpatrol Sun 05-Nov-17 15:46:59

Nope not thought about telling really @NimbleKnitter ill have a look at Amazon now. No idea how tempting works really. Last month I had ovulation bleed so fairly certain I ovulated last month

NimbleKnitter Sun 05-Nov-17 15:51:03

Peterpan - two things needed to get pregnant - 1 fertilisation and 2 implantation

Fertilisation requires sperm to meet egg in Fallopian tube. So lots of sex pre ovulation. Evening primrose oil. Clear Fallopian tubes. Ovulation

Implantation - viable blastocyst (good quality ovum and sperm). Thick endometrium.

Not much of that is in your control. You can take supplements. Avoid caffeine/baths/alcohol/fun, but that might fall into your obsessed category.

Basically - best thing you can do is keep trying. Statistically - 90% of people will get pregnant within a year

NimbleKnitter Sun 05-Nov-17 15:54:25

Temping is a good indicator of your cycle. I wouldn’t use it to predict ovulation, but it’s great for information.

It tells you when you ovulated, if your progesterone levels are increasing and how long your follicular/luteal phase generally is.

It’s easy to get obsessed, so I only did it for a few months, but it’s a useful insight

Fia256 Sun 05-Nov-17 17:57:01

I’m so determined to make it work for us this month. The last few months I’ve wanted it to happen but not really gone out of my way. This month:

-I don’t care if I’m exhausted - we WILL dtd every other night around fertile window
-cutting out the caffeine. This is a hard one for me, over the last few months I’ve got myself, in my eyes, addicted to fizzy drinks. I literally crave them but as of today, I’m cutting them out completely.
-healthier eating too

Also hoping the cb advanced monitor works it’s expensive wonders. It’s funny because my first two, were convinced on one go!! So it feels a bit strange to go into a new months thread and recognise every single username!

NelleB Sun 05-Nov-17 18:37:09

Can I get on the bus please?
TTC #1
Hoping for an extra Christmas gift 👶🏻🎄. It will be cycle 2 for us this month but I won’t be able to test until 2nd December so I am just in.
Good luck to everyone x

NimbleKnitter Sun 05-Nov-17 18:48:38

Fia, I love your PMA, but truly, this isn’t within your control.

The best you can do is try.

Your plan sounds like a great one, and I truly hope this is your month. But bodies and babies are contrary bastards and sometimes the perfect conditions don’t tempt them.

I’m not meaning to sound like a ‘just relax’ dick - I know it’s not possible to, not does it make any difference.

Just - cut yourself some slack. We have no control over most of it. We can do our best, but ultimately we have to let the sperm and ovum work it out for themselves.

Good luck xx

AJ89 Sun 05-Nov-17 18:52:54

I’m hoping not to be as obsessed as I was last month, lost count of how many tests I did and from how early I did them 😂

I’m carrying on with temping and using opk. Gonna try to dtd every day in fertile window (we did every other in the past two cycles). Fingers crossed for me and all of you!!! X

Babydreaming Sun 05-Nov-17 18:53:52

Can I tentatively join and follow all your journeys? We are planning to start TTC in December (so my son will be 1 and hopefully our baby will be born Sept onwards!). So although I will be using protection this month I’m going to start tracking my ovulation to just get to know my cycle and it would be great to follow you ladies and get advice for the following month! I’ll also end December 9dpo so just on the cusp for testing!

TTC #2 (DS is 10 months)
Cycle -1 !

At the moment I’m feeling really apprehensive about it all! I’ve managed to
Conceive every time we have dtd without protection during fertile window but I’ve had 1 chemical, 1 miscarriage and 1 baby so I’m really scared as the first 2 were devastating.

peterpanwendy Sun 05-Nov-17 19:41:53

Welcome everyone, familiar and new smile hopefully we can support each other through this! Who would’ve thought making a human would be this complicated! How do people get pregnant by accident?! hmm

Fia256 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:19:35

@peterpanwendy my SIL, apparently angry 3 accidents, all of which were carefree healthy pregnancies too. Not that I’d wish for them to be any other way, but still. It’s bloody annoying

CoconutGal Sun 05-Nov-17 20:27:57

One ticket for this bus please! 👋🏻

TTC# 2
Cycle: 11
AF due: 1st December.

AF has just left today after arriving a day earlier than usual. Currently taking seven seas trying to conceive tablets in order to help aid extra vitamins I may be missing. DH & I are taking the laid back approach this month. No OPKs, just having fun with it. We’ve had a long almost a year of this & I think it began to emotionally wear us down into thinking it’s not going to happen. Everyone around us is having babies which isn’t helping despite how happy we are for them all. Just can’t help but feel that pang of jealousy where you think “why can’t that be me?”.

Anyway, onwards & upwards. Looking forward to seeing what Christmas surprises this bus brings & wishing you all luck this month! Hoping to see BFP’s galore! 😁❤️

mamaiFifi Sun 05-Nov-17 21:52:31


Ttc #2 (dd is 3)
CD 1
Cycle 1

Started today taking seven seas tryinf to concieve - best of luck everyone x

Babydreaming Sun 05-Nov-17 22:32:48

Which vitamins would everyone recommend? I was taking well woman but Is it true they have too much but a for TTC? Wondering what to switch to?

Babydreaming Sun 05-Nov-17 22:36:58

Also do you think exercising helps? When I conceived my first baby I was a real gym bunny - would do netball, gym classes 3/week and regilarly go out for 5k runs. Since my little guy arrived I’ve found it difficult to find the time. We go out for walks in the pram daily but wondering if I need to step it up and make time for exercise?

LostMyBaubles Sun 05-Nov-17 22:46:51

My youngest was an 'accident'
Pull out didn't work good enough lol

DT2016 Mon 06-Nov-17 07:13:31

Stepping aboard!

TTC #2
Cycle ??? 1 after early mc last month, cervical ectopic Sept ‘16
CD1 angry
Age 40 sad
BFP due 4 Dec

Hi ladies

I’m hoping to see lots of Festive BFPs on this thread. Good luck to us all xx

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