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To be hate the constant use of acronyms on this site

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BucketandSpade Mon 14-Apr-08 11:32:29

I mean how long does it take to write son, daughter, husband? And they're not always darling or dear are they? TBH. My personal bug bears are LOL, IMHO and, most of all, worst of all. AF! Just say period for god's sake! What are we, floral apron wearing, valium munchers, living in middle america in the 1950's?

oiFoiF Mon 14-Apr-08 11:33:12

imho yabu fwiw goi

Slubberdegullion Mon 14-Apr-08 11:34:23

nah, marks out the newbies with consumate ease.

TigerFeet Mon 14-Apr-08 11:35:09



(and lol at use of TBH)

MehgaLegs Mon 14-Apr-08 11:35:12

yabu if you post alot (which you don't, I just searched) it is much quicker to use the acronyms.

claraquitetirednow Mon 14-Apr-08 11:35:29

you are not being unreasonable. i hate dh, dd etc. it's like txtspk. maybe i am just too old!!

ps too old for capitals too....but that is because i am holding a baby with one hand!

MrsMattie Mon 14-Apr-08 11:36:19

It's an internet forum thing, not just an MN thing. It's really not that annoying. Deal with it, FFS grin

(although agree that AF is a bit weirdy...)

MehgaLegs Mon 14-Apr-08 11:36:53

How can you find acronyms offensive? I really don't get it.

morningpaper Mon 14-Apr-08 11:37:54


bergentulip Mon 14-Apr-08 11:38:09

You are not being unreasonable. In my honest opinion, and for what it's worth, I dislike seeing acronyms such as those listed above anywhere on the internet.
LOL definitely up there with the top ten irritations(!)
It takes me twice as long to work out some of the more obscure acronyms than if it had just been written longhand in the first place!

Are smiley faces okay??

VictorianSqualor Mon 14-Apr-08 11:39:21

I think you're being much more unreasonable thinking the pedants won't crucify you for the title.

'to be hate....'

Also, though I probably wouldn't use AF, It's so much quicker to write IMHO, and LOL.

bergentulip Mon 14-Apr-08 11:39:29

I use them all of course ! :0

bergentulip Mon 14-Apr-08 11:39:45


DrNortherner Mon 14-Apr-08 11:39:46

imvho yabu

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 14-Apr-08 11:41:08

Oy I'm not a newbie it's just habit. And in a long rant you don't want to be typing out 'my husband' every sentence. So DH does, and everyone knows D doesn't + Darling necessarily.

VictorianSqualor Mon 14-Apr-08 11:41:57

TDWP, I think slubber meant the newbies don't use the acronyms, not do.

beaniesteve Mon 14-Apr-08 11:42:02

I don't consider myself a newbie but I always try to use full words. I don't mind people who use them though LO for Little one is as awful as using the word 'tot' in my book and AF instead of Period and BD (for Baby dancing) instead of just sex seems a little immature to me.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 14-Apr-08 11:43:11

Ah true

YouCantTeuchThis Mon 14-Apr-08 11:44:05 can choose not to use them but really don't let it rile you! grin

But definitely unreasonable to chuck gratuitous words into your title!! wink

staryeyed Mon 14-Apr-08 11:44:13

May be a very stupid question but what is baby dancing?

berolina Mon 14-Apr-08 11:44:56

There are useful acronyms - dh etc., YA(N)BU, tbh, FFS - and silly euphemistic acronyms such as BD and AF. IMO.

berolina Mon 14-Apr-08 11:45:35


Sex. Specifically sex for the purpose of conceiving.

I know.

PortAndLemon Mon 14-Apr-08 11:45:38

Technically <<escapes from Pedants' Corner>> most of those aren't acronyms (LOL and IMHO may be, I suppose).

D can stand for many, many things other than darling or dear...

Try other parenting forums. By the time you get through screens of BD (babydancing) and similar terms you'll be delighted to return to Mumsnet's very restrained use of abbreviations, initialisms any acronyms.

WanderingTrolley Mon 14-Apr-08 11:45:52

'd' can stand for darling, dear, dreaded, dratted, dastardly, dickheaded....

Acronyms rule.

YABU, B&S, though I do think 'babydancing' is easily the most nauseating term I've learned from mn.

beaniesteve Mon 14-Apr-08 11:45:53

baby dancing is nothing. It's a stupod way of saying having sex. I find it really uuurgghhh and have never used the phrase. Sex is sex is sex as far as I am concerned and calling it 'baby dancing' is twee and horrible.

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