To wonder what on God's green Earth possessed my 'D'H

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Lagomtransplant Thu 23-Sep-21 22:01:26

So we're having a nice quiet evening, winding down towards bedtime. Suddenly my DH jumps up as if bitten by a flea, walks over to the hallway and starts fiddling with the newly purchased photo shelf. I ask him to leave it be, as I'm tired, and we'll sort it over the weekend.

Nope, on he goes about the waterpipes. OK, I kind of get that, it doesn't matter, if it can't go, the shelf is only a fiver, I'll put it into a charity box or something. No, suddenly I have to come over and give my opinion on the various positions on the wall. I give up and go back to my cuppa.

Next thing I turn around and he's eyeing the radiator suspiciously. I TELL him, beg and plead with him to leave it alone. No, off the wall it comes and apparently it is SOOO heavy I ABSOLUTELY MUST come over and help him put it back up. For the sake of clarity, this is a bog standard small radiator that CANNOT weigh more than a stone if that. I lift it during seasonal big clean with ease and put it back.

Now he's screaming the house down that I must come and help him. I put my foot down, I told him not to mess with it, now put it back up and stop being a crybaby. He goes on about having to call his elderly dad over to help him put the sodding thing back up. I tell him to pack it in.

Next thing he's on the floor, writhing like a bug, claiming the radiator fell over him. I told him I'm not having any of it, put the radiator back and stop being a fool. All of a sudden, he drags the slipper basket over, puts the radiator on it and starts following me around the house saying he's got horrible cramps and what am I going to do about it.

By this time I am royally passed off by his behaviour. I told him to pack it in, this time using some phrases I'm not going to repeat here. So he stomps off, puts the radiator back on (Suddenly it's not that heavy after all hmm ) and cue more screaming. I simply eyeroll as he barges into the kitchen carrying a pebble sized piece of plaster, claiming I made him break the wall down.

Now he's off to draw himself a bath to cure his humongous crams that miraculously don't stop him from stomping up and down the stairs. Apparently I'm the most selfish person alive.

I'm sitting down, trying to cool down and wondering what Dr Who monster possessed my husband tonight, as this is utterly out of character for him. I am considering making him think over his behaviour on the sofa tonight.

So AIBU to have put my foot down and demanded he cleaned up the mess of his own making???

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dryasaboner Thu 23-Sep-21 22:03:42

Sorry I don't know why but I'm laughing heartily at the thought of him lay like a dead beetle with a radiator on top of him

Lagomtransplant Thu 23-Sep-21 22:04:58

I must admit I lost all my respect for him at that point!!!

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NameChange2PostThis Thu 23-Sep-21 22:05:36

What did I just read?

ShuddaBeenMe Thu 23-Sep-21 22:05:52

How do radiators lift off? Mine are fixed to the wall. <misses point>

ButterflyAway Thu 23-Sep-21 22:06:47

Well that’s bizarre confused YANBU to make him sleep on the sofa until he can explain himself no.

WhatAShilohPitt Thu 23-Sep-21 22:07:07

What is a slipper basket?


Lagomtransplant Thu 23-Sep-21 22:07:42

I'm wondering wtf??? myself too... he's utterly bonkers.

Right now he's demanding I bring him painkillers upstairs. Not a chance.

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Janaih Thu 23-Sep-21 22:07:54

Sorry what?
I do like the phrase draw a bath though.

RagzReturnsRebooted Thu 23-Sep-21 22:08:04

Um, has he had some kind of neurological event or mental breakdown? Don't let him lock himself in the bathroom, just in case. Sudden out of character behaviour can be a red flag.

On a lighter note, it sounds hilarious. Have some wine!

Russell19 Thu 23-Sep-21 22:08:20

Why the hell do you need a slipper basket?

SunscreenCentral Thu 23-Sep-21 22:08:37

Is he having a psychotic break? This all sounds super weird

AnneElliott Thu 23-Sep-21 22:08:52

Good lord that sounds exhausting. Does he often behave like this op?

QuestionEverythingBaby Thu 23-Sep-21 22:09:26

So did he have a flea on him?

SunscreenCentral Thu 23-Sep-21 22:09:32

And not particularly funny tbh

Lagomtransplant Thu 23-Sep-21 22:10:10

@ShuddaBeenMe mine come off the wall slightly for cleaning. Really not a big deal.

@WhatAShilohPitt slipper basket holds guest slippers. Swedish thing, sort of, if I ask them to remove shoes, they have an alternative to put on their feet.

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SandraGreen Thu 23-Sep-21 22:10:35

At this point OP I would take to your bed. smile

Hopefully he will have reverted to his usual self by the morning. If not - Kill Him.

Namechangehereandnow Thu 23-Sep-21 22:10:36

.????? Literally confused beyond fuck ??????

Lagomtransplant Thu 23-Sep-21 22:11:58


He behaved perfectly normal until 9.30ish tonight... never seen him be so demented. And I can assure you, I'm anything but amused angry

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VodselForDinner Thu 23-Sep-21 22:12:55

I have many questions.

What does the water pipe have to do with the shelf?

What does the radiator have to do with any of this?

Why do you remove your radiator from the wall? Surely that’s bad for it?

Should I be removing my radiators for cleaning? Currently, I just kind of poke a fluffy duster down the backs of them when the mood strikes me.

How many slippers do you have that they require their own basket?

HerRoyalRisesAgain Thu 23-Sep-21 22:13:23

How strange.

gamerchick Thu 23-Sep-21 22:13:33

Aw he wants your attention and went a weird way about it..daft bugger.

SnarkyBag Thu 23-Sep-21 22:13:57

Swedish slipper basket <goes off to google>

TrickorTreacle Thu 23-Sep-21 22:16:06

Give him an ultimatum:

- either he packs his behaviour in
- or he packs his bags

ApolloandDaphne Thu 23-Sep-21 22:16:15

How very weird.

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