Am curious .. do have any unreasonable bias ? ? ? . .. I know that I do and I am not proud😂

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Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 19:46:07

I think that we all try to be reasonable and non judgemental. However, I do think we can be labelling and bias at times. I was just discussing in private,with dh , my own pet peeve. He was quite taken aback .. he never judges , is mostly fair . Its made me wonder if many of us have quiet little unreasonable ( and are aware of ) thoughts and judgements .. ?! Meant to be light hearted.😂

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MindtheBelleek Thu 13-May-21 19:49:31

Are you talking about racism or, I don’t know, a dislike of people who blow their noses loudly?

TheresNothingIWantMore Thu 13-May-21 19:52:07

We need to know what your pet peeve is...

OwlBeThere Thu 13-May-21 19:52:34

BiasED. you have a bias, you are biased.
That’s my pet peeve and I judge people who say it incorrectly.

Terrazzo Thu 13-May-21 19:54:41

Hmm yeah I can’t judge the tone of this one. Can you elaborate?

Timper Thu 13-May-21 19:55:43

People who say am instead of I’m.

Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 19:56:00

Absolutely not talking about racisim.
More strange judgements we make , perhaps as a knee jerk reaction , based on our un concious or otherwise bias.
For example , my dh ,tends not to judge people.. however , he tends to judge super rich people without even knowing them ...his hackles canngo up , even tho rationally they should not . Its often our own stuff, or stuff we were taught as a child. For example .. i was never allowed to eat in the street as a child as it was seen as rude. My nose seems to go in the air if I see people eating in shops .. such as a greasy pie, and clothes are at risk of being affected . My judge pants pop on .😂

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Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:03:07

I am talking about things that grate on you , lead you to be judgemental .. when one should actually know better.
Judgements we make ,funny or orherwise ,that we should not, but we do .. not everyone does though.
I think its because I was watching Motherland and it was full of really funny ones .. and actually it was funny as it was ' close to the bone' and reflective of many things that can happen .

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ToodleSquat Thu 13-May-21 20:03:41


BiasED. you have a bias, you are biased.
That’s my pet peeve and I judge people who say it incorrectly.

This made me laugh grin! I judge people a lot on grammar and spelling though. Silently judge though. I'm not a knob.

Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:05:16

OwlBeThere ha ha ! Good example .

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ToodleSquat Thu 13-May-21 20:05:48

Not allowed to eat in the street though? So you wait until you get home to eat your Gregg's sausage roll? It'll be cold???

StellaLeonte Thu 13-May-21 20:10:12

Yes I judge everyone and hate most people if I’m honest. I do my seething quietly though. Poor spelling and grammar irritate me but only if it’s someone writing in a professional capacity.

Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:10:22

The not eating in a shop or a street is a good example.
I was not allowed to do that as a child.
It was drilled into me
My mind sometimes leaps to judge this when people eat in shops .. before I have had the opportunity to check myself .

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UhtredRagnarson Thu 13-May-21 20:14:05

I judge people who called their child nevaeh or even worse, a misspelling of it.

Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:16:23

UhtredRagnarson .. thats the thing .. why ? .

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Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:19:33

Mine are..
( a gin down , so I dare say !) .. people who dont open their curtains. Or half open them at strange angles . Makes me feel irritated .
Second. People who allow their dc to eat things in supermarkets. Why ??? Why ??? What is it teaching them ?

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GoodbyePorpoiseSpit Thu 13-May-21 20:20:05

I judge your/you’re used incorrectly. I know it makes me a dick. I get grammar wrong all the time which makes this a double dick move. I can’t help it - when I see it.... I think the person writing it is a fool and have to remind myself that WHAT people have to say is a billionty times more interesting and important than thei

wheresmymojo Thu 13-May-21 20:20:21

I used to be biased against Scottish men over the age of 50 because all of the ones I'd ever met were miserable twats.

I wouldn't act on my bias but every time I met a man that fit the bill at work I would think oh here we fucking go, what are the chances that this one will be a miserable misogynistic arsehole.

And they always were.

But I've met two nice ones in the last 12 months so I'm starting to get over it.

GoodbyePorpoiseSpit Thu 13-May-21 20:20:31

Aaahhh - than their grammar.

Puntastic Thu 13-May-21 20:21:22


BiasED. you have a bias, you are biased.
That’s my pet peeve and I judge people who say it incorrectly.


UhtredRagnarson Thu 13-May-21 20:21:45

people who dont open their curtains. Or half open them at strange angles

Yes!! Hate this. And people who don’t open windows. Yuck.

Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:25:58

I think this post is ,in part , due to the long lockdown.. I used to really enjoy a wine fuelled rant with close pals .. for the sake of it. Half of it not even true .. and we knew it .. just enjoying getting wound up ... and being hariddens .

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Tiddleypoms Thu 13-May-21 20:27:40

UhtredRagnarson wonder why it is so annoying ?? Lived in this street and the only neglected looking house has curtians like this evey single day .

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askingrandomsonlinemighthelp Thu 13-May-21 20:28:36

The way protesters dress (e.g. Extinction Rebellion). I usually agree with them. I'm a vegan, leftie, rad fem. But, the way they dress with their cheesecloth layers and green dreadlocks and bells on their toes and mooncup earrings means nobody will listen to them. Say what you have to say without setting up meditation tents and dancing around with tin whistles and rollies. Take your nose ring out, you're on the fucking telly! You don't look like you're talking any sense. You look like you believe in crystals and fairy folk. Nobody will listen to you. It's a pity it's like that, but it IS, so dress the part and leave the dreamcatchers at home for the weekend.

Thewiseoneincognito Thu 13-May-21 20:28:45

I am hugely judgemental instantly. I have done a top to bottom once over of everyone I meet within a few seconds, from unkempt nails, dandruff and dirty shoe analysis.

I believe it’s a gift, others may disagree 😂🤣

Same with people’s homes, my DP will openly tell whoever we’re visiting they’re honoured I accepted the offer of a drink or food because it’s so rare 😂🤣 call me Hyacinth 👀

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