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Schools reopening before May half term?

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Manchestertimes Thu 26-Mar-20 00:45:11

What's everyone's opinion on when the schools will reopen? I think they will reopen a few weeks after Easter.

GrolliffetheDragon Thu 26-Mar-20 00:46:12

I think it's unlikely.

DrMadelineMaxwell Thu 26-Mar-20 00:47:29

No chance. Not if they are telling the very vulnerable to stay at home for 12 weeks.

givemeacall Thu 26-Mar-20 00:47:38

Very unlikely

AlexaShutUp Thu 26-Mar-20 00:48:15

I'm hoping that they'll re-open by September. Very much doubt that it will be earlier.

Leaannb Thu 26-Mar-20 00:48:17

We have been told in our State that schools are closed until after May 15th. However, Board of Education has made it abundantly clear not to expect schools to reopen until late August

Feyre Thu 26-Mar-20 00:48:20


SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Thu 26-Mar-20 00:48:24

Exams are cancelled, that says it all really

I guess there's a small chance schools might be back after May half term, but it's really not very likely.

Random18 Thu 26-Mar-20 00:49:04

I think that may be a bit optimistic.

I do think it could be September but I hope you are right.

Whilst I am desperate for the schools to open, the death rate is scary. It was hard to close the schools. Now that they are closed it's easier to keep them closed.

A vaccine is potentially 18 months away so really don't what they will do. Surely we can't do this lockdown anymore than a few weeks.

I hope some of the trials of existing drugs work well

Thepigeonsarecoming Thu 26-Mar-20 00:50:03

Given the 6 month best estimate on vaccines September at the best

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 26-Mar-20 00:53:12

August for Scotland at the earliest, but January wouldn't surprise me.

Manchestertimes Thu 26-Mar-20 01:01:43

Maybe I am being naive and hopeful! My children are in secondary school and feel they will be missing out on so much education and dont know how they will catch up.
I know in it is obviously not as important as keeping everyone safe but China seem to be coming through it now - I hope we will do the same.

raspberryrippleicecream Thu 26-Mar-20 01:04:57


IdblowJonSnow Thu 26-Mar-20 01:07:54

Fingers crossed for September.
If lockdown ends and everyone is back at work/gym/pub etc. it'll be annoying if schools aren't also back though.
Life has to resume at some point, I guess cases will soar again whether that's in July, August or September?

biwinoone Thu 26-Mar-20 01:13:57

We have been told by the teachers that it is unlikely they will open until September. This all might resolve by June/July but more likely it will be around sometime during summer holidays. I do think they should cancel summer holidays if it is all under control by then.

Leaannb Thu 26-Mar-20 01:18:40

@Manchestertimes China reported 48 new cases yesterday. Not in Wuhan

DramaAlpaca Thu 26-Mar-20 01:24:05

I think September, all being well.

croprotationinthe13thcentury Thu 26-Mar-20 01:27:07

Cancel summer hols, get them back in for July and August.

PennyArcade Thu 26-Mar-20 01:28:10

I don’t think schools will re-open until September. I have just received an email from travel company cancelling our holiday booked for July.

corythatwas Thu 26-Mar-20 01:34:36

My children are in secondary school and feel they will be missing out on so much education and dont know how they will catch up.

Tell them they'll have a lifetime to catch up. Tell them when it comes to exams/applying to uni this year, everybody will be in the same boat. Tell them they can still do vital learning at home, just not in the same order as they would have at school. Tell them schools will be working on making resources available, they just need a little time.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 26-Mar-20 01:36:37

the whole cohort will have missed out on education. You can only do your best. Teachers will do their best to catch children up. They will have all had different experiences dependent on the ability of parents to teach various subjects, (always got strengths and weaknesses) resources available in the home, what individual schools are sending out, time the parents have to dedicate to getting their child to learn, child's personality, parents work patterns, whether children or parents get ill, etc, etc, etc...

BlackeyedSusan Thu 26-Mar-20 01:40:48

The work going out is not differentiated as much as it would be if teachers were infront of individual classes and students. Some children are working through all set work and doing more study themselves, others are doing very very little of the set work and learning in their own way. I have one of each. One is apways going to be self motivated and thrive in an academic environment, the other will find their own niche, they will find work to suit thier ability to concentrate and their skills when they are grown up. Not every child follows the same path.

SpokeTooSoon Thu 26-Mar-20 01:44:14

I honestly think they’ll reopen late June and we’ll be able to finish off the school year properly.

That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. September is too awful to contemplate.

RAOK Thu 26-Mar-20 01:51:48

September at the earliest

Mypathtriedtokillme Thu 26-Mar-20 01:53:10

Not in the UK but my DD’s school is using Google classroom for all work.
They set work weekly (plus reading books from an online digital library) then we upload it before the due date and that’s for potentially the next 3-6 months.

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