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You can just go chong a dong you lil charmer you (Lunch Dramas)

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Amelia2000 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:14:52

Previous thread here:

As yet, still waiting for B to pay the remaining £11.

everytimerickysayscuntIlaugh Mon 14-Oct-19 13:16:20

Here chonging my dong along with you op

Clownfish123 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:18:12

Yay new thread

LipSyncForYourLife Mon 14-Oct-19 13:18:17

You should sell her £11 pound to a debt collection agency and sit back and watch the drama... 😃

LovePoppy Mon 14-Oct-19 13:18:39

Did you write to her telling her she still owed the £11?

WhoArtinHeaven Mon 14-Oct-19 13:18:44

Not gonna lie, living for the drama! blush

lunar1 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:20:09

I can't believe she didn't pay the full amount!!

cstaff Mon 14-Oct-19 13:21:49

Ask her is she going to elevenerife with her £11 smile coz she is definitely trying to one up you.

C0untDucku1a Mon 14-Oct-19 13:22:32

Do not order her food on friday until she has paid up in full, and paid in advance for any other meals. She is ridiculous.

username578999 Mon 14-Oct-19 13:22:30

I can't believe she didn't pay the full amount . Yeah like you say it'll be I paid and I'll pay at the end of the month .
Do not let her order on Friday until she pays the rest plus what she wants to order on Friday .

myolivetree Mon 14-Oct-19 13:23:07

Seriously @Amelia2000 even if she coughs up for this month's lunches that she's already had from you, would you invite her to join in lunch club again?

After all this shit?

ImNotYourGranny Mon 14-Oct-19 13:24:26

Just paying the £24 is a massive fuck you. I doubt I'd be ordering again for someone who is so blatantly disrespectful. Keep ordering for the others and let her sort herself out.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Mon 14-Oct-19 13:24:44

Well - I am glad she coughed up some of the money she owed.

Definitely no more deli lunches for her until she coughs up the rest, though!

Mephisto Mon 14-Oct-19 13:25:09

I can't wait until Friday again.

Neither can we OP! grin

Puzzledandpissedoff Mon 14-Oct-19 13:25:22

Placemarking to see how long she'll drag it out ...

Bouffalant Mon 14-Oct-19 13:25:52


coconutpie Mon 14-Oct-19 13:25:57

OP, would you still qualify for free delivery if you excluded her from the order going forward? If so, I would seriously consider not including her in the Friday lunch club going forward. Paying £24 and not the full £35 is a big fuck you from her.

frazzledasarock Mon 14-Oct-19 13:26:07

If she tries to tell you you’re both wing unfair and she doesn’t have to pay till month end, tell her to take that up with the deli direct.

I’d like to hear her tell them she’s going to be eating their food on a weekly basis and will pay end of the month. 🙄

JigsawsAreInPieces Mon 14-Oct-19 13:28:28

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Pinkyyy Mon 14-Oct-19 13:28:59

I'm glad you've asked everyone to pay into your bank now, they all seem quite grateful for your discount and no doubt it's nice to look forward to a special lunch every Friday. B needs to pay the £11 or she can't order on Friday.

WhatchaMaCalllit Mon 14-Oct-19 13:29:38

I would have to say to her, by text, today, "Received the outstanding monies for the month of September. Unfortunately, due to the delay in getting this money into my account, I am no longer extending any credit from one week to the next. You have an outstanding bill of £11 which must be paid for before close of business today. Lunches must now be paid for in advance of the order being submitted. Failure to pay for lunch before the order is submitted will result in no lunch being ordered for that team member. No exceptions.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. All the best @Amelia2000"

See what happens.

TessTackle Mon 14-Oct-19 13:30:39

I cannot WAIT for B to come in tomorrow.
Absolute cheeky fucker.

FilthyBiscuit Mon 14-Oct-19 13:31:20

Yayyy, new MN catchphrase!

whiteroseredrose Mon 14-Oct-19 13:31:41

Looking forward to her explanation tomorrow (if she turns up!)

flouncyfanny Mon 14-Oct-19 13:37:38

Tell her you want the £11 tomorrow. By Text. NOW.
Do NOT let her order food again, even if she offers to pay in advance.

She has chosen to make special "rulz" about payment for herself, so has excluded herself from your generosity to the rest of the group.

Once a Cheeky Fucker, Always a Cheeky Fucker!

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