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Stolen Bin thread

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ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:22:43

I have one of the larger council issued bins as I have 4 children , my neighbour also does though their bin is far older as they have grown up children .
I clean mine after each collection with bleach etc so it’s still fairly new looking .
I realised last week we have a stinking mouldy one instead now so been watching on bin collection day and realised my neighbour has swapped them over .
Now this could be a mistake I highly doubt they haven’t noticed theirs is now cleaner and bigger , so today is the day I’m getting it back . The man next door can be strange so I’m relauctant to approach him to ask for it back as I think he won’t back down so I’m just going to do a swap as soon as they are emptied , currently lying in wait .... wish me luck .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:24:40

I also plan to go buy number stickers today too , it’s normally round the side of our house so I stupidly haven’t numbered it up until this point .

Andjustlikethat Thu 10-Jan-19 10:26:27

I lovea bin thread. I get bin rage soall my nice, clean bins are marked belonging to our house grin

gamerchick Thu 10-Jan-19 10:27:03

Good luck, please come back when you've got it grin

ohfourfoxache Thu 10-Jan-19 10:27:35

Cheeky fuckers shock

IceRebel Thu 10-Jan-19 10:28:43

I also plan to go buy number stickers today too

Nooo too easy to peel off again, use paint or sharpies or deface the bin with something more permanent.

Tiredmumno1 Thu 10-Jan-19 10:29:03

Here OP a brew, whilst you wait smile

AwdBovril Thu 10-Jan-19 10:30:36

Number stickers, definitely. Apparently it's possible to get other, bright coloured stickers, of flowers or other random stuff, if your kids want to decorate it. Might help to prevent "mistakes" in the future.

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:33:40

I’ve got a feeling it was done on purpose he’s been a bit shifty around the bins recently and started putting them out at 11.30 pm at night and putting them at the opposite side of the house , so it’s taken me a few weeks to get a good look at it . We also have a picture of our bin on husbands phone as our car dented the garage a few months back and he had taken a picture of which the bins were also in so I’ve got proof .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:34:52

Got a sharpie ready , I don’t want to end up with a neighbour dispute so I think I will try avoid them for as long as possible and act daft if they try to say it’s theirs .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:37:32

My neighbour just came home from work for some reason which he normally doesn’t do , maybe because it’s bin day eh ? Still not emptied so still waiting before I can snatch it .

Tiredmumno1 Thu 10-Jan-19 10:40:09

Go outside as soon as you see the the bin truck. If he comes out too, just grab yours, if he says anything then just say I think you are mistaken this is definitely my bin, smile and walk away with your bin. Good luck.

CluedoAddict Thu 10-Jan-19 10:41:34

Why don't you go out now with the sharpie and label it. He can't argue if your number is on it.

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:43:29

Good idea cluedo it’s right in front of their window so worried someone will see me do it , I think my best bet is to brazen it out and grab bin and stick to my guns and if he appears tell him he’s had my bin for the last 2 weeks

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:43:52

Tiredmum that’s the plan I think

userschmoozer Thu 10-Jan-19 10:45:00

I'd be out painting it before the bin men come, and I'd also paint his number on his bin <neighbourly evil cackle>

gimmeadoughnut123 Thu 10-Jan-19 10:45:50

Hate bin thieves with a passion. My recycling bin has gone missing even though it has my house number on it. Have had a hunt on dog walks but with no success.

Huffleypuff Thu 10-Jan-19 10:46:25

We’ve a larger bin than all our neighbours and it is ‘accidently’ taken in by someone else at least once a month, despite having our numbers on.

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:46:54

I need to try maintain neighbour relations here too so passive aggressive is the way I think ( rubs hands ) it’s definitly my bloody bin I’m not taking that mouldy imposter round the back again .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:47:51

Ours and neighbours are the only bins of this colour in the street so certain it’s ours , all the rest are green .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:49:47

Ok went out with sharpie and they are sitting with blinds open in full sight of bin so plan foiled .

TheEmmaDilemma Thu 10-Jan-19 10:50:37

Ohh love a bin thread!

Tiredmumno1 Thu 10-Jan-19 10:51:35

Omg I can't believe they are going to such lengths to keep your bin, all seems very odd. Strange people.

You are just going to have to do it face to face, what cheeky fuckers.

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 10:53:45

Yeah I initially thought it was a mix up but starting to think it’s a calculated trade off for my lovely shiny one and their filthy one . Might have to go say and put them on the spot .

TheSpottedZebra Thu 10-Jan-19 10:54:33

Scribble a sneaky number on the underside also, in case the thieving arses somehow manage to remove the main number.

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