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Wearing white to SIL's wedding

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Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:07:22

Hi everyone, I need an opinion here,
I've just bought an outfit that I really like for my SIL's wedding. Only thing is, it's a black top with a white knee length skirt. I thought it looked nice and I would get away with it esp if I had some nice chunky accessories to go with it but now i'm having second thoughts after reading some blogs that say you should never wear any white to a wedding. Then again other sources say you can. What are your opinions on this? The wedding doesn't have a particular dress code and is in mid september. I have enclosed images of the skirt and top. Thanks.

Graphista Thu 16-Aug-18 01:11:14

I would never wear white to a wedding. Even though some brides wouldn't mind, you can't know for sure, so I wouldn't risk it- especially family. It's also btw considered bad form to wear black.

Is she actually Stb sil or husbands sister getting married?

What kind of wedding is it? Because to be honest I'm not keen on the style of the top either. The whole outfit is more "day at the office" rather than "special occasion" but then if it's a small casual wedding that maybe influenced your choices.

GollyGoshGreat Thu 16-Aug-18 01:13:05

I think the skirt is fine but really don’t think that is a wedding outfit. The black top doesn’t seem right for a wedding. Could you pair it with something brighter?

Mommybearx Thu 16-Aug-18 01:15:47

My sil wore white to my wedding when I wore white and I hated it. However just the skirt isn’t as bad but I agree if this is a close wedding I’m not sure if your outfit is dressy enough.

Jeanclaudejackety Thu 16-Aug-18 01:19:40

I'd wear the skirt with a more loose cami type top and pair with black shoes and gold jewelry, maybe chunky hoops and a big bracelet.

Id not really notice the skirt was white tbh I've been at a wedding this weekend where people wore very pale pastel almost white shades of yellow and pink, and one girl wore a white jacket with blue pants looked Great.

JeNeBaguetteRien Thu 16-Aug-18 01:20:29

I think you should go back to the drawing board... It doesn't seem very wedding-y. Many photos are just head and shoulder shots, all people will see is a black polo neck top.

Is the skirt available in other colours? It is a pretty style but I personally would avoid white at a wedding. still judge the full on floaty white outfit I saw at a wedding
I also avoid plain black though I know others are less concerned about this.

How long until the wedding? Have you got time to have another look?

KC225 Thu 16-Aug-18 01:20:42

I like the outfit. I think its lovely and not at all bridal. Love black and white combo.

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:22:12

I would never wear white to a wedding, I think it’s one of those situations where if you feel you need to ask then you probably shouldn’t do it....

I think it’s a nice outfit but agree it’s more officey than wedding outfit

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:22:20

wedding is middle of september. I think I will have to have another look sad I'm not very good at fashion and tried to find something that I know would look good on me. The styles of dresses in the shops just now are not very flattering

SandyY2K Thu 16-Aug-18 01:23:58

It doesnt like a wedding outfit for me tbh. Too plain and I wouldn't wear white.

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:24:50

So judging by the outfit you’ve chosen I’d suggest a fit and flare dress or even a skater style?

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:28:40

thanks goose I didn't know those were a thing smile

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:29:56

What size? What colours do you like?
(Other than white) grin

LCHF2018 Thu 16-Aug-18 01:32:10

Off topic but where is skirt from i really like it for my office wear!

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:33:19

I'm a 10. I like neutral colors and my wardrobe tends to be black, white or grey haha. I have very few pieces that are a colour. I am fair skinned and red headed so that limits what colours I can go for I think.

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:33:59

For occasion style fit and flare/skater dresses - There’s a great designer called chi chi London who I used whenever I have the excuse. Even a nice black dress with some colour or metallic accessories would be really nice x

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:34:23

LCHF here smile

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:35:34

Thanks goose, they have a sale on so i'll take a look smile

Jeanclaudejackety Thu 16-Aug-18 01:35:35

Id wear it with something like that tucked in and then loosely pulled out a bit so not super tightly tucked in gold earrings and bracelet and something like these shoes,paur:ClkAsKraXxVLh9FqB_lBDnldAHxF_HHa5pYKaIaZlKQ00M8nYKkopW3oBiNU_6O0yjOBIiW1Xh3pAjbTAfBz_o5VJBTQeJs-K-kVd0YG6zMplBNbHxcoEfle1xIZAFPVH71S9WttvE9EO0D9fluGmom1obu6Pw,sgro:iv,mvi:0

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:36:12

This is a classic if you want to keep it plain

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:37:45

Goose that looks really nice but i'm a bit spooked off wearing black as well now haha. What about something like this, is it better than my original?

Jeanclaudejackety Thu 16-Aug-18 01:38:13

Or a bardot type top

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:39:10

I’ve also got fair skin and red hair so I know the burden!

I wear a lot of navy blue as I have blue eyes and I find it works well.

Maybe try that for a colour idea too?

GooseFartingInTheFog Thu 16-Aug-18 01:40:18

@BadBird That green dress is lovely, my sister has it.

Badbird Thu 16-Aug-18 01:40:39

I love those suggestions jeanclaude and I have already saved those links for outfits for other occassions

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