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Wedding day....England are playing?????

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arghhhhhhh Wed 04-Jul-18 15:11:28

Just been on fb and someone I know (though not well and I am nit invited to the wedding!) is getting married on Saturday. Obviously England are playing.

She has it a status on saying she has had multiple requests from guests wanting to know if the football will be shown.

Her status basically says she's angry at the messages she's had and under no circumstances will the football be shown. It's her wedding and the day is about that and that only. She's asked that no one checks their phones during the match and is even going to have a sign made for when people enter the venue as a reminder it's a football free zone.

Now she's had a fair few comments - a couple even say they wouldn't attend if they were invited due to her attitude.

What's everyone's opinions?

Me personally, I'd show it! I love football though, I've followed the World Cup through out and I'd be gutted if I couldn't watch it! I'd be making arrangements with the venue to make sure it's on.

The atmosphere would be amazing. I'd be jumping around with everyone else in my dress.....

Also a great way to break up the day. The day goes so fast for the bride and groom but the day can be such a long and tiring day. What a great way to break up the day!

Also, we are doing well, we haven't been in this situation where we may actually have a good chance of WINNING!!!! for years and probably never will again. The whole country is routing for them. Even people who don't like football are into it. I just don't think it's fair to expect people not to watch it, or not even check their phones!

Saying that....I do understand this lady's frustrations. She's been planning this wedding for over a year. I got married quite recently and know the stress etc of planning....but yeah, wouldn't make any difference to me. I'd be so excited for it to be shown!

Opinions? Is she being unreasonable? It's her and her partners day at the end of it.....I'd be worried my guests wouldn't show up though....

AlphaBravo Wed 04-Jul-18 15:12:45

I think we might have a mutual friend OP 😂 is she in the south west?

AlphaBravo Wed 04-Jul-18 15:13:44

Or from the south west even

Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname Wed 04-Jul-18 15:14:07

I would attend.
In a red /white /blue outfit!!

FootballsComingHome Wed 04-Jul-18 15:16:00

I would show it, everyone’s going to be checking phones otherwise, my dad was at a wedding in 66 and they showed the match at the reception until it went to extra time, then the bride put a stop to it so they all went to the pub instead 😄

Kenworthington Wed 04-Jul-18 15:16:37

Ah I went to a wedding of a friend 12 years ago for the World Cup and England were playing. They had a separate little tent outside the main marquee with a telly on with the footie. It was great actually!

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Wed 04-Jul-18 15:17:30

It would depend on timings for me — if I were getting married at 3/4 pm I'd be a bit upset if people were wanting to check their phones throughout!

If it's in the 'gap' between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast I wouldn't be as fussed (although I'd be praying it didn't go to extra time and/or penalties!).

ReservoirDogs Wed 04-Jul-18 15:17:37

What kind of numpty gets married when the World Cup is on without checking when fixtures are (the fixtures have been out for ages even if you don't know which slot England would fit in to)? Even if you are not a fan yourself you know that the majority of people are and will want to see it.

cheeseoverchocolate Wed 04-Jul-18 15:17:48

Ha ha. Totally her right to think so but I can see how she will end up with some people not turning up (+1s, etc rather than close friends and family).

Blostma Wed 04-Jul-18 15:18:11

A huge screen at the reception would be fantastic! Not in the ceremony though. Really that would be too much. I'm not even English and I'd still want to see it.

CrabappleBiscuit Wed 04-Jul-18 15:19:03

She's going to get a lot of people calling in sick...

DevilsDoorbell Wed 04-Jul-18 15:19:05

A bit daft booking a wedding in the middle of the World Cup. Even if you thought England wouldn’t get that far there are some football obsessed people out there who watch every game.

I understand her feelings but she’s setting herself up for a fall. Because people will watch/listen but will now do it sneakily so as to not upset her, but she’ll find out and will be.

AgentHannahWells Wed 04-Jul-18 15:19:57

I'd embrace it. It is always best to make events about the guests enjoyment rather than the hosts.

freddiemercury Wed 04-Jul-18 15:19:58

Wonder how her future husband feels....eeeeeek

Mitzimaybe Wed 04-Jul-18 15:20:26

She is being totally unrealistic at the very least, and I would say unreasonable (but I like football.) She may well have been planning the wedding for over a year but the world cup has been planned for a lot longer than that.

If the guests are keen football fans they would rather watch the match than attend the wedding so she really needs to be more flexible.

Shoxfordian Wed 04-Jul-18 15:21:16

I understand why she wouldn't want the football on during the wedding. Not everyone cares about the World Cup.

She can't police people looking stuff up on their phones though.

Dippysnowoman Wed 04-Jul-18 15:21:18

Better to have it on a screen for those who want to watch than have folk with phones on under tables or with headphones in.
With the total ban shes proposing she wont be popular

divadee Wed 04-Jul-18 15:21:24

I think she's on a hiding to nothing. She should embrace it or rightly or wrongly people will remember her wedding for the wrong reasons, or not bother attending.

I would love it and I think it would be a great atmosphere to have it on a big screen at the wedding reception.

5foot5 Wed 04-Jul-18 15:21:29

Well I think it depends a bit on when the match falls within the timescales of the wedding.

If the match is on during the ceremony then I don't think it unreasonable to expect people NOT to have their phone on at that time - but you could bet there would be some bad-mannered person who would.

If it were at some later point in the festivities when the main part of the reception was over - i.t. meal and speeches then I could see possibly having a TV on in a separate room at the venue might also be good so that any guests who wanted to catch up could do. However, if it was earlier in the reception then some people will take the piss and probably miss important bits and speeches and so on and it would be disappointing if half the guests were not in the room.

At the end of the day I think the bride is a teeny bit unreasonable to want to ban it altogether but unfortunately some guests will probably be too bad mannered to know when enough is enough and when it is inappropriate to be looking.

Cornettoninja Wed 04-Jul-18 15:21:29


I do feel for her a bit - no one really expected to get this far grin

I think someone needs a quiet word tbh, she’s much better off accomdating the match than losing half her guests to sneaking off with they’re phones.

How do the timings work with the meal/reception?

underneaththeash Wed 04-Jul-18 15:22:53

There's no way I would have a sports match on at my wedding. I'd quite like for England to win, but its just a game of football and its her once in a lifetime (hopefully) big special event. The football will be on again in 4 years.

I think banning people checking their phones is a bit much though.

I'd rather people didn't go if it was a choice between that and showing the match.

araiwa Wed 04-Jul-18 15:25:31

If only they had announced the dates of the world cup a few years ago so she couldve avoided an obvious clash...

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Wed 04-Jul-18 15:25:38

I’d be a bit miffed that the football clashed with my do tbh, but (ceremony aside!) I’d incorporate it in. I’d get a big screen and have it shown.
Above anything if I ever get married, I’d want people to remember what a great time they had, not how they missed out on The World Cup, or worse... didn’t attend!

AnnaT45 Wed 04-Jul-18 15:27:29

I'm not into football or even English but if it were me I would just show it. It's only a few hours and would probably create a good atmosphere and make it memorable! Plus I wouldn't expect the world to stop on my wedding day.

My concern would be if they lose and then people being in a bad mood.

Also if you have your wedding during World Cup you run the risk of this happening!

SillyLittleBiscuit Wed 04-Jul-18 15:27:39

The game kicks off at 3pm so, depending on the wedding timings, it's probably quite difficult to incorporate it.

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