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to just say fuck it and embrace my mistake?

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Ivechangedmyname1 Thu 18-Aug-16 05:09:10

I did an online shop but had no time to complete so booked my slot, put £40 worth of knobbly bobbly ice creams in the basket and checkout!

Went to complete my shopping and it wont let me change the order as I checked out at 2 mins past midnight!

So now I have 160 ice creams being delivered between 9am and 10am.

I thinking ill just accept the order and we can live on ice cream for a week.


I now have to go actually shopping with 2dc, fuck

Threefaries Thu 18-Aug-16 05:19:27

Who is it with? Is it a 24 hour shop? Phone up as soon as you get hold of someone and hopefully they will sort it. I'm sure that it will put a smile on their face. I've had a couple of misshaps with online shops. with pregnancy brain. Customer services have sorted things out for me.

VioletBam Thu 18-Aug-16 05:36:01

Why did you checkout if you'd not completed the shopping?

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 18-Aug-16 05:38:05

To save the slot

peripateticparents Thu 18-Aug-16 05:39:37

Ice cream for the class at school pickup? Else sounds like my kind of meal planning for the week grin

redisthenewblack Thu 18-Aug-16 05:45:23

Sorry OP but that's so funny.

Please take a photograph and post it later!

kate33 Thu 18-Aug-16 05:47:36

I love knobbly bobbly's so could happily survive but I'm pretty sure customer services will help you!

PitilessYank Thu 18-Aug-16 05:47:45

Do you have room for all of the ice cream in your refrigerator?

kate33 Thu 18-Aug-16 05:50:35

Or you could make 40 new friends by handing them out to people!

blinkowl Thu 18-Aug-16 05:51:54

I cancelled an order with Asda before, as we chose to visit friends last minute then remembered the delivery was coming! They were fine about it. It was the night before though, no idea when their cut off is.

But I like your style OP smile saying fuck it and embracing it is way more fun!

LellyMcKelly Thu 18-Aug-16 05:53:19

My friend once accidentally ordered 9 kilos of broccoli. She couldn't believe it when the delivery guy kept handing her bag after bag of the stuff.

MardAsSnails Thu 18-Aug-16 05:55:35

Masses of ice cream is the best kind of mistake to make - that kind of mistake is definitely embrace. 9kg of broccoli? Not sure I'd be as happy with that grin

itsstillgood Thu 18-Aug-16 05:57:28

This is why I use toilet rolls to fill the basket when I am doing the reserve thing smile

miserablesod Thu 18-Aug-16 06:00:00

I once ordered 10 bags of potatoes, the kids were sick of potatoes after a couple of weeks. grin

I also made a mistake ordering bananas and ended up with two carrier bags full of them.

But i've also ordered too little before, one little lone mushroom in a bag. blush

I'm sure i've given the workers a giggle plenty of times with my orders.

dwinnol Thu 18-Aug-16 06:01:36

Sorry OP but that is very funny. grin
Embrace unless you can cancel.

happyhearts7 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:02:06

So funny Ivechangedmyname1 grin

I've done this with Tesco in the past, put a couple of cartons of orange juice in the basket, checked out to save the slot then forgot about it blush
Tesco came with the orange juice & £9 delivery (various fees for being under a £40 shop) so I just refused it & the man took it away!
He was lovely about it but said he was surprised customer services didn't realise it might have been a mistake and checked with me before sending it out. He also said I could phone the shop (I think from 7am) to cancel an order. I always have mine delivered early morning too.

readingrainbow Thu 18-Aug-16 06:10:23

This is an excellent plan and one I will be using in future.

Ivechangedmyname1 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:11:51

I've just finished work so will call at 7am, just told dh, he thinks I'm a twat grin doc will be happy though

Letmesleepalready Thu 18-Aug-16 06:16:10

Haha, love this! Hope you can get it sorted though

KitKat1985 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:17:18

Ahh [nods sagely remembering the time I ordered multiple bags of pears rather than multiple individual pears and we had like 50 of the fuckers to eat in a week].

Mind you £40 worth of ice cream sounds awesome. grin

justneedsomehandholding Thu 18-Aug-16 06:18:10


But when I save the slot it takes me two minutes to whack in weekly basics from favourites: Bread, milk, juice, fruit, salad, beer, bottled water, cereal, ham, eggs, bacon, and as soon as it hits £40 I check out and amend over the week.

Fancy a nobbly bobbly now.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Thu 18-Aug-16 06:23:04

You kids will think your a nobbly goddess!!

Ivechangedmyname1 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:23:20

justneedsome I literally had 2 mins before the kids were arguing, having to go to work etc. sad

Ivechangedmyname1 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:24:32

I will take pics when they arrive apparently customer services don't open till 9am. I'll take some boxes but not all

Luckystar1 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:28:28

I have never heard of this method of shopping before. I just go on, pick slot and do the shopping in the allocated time? No?? Ocado extends the shopping time if you're still doing it.

Do some of the sites only reserve for a few minutes?

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