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Wankerbastards standing together. Moderatin' may take a hit while around us things are shit. But we stand arm in arm, heart to heart but a respectable 2 meters apart.

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Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 07:30:24

Thread 10 for the tryers.

All welcome for support and tips and chat about controlling our relationship with alcohol.

Previous threads knocking around.

No rules except we don't do politics about the C word. And because there is so many other C word chats we ask that we limit mention of it once a day for things that are worrying, followed up by a positively Pollyanna point about something nice about the situation.

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Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 07:37:11

New thread dryers!

I flicked back to the start of the old thread to find the number this was and it was surreal reading about me preparing for holiday and ds birthday and Christmas. Very bizarre that this has all happened so quickly.

Anyway off now to brave Morrisons. Hoping to get some basics and some fruit and veg. Theres an M and S round the corner so if Morrisons is too dramatic to cope with will drive to M and S instead.

Meal deal is on. I have a legitimate need to hoard wine. 😂.

Then after Big Shop Hell am going to plant some seeds with ds, go for our new daily walk routine and might even see if dh eants to meet at the allotment for an hour after work.

I think I am going to stop watching the 5pm update. It made me quite tearful yesterday and put a downer on the whole evening. It's a good excuse to quickly knock back 2 cans of lager though. They be rolling me out the door at this rate, 12 weeks of social distancing won't be good for my waistline 😂😂😂

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Flossie44 Wed 18-Mar-20 08:21:34

Frouby, good luck with your shopping. I braved it yesterday but got nothing fresh which brought me out in a sweat. I’ve only ever eaten fresh, never frozen. I’m having to change my tact, which is a life changing event and something all my nearest and dearest are delighting in taking the piss out of me for!!
Yup I’m reckoning 12 weeks of social distancing is going to make me a whopper!! Had to stop SW which was going so well. Soon as I found out it shut, I downed a crumpet with butter!! 🤣🤣

Went for a long walk with dc yesterday to get some fresh air and try and tire them. Going again today hopefully, and as you say, as long as we can keep going. Either they’ll kick off and start to refuse or Boris will stop us. For now though, it’s great to be outside. We live rurally so don’t see a soul in 90min walk!! Lush!!

MadameF Wed 18-Mar-20 09:36:07

Thanks for the new thread Frouby

Marking my place. Felt so lucky to be able to go out for a dog run this morning in the beautiful sunshine. Off for another day painting and decorating the gîtes for guests who will probably never come this year 😟

Bought enough food Monday for the week so I don't have to face the supermarket.* Flossie* I understand it will be difficult if you can't get fresh food, do you know why? Frouby an allotment is a good idea this year!

Dionysa Wed 18-Mar-20 09:42:34

Thank you for the new thread, Frouby. And another splendid title.

All I can say about the C word is fuck, fuck, fuckitty fuck. DS's school has closed, and DD's is bound to follow suit. So I am going to be trapped at home with them for what feels like forever. And we have a tiny house with one bathroom, so that's going to be even more fun.


I'll try to think of a Pollyannaish take on this later. confused

Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 10:05:35

Madame I am very glad I have it and am starting this week to sow things properly. I usually wait until the end of the month but I think we need a bit of a head start this year. Have still got some leeks standing so will be pulling those, have put cabbage and iceburg lettuce plugs in already, bought a new blueberry and 2 loganberry at the weekend and am going to go and get some tomato plugs for the polytunnel at the weekend.

There is a chance we may lose them if we have a sharp frost but am setting some seeds off as well. Cucumber and courgettes Im starting this week as well at home and going to see if I have a bed dry enough to direct sow some peas.

Will start beans off at home next week for an early crop hopefully and plenty of brassicas as well. And potatoes can go in probably next weekend.

I can see salad stuff that normally comes from Spain being in short supply this year.

Flossie my local morrisons had a lot of fresh veg luckily. Do you have farm shops or any garden centres locally? I've made a mental note of where ours are and also where there are blokes selling sacks of spuds roadside. They last for months if you store them somewhere cold and dry and take any dodgy ones out. I've picked a small 12.5kg sack up from Morrisons this morning. I wanted 2 bags but they didn't have loads so thought if I take a sack it leaves the others for the people who cant manage a sack.

Lots of empty shelves though. Managed to get fresh penne pasta for ds that I can freeze. And some fresh meat for the freezer. Some bits for the dcs for the freezer. Worryingly the biscuit aisle was also pretty bare. Got a couple of packs, but also picked some flour and jam and lemon curd up. Can always do some baking if necessary.

Am going to tidy round, do some admin stuff then go for a walk, then to allotment this afternoon. It's a bit drizzly just now.

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leavingAqaba Wed 18-Mar-20 12:02:06

Thanks for the thread frouby nice title. flossie the post-SW crumpet made me laugh and the 4am delivery slot from the last thread, water was that you?

leavingAqaba Wed 18-Mar-20 12:11:19

frouby we are in a flat with a window box. It has a leaf vegetable called khobeizeh growing in it. DH calls it a weed and turns his nose up at eating it. It’s on the menu for next week though! I use a couple of local businesses here for fresh food but no one is sure yet what is possible in terms of access. We are low carb as habit (apart from the children) but I don’t think I can pull that off. I love food and cooking so I’ll be keeping that up regardless of ingredients smile

Waterandlemonjuice Wed 18-Mar-20 13:18:10

Checking in with my hangover

Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 14:38:48

Jesus fuck.

Just completed my student finance application and accepted my course etc. Taken a good couple of hours.

Waiting for school run to disperse then off to allotment with ds for some fresh air. Need it after all that paperwork.

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NC4Now Wed 18-Mar-20 15:26:21

Marking my place - I’ll be back later. I feel in limbo.

Dionysa Wed 18-Mar-20 15:45:46

Not dry. Just putting that out there.

NC4Now Wed 18-Mar-20 16:25:59

Not sure I will be either Dion. I’ve just been to the supermarket and come away empty handed apart from cat food and bin bags.
Booze is about all that’s left.
Freezer tapas for us tonight.

Waterandlemonjuice Wed 18-Mar-20 18:23:56

WIBU to order a fuckton of wine from anywhere that will deliver it? Bit tempted tbh. DD upset about schools / GCSEs / prom, understandably.

I’m AF but only because of hangover so not really an achievement

NC4Now Wed 18-Mar-20 18:39:16

Oh god, yes prom 😔

I’m considering a crate of wine. Ds2 is delighted at the school closure. His dad’s offered to have him if I need to work which has never happened before though, so silver linings. It’s nice they are good mates.
I have my doubts that any work would get done for either of them mind. Gaming and eating pringles more like!!

dollface19 Wed 18-Mar-20 18:40:28

Hellooooo I'm on day 3! I've had no choice to be honest which sounds bad as I have been drinking a lot since Xmas! I've had terrible swollen glands and difficulty swallowing ! I've read up it's acid reflux acid from stomach coming up it horrible feels something constantly stuck in my throat 😤😫😫 I'm so stressed out though from all the CV crap that I wanna drink but I'm not! How is everyone doing xx

dollface19 Wed 18-Mar-20 18:40:57

Ohhh sorry I mentioned the CV won't be now 🤩

Waterandlemonjuice Wed 18-Mar-20 19:20:18

Well done on day 3 doll.

I’ve ordered a fuckton of wine, should arrive tomorrow. Waitrose cellar website is working fine, no delays. Apparently, although let’s see if it actually arrives.

Dionysa Wed 18-Mar-20 19:26:38

Well, I'm going to be stuck at home with no income and two teenagers who will not be taking public exams.

Still trying to find a positive in this, and am failing.

Dionysa Wed 18-Mar-20 19:27:04

I can't even afford to buy wine. confused

MadameF Wed 18-Mar-20 20:24:05

You will be on lock down in the UK by the weekend like we are here in France 😟. It's fine if you live in the countryside with a garden and nice weather. Not so nice for those cooped up in small apartments in cities with no green spaces to go to. We have 6 weeks, although the government have only said 2 weeks for the moment so as not to scare the population too much.

Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 21:09:32

I think so too Madame, perhaps in London first as they are talking about it being 3 weeks in front of rest of UK. Oop north we may get another week. Have said for last 3 weeks they are trying to get to Easter before enforcing stricter measures.

Have wine but tempted to panic buy some more tonic. Can see beer running out as well. Dh be gutted but we all be thinner and healthier!

Just done a bonkers facetime chat with my 4 sisters and their kids, plus my cousin and my auntie and my mum. Was so lovely. No one could hear themselves but was brilliant.

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MadameF Wed 18-Mar-20 21:44:01

If there is lockdown your ex won't be able to look after DS. Unless it is for all of the confinement period. You really are confined to home. My DD can't see her BF who lives just 10 miles away even though they both drive and have their own cars.
If you do go out for either shopping or exercise it must be alone. It's serious. Fines today in France 135€ and 10000 people were controlled in Paris today.

MadameF Wed 18-Mar-20 21:45:40

Sorry I went way over my quota for talking about the C word 😳

Frouby Wed 18-Mar-20 22:09:41

madame it's good to hear what's happening in France. Will I be allowed to the allotment do you think because of the chickens? I need to go at least once a day. Am assuming so. Would I be able to take the dcs? Will they be able to come on dog walks with me? What about ponies? They are looked after by my mate usually but not officially in full livery and she's a carer so might not be able to do them. Plus if she is ill Im the back up.

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