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Less booze. More AF days. But still a bit damp. Not dry jan, but not a soggy summer. Support thread for reducing alcohol.

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Frouby Fri 18-May-18 07:51:50

New thread in case the other fills up while I am busy this weekend.

Did I mention I get married tomorrow? 😁

Rubbish at clicky links but sure someone clever will be along to link the last thread.

This is a support thread for those wanting to reduce the amount you drink. There is no judgement on here. We are all struggling along with our own problems and lives and looking to cut down. You might only want a couple of weekends off. Or reduce the amount of days you drink. Or the amount you drink. Or both.

Whatever your starting point and whatever your goal come and join us for friendly chat and support.

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woosey35 Fri 18-May-18 08:40:03

Wahoo frouby. Can’t believe you’ve sorted this a day before your wedding 👰

Now go.......get yourself pampered, forget about the do’s and donts of drinking and have a flipping good knees up!!

We will see you the other side.......

Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

AthenaAshton Fri 18-May-18 15:04:56

Yay Frouby. Just posted on the old thread, but will post on here from now onwards.

Great title for a fab thread. Please join us, anyone who wants to meet nice, kind people who will offer nothing but support!

littlewoollypervert Fri 18-May-18 15:14:07

Signing in...I was on the Dry January thread, I kept the app going but the booze has crept up again, so I'm currently doing a Dry May (woohoo!) to try and reset.

I really didn't think I could do Dry January but I managed it, and it took so much stress off by not having to make a decision or try and control - (interior monologue when drinking - will I have one, how will I just stick to one, and then the downer the day after...)

New BF helps - he has about 1 glass of wine a week!

Happy wedding Frouby !

AthenaAshton Fri 18-May-18 19:07:45

Hello Woolly... Ah yes, the interior monologue. I know it all too well. In some ways, going completely AF would be easier than moderating (this is, of course, all relative: both are anything other than easy once you've slithered into a habit...)

New BF sounds a good plan. Mine unfortunately has more than that. Though, infuriatingly, he can also happily go without for days at a time, and can moderate. The bugger.

woosey35 Fri 18-May-18 20:03:26

Athena - I’m married to a bugger too!! Can ‘choose’ to go days AF, moderate at one, or get hammered. All within his realm of choice and control!! Pah!!

Woolly - ooooo yes..I too have that interior monologue..goes something like “I’m not going to drink..I’ll have plain tonic......I’ll put just a tiny splash of gin in.....I’ll have a large g&t......sod it I’ll open the’s all gone!!”

Had a tiny g&t so far but according to the interior monologue as’s deffo going to go pear shaped from here on!!

Frouby...don’t expect you to be on mn, however sending you some wonderful vibes thru the skies to you for tomorrow. Hoping your lil man is mended and you have a truly special day

Frouby Fri 18-May-18 21:47:07

I am here! Just in bed and hiding from fb in here. Everyone keeps either posting nice things on my timeline or pming me and I am getting drawn into replying to all of them.

Ds is ok. Not 100% but not getting worse. Have calpol and nurofen at room for him and here at home.

Everything is at the hotel now. Just got to get up, have a quick shower and get out the house for 8.15am for hair appt. Pick my mum up and then off we go!

Been out for tea with best man and his wife and dcs which was nice. Had 2 g and ts including a lovely rhubarb and ginger one which I am going to try and make.

Be as good as you can be. Remember the Bear Fear!

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AthenaAshton Fri 18-May-18 22:04:35

You probably won't see this now, Frouby, but am so excited for you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and sending you a huge bunch of virtual flowers!

Had a single-person bottle of wine this eve after a hard few hours of digging. I found it in the cupboard (bought it for DC1 ages ago). There was nothing else in the house, which is probably just as well, and I couldn't be bothered to go to the Spar shop...

woosey35 Fri 18-May-18 22:42:47

Dh is currently led on sofa snoring loudly which is pissing me off and making me drink wine quicker......

AthenaAshton Sat 19-May-18 06:52:46

Woosey, it would piss me off too...

and FROUBY!!!!! 👰🏼🎉🎊🎈❤️🥂 Think you won't be on here today, but hope you have the best day!!!

aprilivy Sat 19-May-18 06:58:31

Thanks, Frouby, for your shepherding of this thread, and have the best of days today and all to come! Many blessings to you and yours!

I moderated yesterday with just two beers. I wanted more but had ice cream instead grin Today was a bit of a wash. I got a decent amount done but have drank since the afternoon when my brother in law got in from out of town (not his fault. I probably would have done so after marketing anyway.) I was thinking I'd go to bed early but we stayed up and then a friend wanted to come over, so we chatted and drank. It's not too late, so I'll be fine for work in the late morning. I could have easily had much more but stayed busy and off the wine, which would have had me much more tipsy.

Good job Athena. It's easy for gardening to run into several congratulatory drinks, as opposed to a just a small refresher.

mrsjackrussell Sat 19-May-18 07:02:56

Good luck for today Frouby. Iv been trying to go AF but can only last 5 days. 2 large glasses wine out last night now feel rubbish.

FiveShelties Sat 19-May-18 07:15:18

Frouby - have a fantastic day and just enjoy every single minute.

I was on the last thread, but fell off into a vat of wine! This time will be different, from Monday I will be much drier!

Frouby Sun 20-May-18 12:27:38

I am so over gin.

And prosecco.

And champagne.

Also shots.

But had an amazing, amazing day. It was absolutely fabulous. Everyone behaved beautifully. It helped that uncle knobhead couldnt make it due to a family bereavement. Sad for the family but he really is a knobhead.

Started drinking about 11.30am and went through to 12pm! Was very drunk and very silly and happy. Everyone was drunk apart from my mam and my auntie and 1 or 2 drivers. But everyone was happy drunks so it's all good. Hangover from hell today.

I have prosecco in the fridge and 2 bottles of champagne to drink tho. 😂

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AthenaAshton Sun 20-May-18 20:19:14

Frouby xxxxxxxxx So glad to hear it went well. I was thinking of you all day. Stuff AF: it was your day yesterday (and probably today, too).

Unspeakable fail this weekend due to DP going out with a female friend (and not telling me, obviously - though mutual friends do the honours).

Was quite good, all things considered, last night, as just had 2 cans of G&t (2.6 units in total), followed by wine I defrosted, having virtuously frozen it the other day while making risotto. Tonight is a write-off, though, as I made the mistake of buying a bottle of pink gin. Effing DP. Frouby, I am glad you have found a good 'un. Mine is so spectacular in so many ways (charming, clever, articulate, expensive). But his elastic relationship with the truth is truly shit.

AthenaAshton Sun 20-May-18 20:20:05

Think the photo is just life-enhancing, btw. Gives me hope!

woosey35 Sun 20-May-18 22:09:46

Oh frouby..that photo is full of so much love and happiness I’m truly happy for you. Like Athena says...stuff AF!! Congratulations. Dive into the happiness and hold it forever xx

Athena - bloody hell..I’d be drinking more that 2.6 units. I’d be flipping livid!! Mind you I can completely empathise with falling for a charmer. My Dh is a charmer but he’s also a complete knob a lot of the time!! Talks to me like shit, looks down his nose at me and makes me feel second best. Then for 10% of the time, he can make me feel like a princess. I hold onto those special times and pray they grow. But actually after him being a spectacular dick this pm, I’ve calculated that I put up with his dick-ness more than he shows me nice-chap. And if he does show me’s like I should be grateful!!
Wierd isn’t it that when you stand back, you know it’s shit and you know you shouldn’t put up with it...but at the moment you decide to be strong...they put the charm on!!

AthenaAshton Sun 20-May-18 22:25:14

Frouby, Woosey is so right.... Much love to you both.

Wierd isn’t it that when you stand back, you know it’s shit and you know you shouldn’t put up with it...but at the moment you decide to be strong...they put the charm on!!

That is it, in a nutshell. I have had so much gin that I am ignoring effing Drinkwaware and its effing unit counter. Even though I know it is right. I sent him a message earlier, basically to say (very politely) that I hope he had a nice evening and that I would, of course, be at his beck and call to unblock his drains while he is at work tomorrow. The bugger. This of course produced a phone call. However, I also texted his best friend, who likes me very much and agrees that he is a bugger, to say my patience is nearing its end. So we will see. I have meanwhile spent an evening filling my green bin with garden crap (and drinking pink gin). Am aware, though, that our lovely, gorgeous, married Frouby is the star of the show!! x

FiveShelties Sun 20-May-18 22:53:41

Frouby many congratulations. Fantastic photograph you look lovely.

Frouby Mon 21-May-18 07:09:23

Thank you all. It was a totally amazing day. And I hate to say it but the best day of my life. I wasn't stressed at all, a bit nervous about the service bit but I giggled through a lot of it. We had a bit of a Mr Bean in 4 weddings and a funeral when he was the vicar and stumbled over pronouncing stuff. You would think after 12 years together dh (first time writing that!) would know I had a middle name and how to pronounce it. When I had to repeat them back to him I really emphasised how to say it, everyone else laughed, I caught dhs eye and then we couldn't stop giggling.

It was absolutely perfect from start to finish.

Athena sorry you are still having dp troubles. And you too Woosey. Give the fuckers a slap!

Need to be AF for a few days I think. Got so much to do today and tomorrow. And need to start the administration nightmare of changing my surname. My surname is long and complicated to spell whereas dhs is short and easy so will be easier in the long run lol. And my passport is due for renewal in august anyway so might as well get it done now.

But not looking forwards to the phonecalls and sending copies off everywhere.

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Anglaise1 Mon 21-May-18 07:32:32

Congratulations Frouby so pleased you had a fantastic wedding and the weather looks wonderful too, perfect! Great photo you look so happy.
Athena I'm so sorry about DH, again, he is a charmer and won't change, I used to tell myself that I either had to put up with the bad side of my ex and enjoy the good times but in the end the unhappiness I had when he wasn't behaving himself outweighed the good times and he had to go. It's so hard!
I've been quite dry this weekend because of my 63km trail race. It was really hard, but I finished in 8H39, 371 out of 1200 (1100 men) and got a podium for being first in my age category. So very happy as it is the hardest race in Brittany where I live. Someone bought me a beer after the race but 2 sips and I couldn't take anymore. AF from today again.

woosey35 Mon 21-May-18 07:45:24

Wahoooooo anglais!! That’s incredible!! Well done you!! You deserve the’ve worked so hard for that!!
Brittany is a lovely part of France. We went there last year. We’re heading to France again on Thursday for 8 days. 4 days in Loire, then 4 days on the coast from La Rochelle (can’t remember the name!!). Excited but also very very anxious as don’t know what to do if dd is taken ill!! hmm

ememem84 Mon 21-May-18 08:17:04

Im hopping on if I may. May so far has been boozy.

I’ve gone back to work after maternity leave and first day back had a couple of wines (because you know, back to work) then there was the Friday (first week done yay!) Saturday and Sunday. Then client lunches, then after work drinks, then a wedding, and a leaving party etc etc... ds’ christening is coming up this weekend. I will have a drink. But just one. And mil is over for 2 weeks (she drives me crazy and generally tries to wind me up especially if I’ve had a drink).

I’m not a big drinker just the occasional wine here and there. But it all adds up I suppose.

ThomasShelbysBunnet Mon 21-May-18 10:48:43

Can I join in please? First off, massive congratulations Frouby!
I've been thinking for a while that I'm drinking too much - but I don't know what to do to start.
I see an app mentioned above - can anyone link?

FiveShelties Mon 21-May-18 11:15:36

Anglaise well done, what an achievement.
Thomas I log my alcohol intake on "Drinkaware', I use the on-line version but I think they have an app - not sure if that is the sort of thing you are looking for.

I have just had my first AF day for some time so very pleased with myself - a good start to the week.

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