New development on missing Andrew Gosden case.

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ClaraThePigeon Tue 11-Jan-22 14:06:59

I hope that this latest development gives that poor boy's family answers, terrible as they may be. I can't imagine the hell they've had to live with every day since his disappearance.

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SirVixofVixHall Tue 11-Jan-22 14:10:38

I really hope there is some news of Andrew soon. I often think of him as at the time I lived round the corner from where he was last seen, and it was very upsetting thinking that he just disappeared, so close by.
I have a dd the age Andrew was when he went missing, and that adds an extra layer of sadness as she is so young and vulnerable.

Nappyvalley15 Tue 11-Jan-22 14:12:03

I remember this case. It is so sad. Poor lad. Hope his poor family finally find out what happened to him.

bintang Tue 11-Jan-22 14:17:00

This boy and his family are often in my thoughts, primarily because he looks very like my own son when he was a similar age.
I hope for some answers for his family.

valerianroot Tue 11-Jan-22 14:17:50

His poor family, it's just unimaginable the pain they must have been through.

ShippingNews Tue 11-Jan-22 14:23:05

Poor boy, poor family. I've always remembered him - hopefully this might give his family some answers.

Whydoyoucareaboutthis Tue 11-Jan-22 14:28:51

Agree, he has been gone longer than he was at home. So sad.


BorderlineHappy Tue 11-Jan-22 14:38:09

I'm so happy they have some news.
I always think of him,very sad and so young.

SirVixofVixHall Tue 11-Jan-22 14:53:44

My dd was a few months old when Andrew went missing so close by, she is now the age he was then. That poor boy and his family.

Havilland Tue 11-Jan-22 15:00:30

‘Gosden's family have kept his room as he left it and have not changed the locks on the house as Gosden was known to have taken his key.‘

The enduring heartache of his family not knowing ....

katienana Tue 11-Jan-22 15:02:59

Hope it gives his family some answers. And gets some evil people locked up where they belong

timtam23 Tue 11-Jan-22 15:39:11

The poor family, I hope they get some answers. My children are younger than Andrew was then, but not by much - just the thought of them going missing suddenly is so upsetting.

MiloAndEddie Tue 11-Jan-22 15:45:15

I remember this case, I was a similar age to him when he disappeared.
His poor family. I hope they get some answers even if the answer isn’t what they wanted. The not knowing must be hell

ENoeuf Tue 11-Jan-22 15:50:38

He took money and deliberately bought a one way ticket. I wonder where he thought he was going.

XelaM Tue 11-Jan-22 16:04:19

Tnis case is so strange and has been on my mind a lot sad His face is on the missing people posters around London

TitoMojito Tue 11-Jan-22 16:07:17

Oh wow! This case has always stuck with me. I follow the Facebook page that his dad runs. How terrible if this is true but at least it would finally answer the question about what happened.

givememykeys Tue 11-Jan-22 16:15:08

It's terribly sad, I think Andrew was quite probably groomed online and lured to London. His poor family at least might be able to stop always thinking he might come home

KatherineJaneway Tue 11-Jan-22 16:30:45

I watched a documentary about his case recently, very sad. I remember at the time being so puzzled as to how he can arrive at Kings Cross and not be seen any any further CCTV or cameras.

BorderlineHappy Tue 11-Jan-22 16:33:29

He took money and deliberately bought a one way ticket. I wonder where he thought he was going.

I always said he went to meet someone he knew and they where giving him a lift back.
Obviously something happened and he never made it back.

HPLikecraft Tue 11-Jan-22 16:34:56

I hope this development brings some answers to his family. Utterly heartbreaking case.

AuntMasha Tue 11-Jan-22 16:42:54

Thank you for the update. I was only thinking about him last night after listening to a podcast about another missing young boy.

BruceBogtrottersWife Tue 11-Jan-22 16:50:42

He didn't have access to the Internet as far as his family knew
Such a confusing case sad I'm not from so far away from where he lived

At least the family will have some answers I guess.

ShirleyPhallus Tue 11-Jan-22 16:52:31

The poor guy, I hope the family finally gets some answers

Also fantastic for the police to have kept this going and get some answers finally

GirlInACountrySong Tue 11-Jan-22 16:54:08

So he was a runaway?

BorderlineHappy Tue 11-Jan-22 17:19:55

My theory is he was groomed nearer home,as he stopped getting the bus as he was being bullied.
He met teh groomer that way,arranged to meet in London,groomer was to give him a lift home.Thats why he only bought a one way.

Also another boy disappeared either before or after Andrew who had went to the same summer camp.

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