Self Medicating With Food...Diabetes, Support?

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73kittycat73 Wed 23-Jun-21 12:05:53

Continuation of this thread. Welcome one and all. flowers

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73kittycat73 Wed 23-Jun-21 12:06:24

Oops. forgot to ad 'Part 2' in the title! blush

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BorderlineHappy Wed 23-Jun-21 12:20:58

Hello flowers for the new thread,since there's no calories in them🤣

WreckTangled Wed 23-Jun-21 13:40:52

Thanks for the new thread!

I wouldn't consider the fizzy water to be breaking a fast really. It'll be no added sugar and minimal calories. Meh.

I finally went to the gym grin and I upped my weights on a couple of things. Just had a tasty lunch as shown plus a babybel. 14g of carbs for the lot (that includes the carrot and humous etc). Having a coffee now to try and stave off the sweet craving.

BorderlineHappy Wed 23-Jun-21 14:56:10

Please tell me I'm not the only one who looks through Instagram and FB stories and drool at the food.
It's the closest I'm getting to it.

PaperMonster Wed 23-Jun-21 19:51:10

Lol @ @BorderlineHappy!!

@WreckTangled that looks tasty! I miss humous - really sends my bloods high, even just a teaspoon full. My favourite sandwich used to be humous and grated carrot.

Nowt much to report here - got an end date for work and all the legalities are being sorted; saw the private (bonkers) physio and I get the feeling that he’s at a loss with my arm. Not helped by the fact that twice it went into spasm and I was screaming with pain! Parents came for tea. Early night for all of us cos we’re all feeling a bit meh.

Hermie12 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:22:23

A very non exciting day here too. Car went in for a service and I came home with £500 on my credit . Oh well at least I walked a lot today !


BorderlineHappy Thu 24-Jun-21 08:23:42

Anyone drop any dress sizes yet?
My clothes are looser but seem to be still in the same size.

73kittycat73 Thu 24-Jun-21 11:35:17


Hello flowers for the new thread,since there's no calories in them🤣

Lol! grin
Hello all, glad you found your way over. smile
Well done upping the weights WreckTangled. star It's exciting when that happens isn't it? grin That food looks lovely.
Talking of food, *Please tell me I'm not the only one who looks through Instagram and FB stories and drool at the food.
It's the closest I'm getting to it.* That's why I watch so many diet shows. They always start by showing the person eating all the food we're not supposed to. They have pizza a lot on My 600lb Life. Make me drool. lol
Sorry things are a bit full on for you atm * That arm physio sounds painful! Are you going to look for another job, or just leave it for a while?
Hi Hermie12, how are you today, apart from a quiet one?

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Hermie12 Thu 24-Jun-21 12:00:36

Hi everyone , enjoying the sunshine here and have had a productive morning . Did school run , walking into town, washing , vacuuming and about to mow the lawn ! Although I’m not specifically focusing on weight loss I was pleased to see 10 stone 1 this morning which is 2lbs less then when I started to refocus on the types of food I was eating.

PaperMonster Thu 24-Jun-21 13:16:09

Well done on the weight loss @Hermie12!

I’m not particularly looking to lose weight and we have no scales (OH has had an ED and it never really goes away) but someone I’ve not seen in person for a year told me that I looked like I’d lost weight the other day! Seriously, I wear clothes that are size 10/12/14/16!!! Depends on the fit I guess. Today I’m wearing a size 16 T-shirt which should be fitted, but is baggy and size 12 bottoms, which are actually too big and I should have got a 10.

@73kittycat73 I’m going to enjoy the summer with my daughter and then, as long as my arm is feeling significantly better, I can look for a job. I’m struggling to drive currently and with living rurally, there’s not many local job opportunities nearby so getting a job involves driving!!

BorderlineHappy Thu 24-Jun-21 13:18:52

Got my haircut so I'm a few lbs lighter,does that count.Say it does🤣
Talking of haircuts,trainee hairdressers looking for models and when you answer and send a pic,you're not suitable anymore.

Happened to me the other day,she was looking for someone to go quite short and a drastic hair colour.
I fancied a change so I asked about it.
Going fine till I send her my mugshot.Suddenly my hairs not suitable.

More likely she thinks I'm too old.
Anyway the same add was back up the other day Karma

PaperMonster Thu 24-Jun-21 14:49:09

Ugh, really? Cheeky buggers. I bet you are lbs lighter!!! (I wouldn’t be - baby fine hair here!!)

BorderlineHappy Thu 24-Jun-21 15:23:26

Got my 2nd Covid Vaccination so in 1 week I'm covered.Ye I'll take that with a pinch of salt🤣

73kittycat73 Thu 24-Jun-21 19:16:23

Well done Hermie12! 2lbs is great! star Do you feel any better? You certainly have energy for all those chores! smile
Hi PaperMonster, smile it's always nice when someone notices the weight loss isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful summer with your daughter, and that you get relief from the arm pain asap!
Yes, cutting off hair does count BorderlineHappy. grin (Checks toe and fingernails, that should count too surely...) What a nasty person to rebuff you like that. I bet your hair looks a million miles better anyway. smile Good luck with your jab!

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BorderlineHappy Fri 25-Jun-21 11:44:00

Morning ladies.
I have just had a SW all day breakfast and it was surprisingly tasty.
I was supposed to be going on a walk but i was on the phone for a good 2 1/2 hours today sorting something put and now i cant be arsed.

Hermie12 Fri 25-Jun-21 11:55:37

Morning everyone. @73kittycat73 I feel better, probably in most part because I feel back in control if I am honest.
@BorderlineHappy all day breakfast sounded good. I had almond based yogurt with some blueberries for breakfast which was nice. I did walk up to the school but was hoping for a brisk walk today. Now looking at the rain and trying to motivate myself to get back out there!

BorderlineHappy Fri 25-Jun-21 11:58:36

@Hermie12 its miserable and cold here.And looks like its going to lash.
Ugh i have no motivation today at all.

WreckTangled Fri 25-Jun-21 12:32:53

It's wet and grey here too. I went to the gym at 6 this morning then wet food shopping. Am going to have a nap in a minute grin I love my Fridays off.

73kittycat73 Fri 25-Jun-21 12:55:26

I eat SW chips. They are nice when you get used to them. smile Sorry to hear of your phone troubles, hopefully it's sorted now?
I'm going to the chippy today. Mum said she'd eat most of the chips for me. grin
You might fancy you walk later, when you've calmed down a bit (From stress.)?

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73kittycat73 Fri 25-Jun-21 12:56:57

Good to hear Hermie12, it's always better to feel in control! star
Enjoy your nap and day off WreckTangled smile Sounds like a nice day! smile

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BorderlineHappy Fri 25-Jun-21 16:00:50

I had the pea and ham SW soup,that was nice as well.

73kittycat73 Fri 25-Jun-21 18:43:03

How are you feeling now? More chilled I hope? smile
Guess who had chips for tea? grin I had a breakthrough in my thinking. Previously it would be about how far away from home is the destination? Can I run back if I need to, etc? Realised yesterday that the only 'scary' thing I have to face is my automatic negative thoughts, and I don't have to believe my thoughts or even listen to them. I had one moment where I focused on my breath as I was breathing fast, took a deep breath and forgot about it. I was OK!
I also ended up having half a portion of chips for tea. blush Was only going to have a few but they were so good! grin Me and mum shared them. smile

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PaperMonster Fri 25-Jun-21 18:57:13

@73kittycat73 that sounds really positive! Wouldn’t worry about the chips - good to have something we normally avoid now and again!! I had chicken nuggets for tea - went to the dentist opposite McDs so we always go after our check ups. For some reason they don’t affect my levels.

Hermie12 Fri 25-Jun-21 18:59:35

@73kittycat73 that sounds really positive smile chips sound good too. I did get out for a walk and without getting wet. We are now having a Friday night home disco, my husband seems to have found some serious old school dance tunes . Buffalo stance anyone ? My 6 year old daughter is amazed her old mum knows all the words!

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