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AD's! Rishi needs you to Go Down For Your Town

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Ibake Thu 09-Jul-20 21:47:09

New thread. Do your civic duty.

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Ibake Thu 09-Jul-20 21:51:22

Last thread

D = fn + (p x 0) then AD = - fn - (p x 0)

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ISaySteadyOn Thu 09-Jul-20 21:53:32

halo have done. Supported a local cafe

BakewellTarts Thu 09-Jul-20 21:59:45

I have done and will do. Night out today at my local. Off to a farm shop tomorrow. Tactical spending in businesses I value.

TrustTheGeneGenie Thu 09-Jul-20 22:01:35

We will be next weekend halo

TheOrchidKiller Thu 09-Jul-20 22:04:57

I did. In Marks & Spencers.grin

PickAChew Thu 09-Jul-20 22:05:03

Just my routine mooch around markses food hall for me today, stocking up on the regulation sarnies, amongst other things.

Mascotte Thu 09-Jul-20 22:06:19

Reporting for going down duty.

AnxiousElephant77 Thu 09-Jul-20 22:06:58

I'm not sleeping well so I'll go down this weekend, if that's cool with everyone.

Ibake Thu 09-Jul-20 22:07:33

Excellent start. Rishi will be so proud. (But Giant Doctor less than impressed)

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Shodan Thu 09-Jul-20 22:10:06

We're planning to go to our favourite cafe on Saturday for a big fat fry up.

Really hoping it's all sorted and we can actually get in...

Lickyicelollies Thu 09-Jul-20 22:21:31

Signing in...dreading Scottish government muzzle enforcement day tomorrow. I only want a bottle of wine and some pizzas on the way home from work without a side order of enfringement on my civil liberties thank you very much.

Drivingdownthe101 Thu 09-Jul-20 22:22:05

Hi all. I haven’t gone down anywhere yet but the DC finish school for the summer next week so we’ll be off lining the pockets of some farms/cafes/zoos/restaurants etc.

Mascotte Thu 09-Jul-20 22:23:13

@Lickyicelollies it's rubbish. I'm just going to swathe a scarf round vaguely if I absolutely have to go to a shop.

ProfessorRadcliffeEmerson Thu 09-Jul-20 22:23:57

Marking place (and went to work in central London followed by dinner in a restaurant today! I am Doing My Bit, without a muzzle).

Lickyicelollies Thu 09-Jul-20 22:24:31


thenightsky Thu 09-Jul-20 22:27:18

Ahahah at Clap for Nichola. grin

TrustTheGeneGenie Thu 09-Jul-20 22:29:33

Oh it's definitely going a bit Nazi now. But it'll be clapping instead of saluting.... Ergh. Gives me the shivers.

MinesaPinot Thu 09-Jul-20 22:29:49

Signing in. Token muzzle wearing necessary at the hairdressers on Saturday. More upset that beauty salons opening but no facial treatments so can't have my eyebrows done. And we were supposed to be going on a cruise for out Silver Wedding next year so the FCO 'advice' about cruises today had come as a bit of a shock.

I'm just so fed up with this now.

InsaneInTheViralMembrane Thu 09-Jul-20 22:36:21

I’m not wearing a fucking muzzle and I’m not clapping for Nicola.

I have no idea how many ROOLZ we are soon to be breaking - but my dad (72) who lives in Wales is coming to Scotland to take my 2 children on holiday. Just him and them. Consider the deaths!

Does anyone actually GAF anymore?

I’ve had a friend in my house today - and I’ve been in a friend’s house - AND I marched through the hospital sans muzzle.

fartingsparkles Thu 09-Jul-20 22:36:59

I know I'm letting the side down, but I haven't really been anywhere yet. Although I did take ds to a small group tutorial session. He was actually in a room with other kids for the 1st time since March - and hebreally enjoyed it!

PickAChew Thu 09-Jul-20 22:53:45

I'm in a really foul mood, tonight and really tearful. Not that anyone in this house gives a shit.

I haven't seen my parents since new year. Dh knows I want to visit but I'm at the mercy of him booking a bit of time off to do that. I'm at the point tat, if he doesn't pull out the stops, soon, I'm going to book rail tickets for me and DS1. Open return. The o ly thing holding me back from doing that is prospect of Ds2 having no one talking to him, rather than at him sad

IAintentDead Thu 09-Jul-20 22:54:39


I know I'm letting the side down, but I haven't really been anywhere yet. Although I did take ds to a small group tutorial session. He was actually in a room with other kids for the 1st time since March - and hebreally enjoyed it!

BUT you aren't moaning and complaining at those that have

That's the difference.

I haven't been out the house since I came back from my daughter's on Sunday but I am so please that people are resuming life (as opposed to existence)

PickAChew Thu 09-Jul-20 22:57:18

I've taken myself off to the kitchen, too, since that's where the maid traditionally hangs out and if I'm going to be bored and lonely, I'd rather do that by myself, with the radio on for company. I don't think anyone has even noticed or even cares.

LethargicLumpOfLockdownLard Thu 09-Jul-20 23:02:06

Thanks for the new thread @Ibake

@BarkandCheese that Butlins video was crazy, creepy, funny and fascinating. I actually watched all of it, it was oddly compelling. The childrens swimsuit contest made me confused a bit. Especially the creepy guy with the microphone... Strange times.

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