Frozen rhubarb and custard

Try this simple twist on a classic pudding when you need a sweet treat on a hot summer's day or a quick, no-frills dessert. Is it fancy? No. But is it easy? You bet.

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Simply swirl the two ingredients together and chill until almost frozen, ready for scooping. This recipe is taken from the Mumsnet cookbook, Top Bananas.


  • 250g ready-made custard

  • 150g rhubarb compote

  • Ginger biscuits, to serve


Take two medium freezer-proof ramekins and simply fill them up with alternate layers of custard and compote. Swirl the two together for a ripple effect, then bung in the freezer.

After a couple of hours the rhubarb and custard should be semi-frozen (this is when it is most delicious). 

If you've left it for too long and it's frozen solid, remove from the freezer before serving, to soften. 

Serve with ginger biscuits.


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