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Accused of posting on someone's LinkedIn. Part 2.

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Bearyhumcrack · 22/01/2023 19:23

As promised! Second thread.

First thread is here... If you've got a spare day.

OP posts:

ComeTheSpringLobelia · 22/01/2023 20:46

Checking in. Another one who has been here since (very near) the start. Wishing you all the best. Thanks


Christmaspyjamas · 22/01/2023 20:47

They're not just incompetent managers but horrible human beings. I wish you all the best.


MajorCarolDanvers · 22/01/2023 20:47

Shamelessly place marking and wishing you well


IdisagreeMrHochhauser · 22/01/2023 21:12

So glad there's a new thread. I always get impending long running thread capacity anxiety.


3luckystars · 22/01/2023 21:26

Looking forward to hearing the outcome of this. Well done!!!


ReamsOfCheese · 22/01/2023 21:42

Jesus I'm 5 or 6 usernames down the line. Sorry this is happening to you still OP but hopefully your next update in a few weeks time will be them admitting they have cocked up.


liveforsummer · 22/01/2023 21:55

The is for the link to thread 2. Keeping everything crossed 🤞🏼


Katiebaby13 · 22/01/2023 22:01

Wow, I have just read it all and can't believe it. I think you seem so nice from all your messages and are so strong! I really wish you the best. I will be looking out for your updates


CliffsofMohair · 22/01/2023 22:08

I thought this was the third thread it’s been running so long. @Bearyhumcrack you are a woman of some fortitude.


TooManyChoicesNotEnoughDecisions · 22/01/2023 22:47

Just read the previous thread, I hadn't looked at the dates to begin with and thought when you were saying it wouldn't be finished before Christmas that meant 2022, can't believe this has been ongoing since 2021! I really hope it's over with a successful outcome for you soon.


stevalnamechanger · 22/01/2023 23:08

Checking in and here to support ! I feel like after this you need to go whistle blow!


WormEater · 22/01/2023 23:11

Good luck OP. Can't believe you have been so strong through all of it.


hourbyhour101 · 22/01/2023 23:39

Literally read your first thread with mouth open.

Used to work with public sector and I have to say the themes you mentioned where ahem strangely familiar. I used to say my old work gave me stockhome syndrome but frankly that's probably insulting to the syndrome.

God op I hope you give your bosses cage a good rattle.


AmIThatMam · 22/01/2023 23:56

how have they not just apologised and moved on?! Hoping this all goes in your favour x


randomusername2020 · 23/01/2023 00:05

I have just read your first thread and cannot believe this has been going on since 2021, or that they felt they had any justification for the way you have been treated.

I am so glad you have fought back, I had workplace issues back when I was in my early 20s and although I fought back, I dont feel I fought hard enough (I do hope it was enough to stop them doing it again) so its so good to hear you are pulling them up on this. The whole thing sounds unfounded and im baffled they have not dropped it and apologised profusely.

I really do hope you get all the help you need once this is resolved so this doesnt have any long term effects on your MH


Blindsandcurtains · 23/01/2023 06:20

I can’t believe it’s close to 2 years now OP. Hope this is the final stretch for you now.


Rstuvwxyz · 23/01/2023 06:57

Hope you get a positive outcome soon. I’ve been following since the first post x


Backofthenet20 · 23/01/2023 07:02

We are all so vested in your outcome. Good luck


ThatsGoingToHurt · 23/01/2023 07:22

Can’t believe this is still going on. Good luck 🤞


Lougle · 23/01/2023 07:28

Wow, what a saga. I bet your boss is regretting that he ever started this. I hope you get closure very soon.


piedbeauty · 23/01/2023 07:43

This is all bonkers. Incredible that so much time and effort has been wasted over such a vague accusation. Your manager is a dick, their manager is a wet wipe.

It's amazing that someone hasn't just said 'For fuck's sake, where is your evidence? If you can't provide it, this complaint will be closed and @Bearyhumcrack can complain about you and the way she has been treated'.

What a monumental waste of time - and what a stress for you, op. Hope it is all over soon.


JacksPottedPepper · 23/01/2023 08:06

Another supporter cheering you to the finish line. I agree with pied they should have backed down right at the start. I truly hope you get a great and positive outcome.

I have worked in public sector and witnessed a witch hunt in our office of one staff member. It was completely blown apart by a union rep as this thing they were accused of was physically impossible, the person who finger pointed was "investigated" for their publicly declared office wide unsubstantiated claim and did a sideways move to save them face when they should have been seriously disciplined. It was truly shocking. We were left reeling from the accusation for the staff member who ended up going off long term with stress. We had no idea what motivated the finger pointed to do what they did.


mightymam · 23/01/2023 09:05

Sending positive vibes your way @Bearyhumcrack. This sorry saga has gone on far too long.


HedgeWench · 23/01/2023 09:44



BliainNua · 23/01/2023 10:26

I am another one who has name changed a hundred times since this starter. I am still, as ever, astounded that this was allowed to get this far. Well done @Bearyhumcrack for sticking to your principles & going to whole way. It could have all ended two years ago with a simple "Oh sorry, I was wrong". You are so strong & I admire you more than you will ever know! Keep going, you are so close to the end now.
Flowers for you!

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