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Calyx72 · 11/02/2022 20:56

Please sign into CSP and look at the new iCSP discussion "Stonewall and the CSP"

A great thread beginning and agreement that stonewall are problematic and women's rights are being overlapped by male rights

Then a HUGE ESSAY by a TRA


OP posts:
TheBiologyStupid · 30/05/2022 01:10

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 18/02/2022 17:26

Thanks for the summary, @Calyx72.

The thing that interests me is that Karen Middleton is not an idiot. I think her background was at the Dept of Health? She's got to be aware of the organisations leaving Stonewall and the trouble at universities.

I've been so tempted to just email her the Nolan Podcast and ask whether she thinks SW is good value for the money.

One voice is too easy to quash. The nurses and midwives had 400 signatures for this, anonymous, letter. I don't know what became of it, either. There must be a response by now?

The NMC rejected the call to withdraw from Stonewall, surprise surprise. The article is behind the Times paywall unfortunately:

girasol · 30/05/2022 07:20

Share token link to the article mentioned by @TheBiologyStupid

Nurse council keeps faith in Stonewall

TheBiologyStupid · 30/05/2022 09:08

Thanks girasol!

Calyx72 · 30/05/2022 10:36

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 30/05/2022 00:31

I thought we weren't to criticise other members? If we have a problem ten we follow due process - so surely Darren should have opened a complaint rather than make vaguely passive aggressive comments on a public forum?

Passive aggressive comments about the "top" of the profession? Is he talking about Emma Stokes?

I agree with this.

Pronouns, Stonewall, 'transphobia' accusations - all political

We aren't supposed to be political at work right? All part of being professionals.

Trans physios, if they feel they are being bullied or treated unprofessionally, can access the same supports that the rest of us would.

LGB physios have been doing the job without looking for any special attention or needing to talk about their sexuality, right?

So why all this focus? New diversity network etc etc. Not necessary, possibly divisive given that gender critical views are supposed to be allowed these days.

OP posts:
Calyx72 · 30/05/2022 10:37

girasol · 30/05/2022 07:20

Share token link to the article mentioned by @TheBiologyStupid

Nurse council keeps faith in Stonewall

Thanks Girasol

OP posts:
RadFizz · 31/05/2022 07:35

This month's magazine features another article on "menopausal individuals". Ridiculous!

Calyx72 · 31/05/2022 08:21

RadFizz · 31/05/2022 07:35

This month's magazine features another article on "menopausal individuals". Ridiculous!

I feel we have lost our own identity as women. We are being mis-identitied as 'individuals'/'persons' etc rather than women in the name of inclusion. As someone who believes that sex matters and that gender is what we used to call personality, it's extremely annoying

OP posts:
vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 31/05/2022 18:50

Frontline says that individuals can be menopausal?

Female individuals? The kind that used to be called women?

Ok, I'm not happy about this - how can we serve women who need physiotherapy if we can't name them? We don't even teach undergrads about menopause - we have middle aged women coming with knee pain which is hormonal in nature without giving the clinicians the skills they need to treat them appropriately.

IT's bad enough to ignore women's needs, but to suggest that woman is a bad word is too much.

Calyx72 · 31/05/2022 19:37

It says 'menopausal individuals' AND THEN later in the article mentions that 'Non-binary, trans and intersex people can also experience the menopause, and likewise should not be discriminated against'

The word 'female' or 'woman' is nowhere to be seen. Where's JKR when we need her Confused

UK Physios
UK Physios
OP posts:
Calyx72 · 31/05/2022 19:37

Oh wait - does say "one in 10 women" referencing an NHS statistic on menopause


OP posts:
RadFizz · 31/05/2022 19:58

It's just a very confused article. If you're going to mention trans and non-binary people then why not say women instead of "individuals"? Because shock horror, they form the bulk of people who go through menopause! I'm guessing the twentysomething in the photo isn't aware of that 🙄

RadFizz · 31/05/2022 20:08

Ah it appears there's a diversity committee now. Lots of pronouns and the blue-haired guy ranting on Twitter about TERFs. So I don't hold out much hope about anything being done about racism, sexism or ableism.

How do all diversity initiatives these days get taken over by gender ideology?

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 01/06/2022 00:56

I thought terf is now hate speak? Was't it established as a pejorative term?

Should that person be talking about women like that in a public forum?

Is they even trans?

RadFizz · 01/06/2022 07:18

@vivariumvivariumsvivaria Nope not trans, just your average gay man. He talks about abuse on social media and gets support from senior brass at CSP but where is the support for women? Or should I say "menstruating individuals"?

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 01/06/2022 11:09

I had a look on twitter - is it ok to link your fetish with physio in your bio? I thought we were supposed to be neutral and professional?
Maybe "professionalism" has changed like the word "woman" has.

He used"Jennifer" as a negative term for a woman who disagrees with him instead of "Karen". Didn't want to upset the CEO, eh?

I wish I'd not seen him in a nazi cap because now I have to email Natalie Beswerthick about his twitter photo - our professional obligations mean we have a duty to report. I had a full clinic this morning and instead of being able to concentrate on my lovely patients I've have this idiot's grinning face in an SS uniform on my mind.

Fuck this.

RadFizz · 01/06/2022 12:15

@vivariumvivariumsvivaria Natalie retired last year. You'd need to contact her replacement Ashley James or the CEO herself.

It's appalling that they appear to have cut ties with Elaine but are promoting the likes of this guy.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 01/06/2022 13:13

Might send this thread to Elaine. Send it c/o DayTime TV or Women's Hour?

Calyx72 · 01/06/2022 13:48

Maybe her Twitter @GussieGrips

OP posts:
stealtheatingtunnocks · 15/06/2022 22:34

Is the CSP part of unison?

Im in despair about this. Thread in unison TWAW

RadFizz · 15/06/2022 23:23

No, it is a union in itself as far as I know @stealtheatingtunnocks. I think all the unions are going to capitulate but Unison's statement is still quite something.

@vivariumvivariumsvivaria, just curious to know if you got a response when you reported fetish man?

stealtheatingtunnocks · 16/06/2022 00:21

we are linked with the TUC. I don t really understand how the unions work. I think they all fall under the TUC or UNISON umbrella.

I’ve gone off umbrellas

UK Physios
Bosky · 17/06/2022 00:21

stealtheatingtunnocks · 16/06/2022 00:21

we are linked with the TUC. I don t really understand how the unions work. I think they all fall under the TUC or UNISON umbrella.

I’ve gone off umbrellas

CSP is an independent trade union in its own right, as are Unison, the Society of Radiographers, Unite, GMB, RCN, etc, etc.

Most unions are affiliated to the TUC:

Most (all?) UK Trade Unions seem to be captured at policy level and "political activists" within unions virtue-signal like fury, as the Unison vote demonstrates:

However . . . this does not necessarily play out in the workplace, where Reps/Shop Stewards are not always "political" activists but are more interested in collective bargaining and representation of individual members.

I am in Unite - which appears on the surface to be at least as badly "captured" as any other union.

Despite this, the feedback we are getting in the Unite GC Women's Group (part of the Women's Trade Union Federation) is that women are getting good, effective representation by Unite Shop Stewards when there are issues to do with "women's rights vs trans rights".


Similarly, I know of Unison Workplace Reps who are GC women and are challenging employers on anti-women policies and practices.

Unions seem to be doing everything in their power to lose the confidence of women but find out what is happening at local level before you give up hope.

Membership involvement in trade union democracy has been pitiful for decades, which allows take-over by narrow interest groups.

That also means that it is relatively easy to wrest back control if members get organised and vote in the representatives that they want.

That is what we need to do because nobody is going to do it for us.

stealtheatingtunnocks · 17/06/2022 04:52

Interesting, thank you, @Bosky

we have council elections coming up - I guess we need to find out how many
candidates are GC. I’m not aware of any womens group I the CSP. Which might be numbers, it’s not a big union?

your suggestion sounds more effective than the open letter the RCN did. 400 signed it, I think. RCN said “yes, we hear you but will carry on.” And their conference was rainbowed badly.

RadFizz · 17/06/2022 07:56

@stealtheatingtunnocks the only candidate who's spoken out has faced a barrage of criticism for it. He's very popular though, so it'll be interesting to see what happens if he's elected.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 17/06/2022 12:30

I'm ashamed to say that I chickened out of reporting Mr Smirk, though I did toy with the idea of setting some vegans on him.

I need my job and I feel like a coward but if we had more numbers I'd do it, as it is I think he is protected and I'd be a bigot and I think the issue is wider than his particular predilection. I see the person in OT who runs Oban Pride also has his fetish in his pronouns. When did that become remotely appropriate?

I see physiotalk have a live chat with the candidates on Monday, so I might ask an innocent question there. Mr WCPT has posted a question about inclusion and is, again, saying there is something rotten in physio - which I really think should be pulled up as bringing the profession into disrepute.

I'm certainly voting for this council - don't think I've ever done that before.

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