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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

UK Physios

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Calyx72 · 11/02/2022 20:56

Please sign into CSP and look at the new iCSP discussion "Stonewall and the CSP"

A great thread beginning and agreement that stonewall are problematic and women's rights are being overlapped by male rights

Then a HUGE ESSAY by a TRA


OP posts:
RadFizz · 21/04/2022 07:16

@northender There was a Trans Day of Visibility event hosted by CN Lester and I’m guessing not all the participants toed the party line. Cue lots of female physios declaring on Twitter that TWAW and belong in women’s spaces and the one (male) physio who questioned this being told that he needed “educating” and that he was a bigot etc.

But tbh if a trans physio wants to set up a service just for trans people then good for them.

Watermelon44 · 21/04/2022 08:51

Can’t find it on icsp.

which section/group is it under?

RadFizz · 21/04/2022 08:54

@Watermelon44 the discussion was on Twitter rather than iCSP.

shortbob · 21/04/2022 09:39

I am not a physio but I follow Elaine Miller @gussiegrips on Twitter. She is a wonderful voice on these issues, very well informed and cares deeply about women's health.

I can't get link to work properly (is this something to do with MN update?) but highly recommend everyone watch Elaine's speech from the Alloa Women's Festival, it will make you laugh, and also cry, but is full of very serious content.

Elaine Miller, Gusset Grippers, Alloa Women's Festival - YouTube

axolotlfloof · 21/04/2022 10:24

I had physio on the tendon that attaches my hamstring to my pelvis (basically my lower buttock).
I chose a female physio.
I wouldn't have wanted this physio from a man/transwoman.

northender · 21/04/2022 17:23

Elaine is or certainly was a mumsnetter, that's where I first "met" her.

bringmelaughter · 21/04/2022 19:02

northender · 20/04/2022 20:33

Just catching up on this & wondering if I missed something on twitter. Last week there was a tweet from a physio re setting up an NHS physio service for trans people as they said they couldn't rely on colleagues to be sympathetic or understanding.

Physio here. I think it all kicked off with this tweet:

I spent quite a bit of time constructing a tweet highlighting that this is complicated and needs us all to consider how we manage the complexity of competing needs for vulnerable groups.

I also wanted to say that labelling people is in itself not kind and also leads to bad outcomes for everything. The irony of a physio in a position of power calling for kindness then shooting people down and stopping discussion by labelling people transphobic doesn’t seem recognised.

Lastly if I’m stopped from posting by nerves about giving a gentle alternative view and what it may mean professionally then that shows how unhealthy this is.

Fascinating that the only people who felt they had the agency to present an alternative view was young, white, male physios.

RadFizz · 21/04/2022 21:28

There's talk about "fully" and "medically" transitioned on that thread but I wonder if the tweeters know that the majority don't go down the surgery route?

northender · 23/04/2022 01:08

Interesting bringmelaughter. I feel the same as you & don't feel able to tweet what seem to me rational & moderate views

RadFizz · 04/05/2022 06:42

Fascinating that the only people who felt they had the agency to present an alternative view was young, white, male physios.

Judging from his social media, he was duly chastised, for his tweets and for a podcast he did about the issue.

Meanwhile the magazine a few months ago featured a physio who is clearly male but uses she/her pronouns and talks a lot about gender neutral toilets. And this was seen as progress. What is going on??

Calyx72 · 06/05/2022 19:55

@RadFizz one of those went to uni with me

I agree there's no balance to discussion now. It's swung to Stonewall. I hope and pray it swings back.

My work Twitter is completely separate from my personal (GC) twitter. That's how it needs to be.

OP posts:
bringmelaughter · 08/05/2022 16:04

This is interesting:

Elaine is a physio who has a profile with the CSP and who has had her work highlighted by another physio in a leadership role who doesn’t seem to be thinking about the unintended consequences of supporting the needs of trans people without considering the impact on females.

Hoping someone like Elaine may be able to create some healthy discussion in order to balance decision making about the needs of trans people and females.

northender · 09/05/2022 21:40

Oh how refreshing to hear this, she is so very credible

RadFizz · 09/05/2022 22:32

@bringmelaughter Elaine used to be listed on their website as a spokesperson for women's health issues but isn't anymore. Hmm...

PinotGroggio · 13/05/2022 12:27

Bit silly if they've ditched Elaine. She's probably the most high profile physio out there!

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 25/05/2022 10:46

Twitter tells me that (at) Jack A Chew is standing for council and that Elaine has supported his nomination, along with lots of others that I recognise.

Elaine has a new Edinburgh Fringe show about pelvic health "viva your vulva the hole story". Someone I know saw a preview last weekend. She's a GP and said it's full of stuff that made her say "I didn't know that". She said the gender bit is clever and funnier than Gervais's new Netflix because it's kind and not mocking. I bought tickets, it counts as CPD and I'm needing some!

I had a look at her twitter (at) gussie grips. She is talking to trans people, who aren't very nice to her but doesn't rise to the provoking. Jack is the same, he seems robust and argumentative (about everything!) but like he considers things so I hope he gets into council - I've never voted for council before but I'll vote for him this time.

Maybe Mumsnet could persuade Elaine to stand too?

RadFizz · 25/05/2022 11:00

That's great news about Jack. He seems very well-known and popular among physios so there's a good chance that he'll get voted in. I'm not sure what the Council will do if that happens, given that most of them have fallen for gender woo and have added pronouns to their names etc. I think the deadline for nominations has passed so it's too late to nominate Elaine. Shame!

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 26/05/2022 18:26

I was watching the Allison Bailey thread and Elaine had a shout out as being one of those watching.

northender · 27/05/2022 09:10

I've just seen DB tweeted late last night about the level of transphobia at the top of the CSP and through the membership so I assume that is linked to the council nominations.

girasol · 27/05/2022 09:15

NecessaryScene · 18/02/2022 10:30

we cannot allow comments which undermine the legitimacy of trans women as women, or which cause hurt or alarm to trans members

But if you want to undermine the legitimacy of women, or cause hurt or alarm to female members, fill your boots.

We have more in common than divides us.

Even more true of men and "transwomen".

Why do they keep trying to divide men from transwomen? Confused

This ^

RadFizz · 27/05/2022 10:12

@northender who is DB?

RadFizz · 27/05/2022 13:10

There is also a blue-haired (male) physio who appears to sit on the CSP diversity committee and has tweeted that the term "sex-based rights" is like "British jobs for British workers" and "make America great again". He's also accused Jack of being abusive.

I despair.

northender · 28/05/2022 06:43

@RadFizz Darren.. Brown

RadFizz · 28/05/2022 13:59

@northender I just saw that 🙄

Meanwhile Blue Hair has now locked his account, presumably because women replied to tell him he's a misogynist.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 30/05/2022 00:31

I thought we weren't to criticise other members? If we have a problem ten we follow due process - so surely Darren should have opened a complaint rather than make vaguely passive aggressive comments on a public forum?

Passive aggressive comments about the "top" of the profession? Is he talking about Emma Stokes?

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