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Need to loose 7+ stone. Anyone want to join me?

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phoenixflower · 05/05/2010 21:50

My weight is awfully bad. Have put on an extra 2 1/2 stone since Christmas alone. Am starting a healthy eating plan and starting NOW! Anyone want to join me?

OP posts:
pedrothellama · 06/05/2010 20:02

Oh please yes. I need to lose 2 stone at least (I am avoiding skinny friends) and feel ashamed, I have had sooo many hurtful comments from friends and family I have cried.

We can help each other?

friendly7 · 06/05/2010 22:42

I'd like to join please. Healthy eating if it works without excersise will be fantastic. I keep loosing my will power though as I get tired of all the healthy food but in a company I might be stronger (I hope).

phoenixflower · 07/05/2010 07:56

pedrothellama and friendly7 - we can indeed help eachother!

I am going to start monday. Going to clear all cupboards of crap over the weekend and do a big shop sunday. Then monday morning it's full steam ahead and we are ALL going to successful. I am undecided as to whether to go to a diet club, a friend of mine, who wants to loose 7lbs has asked me to join with her!! I am in two minds as it will take her about a month to loose her 7lb and ages for me to loose all my excess weight so i'd end up going on my own ( maybe this will be a good thing)!! I am also doing all my measurements today - hips, boobs, waist etc etc.

I am also planning on making some little changes such as walk the chn to school instead of drive them etc. All small steps towards my end goal.

OP posts:
pedrothellama · 07/05/2010 08:57

Phoenixflower and Friendly7

I have reached the stage where I have just had enough - I never buy clothes because they just look awful on me. I feel uncomfortable, my bras cut into me and I am getting more and more tempted to spend evenings and weekends wearing sweatpants (which DP hates).

Phoenixflower - if you go to the diet club with your friend and she loses her weight within weeks remember by that time you would have made friends with the members there.

My own Dad made me cry the other day with a nasty comment about my weight. I no longer want to be the target of these comments and only I can change things.

Mbear · 07/05/2010 09:40

Hi, I've just started trying to lose some weight as well. Am doing through my docs, although not sure what they can really offer helpwise long term. However, one thing I am doing is a food diary. It makes for horrendous reading, but is really showing up where I am going wrong (and I had merrily convinced myself that I wasn't eating too much rubbish !!)

I also hadn't realised how much I was relying on food to pick me up mood wise, so think I'm gonna have to work on that too .

Would love to join you.

lizziemun · 07/05/2010 11:17

can I join.

I'm also fed up with being overweight, but I never had to diet before so I'm finding it realy difficult to get started and motivated.

MBEAR I think doing a food diary is a start because it will realy makes me think about what I'm eating.

I find lunches hard to think what to eat so normally end with a sandwich.

pedrothellama · 07/05/2010 12:17

The strange thing with me is I was always a slim child and adult - I started putting on weight in my thirties.

I lost loads after my divorce and found it easy (just didn't eat) have been with DP for a few years now and my weight has gone up and up.

I think it is partly because when we moved in together it was into his house which is on a souless estate where you need a car to get anywhere. Before that I lived in a market town in the middle of beautiful countryside where walking was a joy.

I am just fat and unhappy and disgusted with myself.

Time to change

phoenixflower · 07/05/2010 14:30

Welcome everyone, of course you are all welcome to join!

Here is my food diary for today so far ( It's awful! )

5.30am - 2 slices of whitebread with real butter

8.00am - a ketchup sandwich on white bread with real butter

1.00pm - 2 iced doughnuts and a glass of lemonade

OP posts:
phoenixflower · 07/05/2010 14:30

( meant to add, this is my 'before' diary and will look nothing like this next week!)

OP posts:
Mbear · 07/05/2010 14:56

The most veg I had one week was cos I had a veggie pizza !

Seriously though, if you can be 100% honest with the food diary then it is really worth doing, as it really shows where it is all going horribly, horribly wrong. Sorry, I am the voice of doom. Just the reaslisation is sooo depressing.

I eat too much, too often and I really do that 'reward' thing with food, where I have a bad 5 mins, so think I need something sweet! Not good. Not good at all.

pedrothellama · 07/05/2010 15:39

I don't have a sweet tooth really but my downfall is wine in the evening and I love cooking.

Today I have had:

Breakfast - nothing (bad I know)

Midmorning - banana

Lunch - samosa, chicken sandwich and crisps

Three cups of tea with one sugar (please don't ask me to switch to sweetners)

Three glasses of water

But no exercise whatsoever. On Monday I am going to start observing my lunch break and not eat at my desk.

Tonight I am also having chicken but will just lightly grill and serve with rice and veg rather than make a sauce

phoenixflower · 07/05/2010 16:56

Tonight I am having a massive curry!! I know I won't be able to do this every week once I am on a diet so making the most of it while I can.

Mbear - You're right about food diaries!

OP posts:
lizziemun · 07/05/2010 17:59

Does anyone have ideas for lunches I get realy struck and end with boring sandwiches.

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 07/05/2010 19:31

Hello all,

I've got 6-6.5 stone to lose, so not quite 7 but can I join anyway?

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 07/05/2010 19:38

I'm following a plan called Dax Moy Elimination diet. Here's a link

I've not found it hard in the slightest and my meals are lovely and I have rediscovered my love of cooking with fresh ingredients and being a bit inventive too. I think it is highly sustainable as a long term lifestyle change rather than just a diet.

Here's my food diary, I've also been keeping one for the last 5 weeks and it's really helped I think

Breakfast - porridge with oat milk, a smoked mackerel fillet for protein

Snack: a Nakd bar

Lunch - Egg, ham, salad, dressing of olive oil, s&p, balsamic. A plum.

Dinner - Beef, courgette, peppers, onions, in a spicy parika/bbq sauce with roasted courgette, butternut squash and carrots.

icandoit · 07/05/2010 20:37

Yes please, would love to join you all! Actually began at Slimming World about 10 days ago. Have 'lost' 7lbs so far but have a very long way to go!

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 07/05/2010 21:07

icandoit, that's a great weight loss well done!

Forgot to say I have lost 12lbs over the last 5 weeks, it would be lovely to lose 2lbs this week so that'll be my first stone gone wish me luck for weigh in on Monday night!

AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 07/05/2010 21:09

Lizziemum, do you need to take a packed lunch to work or are you at home?

Lunches here are things on ryvita (ham, houmous, chicken, fish, eggs) or home made soups, omelettes or salad. Or sometimes just last night's dinner's leftovers.

friendly7 · 07/05/2010 21:52

Hi girls. Okay, my diary - couldn't resist Starbaks and had caramel late with pasta salad feeling terribly hungry before so couldn't wait any longer. Had 3 apples after that, then coffee with 2 sugars and 5 mini flapjacks, later shop bought 3 fish cakes with little amount of chips, shop bought cream cabbage, apple juice. Going to have a couple apples in a minute. Well, I resisted an ice-cream with apple lattice my darling had after dineer and tea with chocolate so I suppose, could be worse. Still, pretty bad today (apart from the apples).

lizziemun · 08/05/2010 07:10


I'm at home.

TheJollyPirate · 08/05/2010 07:19

I am joining you - absolutely HAVE to as my weight is going up and up.

QOD · 08/05/2010 08:23

Me too - but I am rubbish at keeping up with threads - but I am in with you!


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LesbianMummy1 · 08/05/2010 08:50

Can I join too I lost 3 stone last year with slimming world and felt great but due to various stresses I have but all the weight {plus a little bit more} back on and have between 5 & 7 stone to loose. My problem now is I never feel full and I have lost all my good eating habits I used to eat 3 meals a day now I leave it til i starving and eat completely the wrong things I end up eating white bread and junk food I don't have a sweet tooth and I don't like eggs or fish so can't seem to find the right foods again. I have no money to buy all my favourite foods for the next week or so, so have no yoghurts, fruit, or things like that i can munch on it is just depressing me

phoenixflower · 08/05/2010 10:18

Welcome to all those who have joined We can ALL do this and we all WILL!!

The SW club near me is on a thursday. I am in two minds as to whether to start on monday and then get weighed thursday, or wait till thurs and then start? I am worried if I start monday and get weighed at "before" weight thursday, I may have already lost some weight IYSWIM, so the next weigh in may not be a true relfection on what I have lost!

OP posts:
AvaGoOnTheSwingometer · 08/05/2010 10:49

Morning everyone

Lizziemum - what kind of plan are you on

Friendy - wow you sure like your apples!!

Hi LM1 - I did SW too at first but I found it didn't help me address portion sizes or cravings and green days made me put ON weight Since doing this plan (link above) I've not had any cravings or even hunger, I don't think about food in between meals whereas before I would be eating my breakfast and already think of what i WANTED FOR LUNCH [BLUSH]

Phoenix - if you feel ready to start Monday just do it, the only thing that matters is that you will be losing weight

TJP/QOD - welcome

My plans for today are:

Breakfast: jalapeno homous on 3 rvyita
Lunh: ham and mushroom omelette
Dinner: gammon, baby new potaoes, spinach and carrots.

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