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Anybody following Paul McKenna - I Can Make You Thin ?

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Kayleigh · 09/04/2005 16:40

Have just bought the book & CD after two recommendations. Anyone following his rules ? Is it working ?

OP posts:
BubblesDeVere · 09/04/2005 17:31

Kayleigh, i havn't stuck to it for a while, but, the first week i followed it and combined it with lots of organic fruit and veg i lost 3lb.

It is very good, just one word of advice, when you do it, make sure the phones are off the hook otherwise if they ring they can really really startle and also make sure you won't be disturbed for about 20 minutes. I usually do the cd when i go to bed.

ootslooJ · 09/04/2005 17:36

kool otni ym seye

Christie · 09/04/2005 18:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayleigh · 09/04/2005 19:15

BubblesDeVere, I just did the CD for the first time and fell asleep ! Is that OK ? I don't remember any of it, but I presume it is going into my subconscious. It was very relaxing if nothing else !

Christie, LOL . I think you're meant to read it honey !

OP posts:
BubblesDeVere · 10/04/2005 08:44

Kayleigh, falling asleep whilst listening to it is fine, it shows that you were listening and relaxed.

I can't listen to the cd myself without falling asleep.

Kayleigh · 10/04/2005 11:14

Woke up this morning had a cup of tea and 1 slice of toast. Usually have two or three, but I was full so left it at that. Do you think it's working ??????

OP posts:
BubblesDeVere · 10/04/2005 11:27

Very well could be, it is becoming one of the most talked about in the celebrity world.

Kayleigh · 11/04/2005 21:12

I just had dinner and left food on my plate. My husband was gobsmacked. I NEVER leave food on my plate !!! I really think it's working.

OP posts:
Tommy · 11/04/2005 21:18

Am thinking of getting it for my DH - although I think he'll be very offended but he seems to have a real "block" about diets and stuff. Sounds like it's working for you Kayleigh!

mancmum · 11/04/2005 21:20

it does work!! I read book about month ago and am totally diferent around food -- as in I can now walk away from it! You do need to keep reading it and listending to CD though...

Kayleigh · 12/04/2005 10:41

mancmum, did you do it to lose weight or just reprogram the way you deal with food ?

And how often do you listen to the CD ?

Tommy - buy it, and say you bought it for you - but then tell him it's brilliant and he should listen to it.

OP posts:
Tommy · 12/04/2005 12:54

good idea Kayleigh!

mancmum · 12/04/2005 13:22

I used it to help me look at food differetnly -- I need to lose about 1 stone in weight but find it very hard with full time job, kids, travel, life etc... I know my basic diet is quite healthy but I do tend to graze and eat without needing to.. I HATE diets with a passion as I know they don't work long term... this approch to me is perfect as it has made me very aware of what I am eating and how I never ever felt hungry - I just ate however i felt. I have lost about 1/2 stone since I read it... my weight does fluctuate up and down but the change in my approach to food is the best bit...

I listen to CD every couple of days or whenever I feel I am slipping...

Good luck iwht it!

Kayleigh · 12/04/2005 14:18

thanks mancmum.

I agree that diets are awful. I have spent most of my adult life on one diet or another and seemed to be either eating or thinking about eating. If this works I will be so happy. Even after just three days I feel completely released from the points/calories/sins counting and the planning of a days food. It is a very liberating feeling.

OP posts:
TinyGang · 12/04/2005 14:42

Goodness me, you lot are convincing! And very well done those of you succeeding!

It must be worth a try for a tenner, surely! I can't do diets either and I always feel so deprived, it's all I can think about.

Also it's very difficult to start making and buying special stuff just for me. It's just not practical.

Kayleigh · 12/04/2005 15:28

TinyGang, go and buy it.

I cannot begin to describe the relief of being able to eat the same as my family at the weekend and not sitting down with a bowl of lettuce leaves while they eat god only knows what. I know I sound truely evangelical but in just 3 days my whole outlook towards food has changed.

I don't know if I will stay on it longterm. Who knows. I have fallen off more diets than I care to remember. But it all just makes sense.

Do It !!!!!!

OP posts:
TinyGang · 12/04/2005 15:57

I think I will give it a go - you've convinced me to try it .

I saw him on QVC recently selling a weight loss programme - theirs was 3 discs I think and more expensive; he did sound very believable though. Dh was all cynical, but then he doesn't need to lose weight - I do! The less disruptive it is to our mealtimes, the more likely I am to get somewhere. That's why diets don't work for me - that and my lack of willpower

So have I got this right? You don't follow an actual diet, just listen to the disc and it re-educates you to eat with more discretion. Is that how it works?

Kayleigh · 12/04/2005 18:39

tinygang, yes you listen to the cd and you read the book. The book lays out the 4 rules. The CD reinforces the message.

  1. Eat only when you are hungry
  2. Eat whatever you want, not what you think you should eat
  3. Consiously enjoy every mouthful of food
  4. Stop eating when you are full

    Obviously he goes into more details for each rule. But it is so simple, and logical. The book is quite thin, easy to read and easy to refer back to.

    If you decide to go for it I'll be here for support and encouragement
OP posts:
feelingold · 12/04/2005 19:18

I saw this on QVC a few weeks ago.I went to a party at the weekend where someone took a photo of me, they gave me a copy of said photo today and said 'this is a good one of you', after they left I nearly cried, I looked awful so went straight onto QVC website and ordered it, gotta give it a try as I have tried everything else. I have PCOS which makes you very prone to being overweight and I need to do something about it so I will give it a go. QVC say try it for 28 days and if it does not work you can send it back under their 28 day guarantee. Watch this space!!

bunny2 · 12/04/2005 20:32

OMG, this could be the solution Im looking for. Im a pig and cant walk away from ds' leftovers. I might try it... hmmm, hypnosis worked for me years ago over another issue. Dh is going to be soooo cynical over this one.

TinyGang · 12/04/2005 22:22

Thank you Kayleigh that's very kind I'll let you know how it goes.

jasper · 12/04/2005 22:27

this book is five pounds something in ASDA


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Eowyn · 12/04/2005 22:28

A girl at work said she was doing this & explained that she could eat what she wanted as long as she did so slowly. Over the next few days she sat opposite me munching chocolate muffins slowly & telling me how wonderful she didn't feel hungry after. Don't think she lost any weight either funnily enough.
Not criticising the diet, just said colleagues brain.

lilibet · 12/04/2005 23:37

That's the book Jasper, what about the cd?

Glad this is working for oyu Kayleigh - you and I are very similar when it somes to diets/eating - I hate my realtionship with food so much and it is the one thig that dp really doesn't understand about me.

He has just said that all you need is to be determined

strugstu · 13/04/2005 02:42

I've just had spending spree on amazon and its 5.99 , in the write up it says it includes the CD as well, so brought it... altho i think i'll need a lobotomy before he changes my mindset on food! (something tells me i might not be that receptive to hypnotherapy!!!)

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