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BigMoFos w/c 4 December

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WigWamBam · 05/01/2008 18:08

New thread

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 05/01/2008 18:35

WWB - don't rule out mirena completely - the norethiserone doesn't get into your blood stream as much - very low doses absorbed straight into your uterus. Couldn't you try it for 6 months and if it doesn't work go for the ablation, Mirena is by far the less invasive procedure.

WigWamBam · 05/01/2008 18:53

I just don't fancy it at all, never have. Not sure why, it just doesn't float my boat. Have heard lots of horror stories about it (although to be honest have heard some good things too) and ... just not my bag, I don't think. I was offered one after I had dd, because I can't take the Pill anymore, and just felt horrified at the thought!

The Novasure ablation was sold to me as quick, easy, painless, and where most people who start off trying Mirena for DUB end up. What he didn't tell me is that it isn't an alternative to the Mirena, it's an alternative to hysterectomy, which has made me feel a bit strange about it. He's booked it for two weeks' time but I am going to research it a bit and maybe ring him on Monday to change my mind! I wouldn't have minded a few months without the tablets to see how I get on, but the scans had found fibroids, and the gynae is of the opinion that I'll just be back to square one.

I don't know what to doooooooooooo

OP posts:
JackieNo · 05/01/2008 19:16

No words of wisdom from me, I'm afraid, WWB. Might it be worth starting a thread to see what other people's experiences are?

MightyMoosh - at your 5 stone loss in one week.

WigWamBam · 05/01/2008 19:28

I've started a thread.

Despite several winsome smiles, no-one wants to talk to me!

Sometimes I think it was better in the bad old days, when the expert told you what he was going to do and you just went along with it, rather than the expert expecting you to tell him what you want.

OP posts:
JackieNo · 05/01/2008 19:45

Yes - and the internet isn't necessarily helpful. Knowledge may be power, but it can also be confusing. Hope you get some replies on your thread.

WigWamBam · 05/01/2008 19:51

Oh, and me!

I did Google - but it tends to be either horror stories or the Novasure website, with bugger all in between.

I just wanted someone to tell me what the next step was, instead of which he asked me!

OP posts:
againagainTigerFeet · 05/01/2008 20:52

WWB - I am with you on the Mirena coil - for some reason I just couldn't contemplate it. I had a friend who had a normal copper coil and swore by it until she pg on it - I know that is less likely to happen with the Mirena but I have heard too many stories about the side effects of that to be entirely comfortable with it. Also the thought of something foreign like that inside me makes me cringe - the thought of the cord hanging through my cervix - I know it's really daft but it makes me shudder.

Spectacularly unhelpful of me I know, especially as I am not in your position, but my gut feeling is that in your shoes I would probably go for the ablation. Although saying that, Kewcumber is right, you could try it for 6 months and see how you get on with it before going for an invasive procedure.

WigWamBam · 05/01/2008 21:47

I don't fancy the coil for six hours, let alone six months!

Silly thing is, the ablation is the easier procedure - aside from the anaesthetic. It takes 90 seconds, and there are (allegedly) fewer side effects than the coil.

For me, the coil feels more invasive, probably because the thing sits inside as a permanent fixture (well, unless it falls out ... as seems to be quite a common feature of the device!). But the ablation seems very ... final somehow. It can't be taken away once it's done.

And apart from anything else it makes me feel so bloody OLD - I don't feel old enough for hysterectomies and alternatives thereof!

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 05/01/2008 22:24

well you have to go with what feels right for you. I was determinedly anti Mirena - for the reasons you gave - something alien inside you etc but the reality in my case was a breath of fresh air and life not back to normal but better than my normal - so I can;t help being evangelical about it!

MrsJohnCusack · 05/01/2008 23:10

pah moosh's 5 stone beats my loss when I had DS

MightyMoosh · 05/01/2008 23:11

oh bloody hell I have to go back to work on monday. leaving at around 7ish to arrive around 3pm hopefully. but now I have to pack and still feel really bloody ill from mad migraine over xmas (almost two weeks in bed with it!) then Ill have to work the rest of the day so I wont get to unpack! aaaargh.

this is unrelated to anything regarding weightloss. go about your business.

MightyMoosh · 05/01/2008 23:12

although for some reason losing 5st leaves me the same size. odd that.

JackieNo · 05/01/2008 23:16

I'm back to work on Monday too, MightyMoosh. Really not looking forward to it. That migraine sounds horrible.

littlemisssensible · 06/01/2008 16:55

Hi all,

Just grabbing a quiet moment between submitting the dreaded returns and doing the houswork/ironing to congratulate all of you who managed to get near the scales etc!

I finally managed to weigh this morning and as expected have put a few lbs on over the Christmas period (though it isn't as bas as I'd imagined!) so I'm back over the magic 13 stone mark

i'll email that as a starting weight with my (hopefully lower) weight next Thursday

In the meantime I wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU to all of you because although I'm yoyoing a bit, since chatting with you all I've managed to lose about half a stone, so instead of going up and down between 13 and 13.5 stone I'm now going up and down between 12.5 and 13 stone. I'm sure that is your wonderful influence as until now whilst I've been able to lose the weight it ALWAYS comes back with a vengeance (and then some! ) within the next six months!

I'm hopeful that over the next year or so I'll be able to say that I've lost another half a stone permenantly, and maybe in 5 years or so I'll be at my so called ideal weight of 10 stone .........

I'd be happy with 11.5 to be honest and so would my doctor!

So once again,


ipodtherforipoor · 06/01/2008 17:49

Hey mofos!

Happy New Year!

Anyone had any problems with jealous partners? - mine has been horrid all weekend since I told him I had lost about 10Kg since we first started seeing each other last year. It turns out after talking to him, that he is worried that if I loose weight other men will be interested in me.

hmmm, told him to stiop being silly and that I need to keeo loosing for ME, not for pulling other men.

however, interest from men would be a nice side-effect of loosing weight if he isn't nicer and stops trying to get me to eat crap food all weekend.

WigWamBam · 06/01/2008 17:59

What a nice post, LMS!

Ipod, my dh doesn't say anything like that, but it's noticable that whenever I start to seriously lose weight, he starts bringing doughnuts, cakes and takeaways in several nights a week.

He's done it again recently, as I've started to lose weight quite quickly over the past few weeks, and I've told him that I need to lose weight for health reasons, and if he wants me to carry on eating crap and drop dead with a heart attack then he's doing the right thing. He's been a bit better since. But I think it's an insecurity thing - neither of us are what you'd call conventionally attractive, and I think he thinks that if I lose all the weight I need to then it will change my looks and therefore change the way I feel about his looks.

They are so shallow ...

OP posts:
ipodtherforipoor · 06/01/2008 18:49

hmmm - thats so true - i can understand where he is coming from but surely he knows a size 26 body id gonna kill me sooner or later if it goes on!

Viva La Gym et carrot sticks I say

JackieNo · 06/01/2008 19:13
MightyMoosh · 06/01/2008 19:17

yes I will be eating a salad ont the train tomoro, not pork pie at all....

WigWamBam · 06/01/2008 19:29

The GYM?

OP posts:
JackieNo · 06/01/2008 20:10

Course you will, MightyMoosh - I can imagine that British Rail do lovely salads. Mind you, not sure what the pork pies would be like .

MightyMoosh · 06/01/2008 20:12

well maybe I MIGHT have already have thought of that and just MAYBE havew already got the pork pie snacky pack. and a mini-mars.

its a long journey! Im sure Ill burnt the cals/fat fat fat sitting on my arse.


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JackieNo · 06/01/2008 20:15

And you'll be lugging a suitcase around too - that has to count as exercise. Good luck - hope the journey goes smoothly.

MightyMoosh · 06/01/2008 20:15

Have just been reading the what you had for dinner thread. all looks so nice, cant wait till Im able to cook food not just live on sandwiches and toast! mum has given me an old steamer for new flat so I can cook. 1st time ever access to my own cooking facilities! mmmm steamed veg, Id live on it with the chance!

JackieNo · 06/01/2008 20:28

So, MightyMoosh - are you about to move into your new flat? Were you living with your employers before? (sorry if daft questions - I know from your profile you're a nanny, but not sure of where you've been living up till now, iyswim)

And at the steamed veg - you'll be losing weight in no time if you can do that.

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