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1lb per week until Christmas! I am commiting myself will anyone join me?

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MascaraOHara · 13/09/2005 15:46

I am 10.8, by December 20th I will be 9.8..

Not on any specific diet but just going to be good. Anyone care to join me?

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dinosaur · 13/09/2005 15:48

I will I will! As of end last week, was 10stone11lbs - heaviest ever (not-pregnant) weight.

Can I join pleeeeeeaese?

MascaraOHara · 13/09/2005 15:57

Of course - everyone is welcome.

Am going to have no choclate this week, have a wedding and christening this weekend so will try to not gorge on lovely food!

OP posts:
dropinthe · 13/09/2005 15:59

I'm with you MOH! Not sure how but will cut some crap out and drink less so a pound a week sounds good.

Distel · 13/09/2005 16:00

I will, but I will have to buy some scales first, Wouldn't like to guess what I weigh. I know I am 85 kilos but live in ignorant bliss that I don't know what this is in pounds and ounzes and have no intentions of finding out.

Count me in.

MascaraOHara · 13/09/2005 16:01


lets update with our weight every Tuesday. I think if we just try and be 'good' we should be able to shake off 1lb per week.

Next week I will try to do some exercise also

OP posts:
QueenOfQuotes · 13/09/2005 16:02

Oh go on then - I don't measure in st looks too scary - but I'm 129lb so - I should be under 120lb by then - my target!!!

spikeycat · 13/09/2005 16:10

Count me in, and 10st 7.5lns and my scales are the clever ones that tell me I am obese - thanks!

Luckie · 13/09/2005 16:40

Count me in!! I can't seem to control my eating at the moment and my nose is getting very long from all the lies I keep telling about what I've had.
I need to shed at least a stone !!

motherpeculiar · 13/09/2005 16:45

I'm in - not sure how much i weigh but somewhere between 10.5 and 11 stone. deffo prefer to be between 9.5 and 10. still bf'ing but if i take it slow between now and xmas (XMAS ) should be fine

good idea

logic · 13/09/2005 16:52

Count me in. I'm stopping bfing this week and I'm currently 9st. I want to get down to 8st ideally. I find that if I roughly count calories and try to stick to about 1500 a day then the weight comes off and I loathe complicated counting and fad diets. I used to do WW but I really can't be bothered to go there every week.

LilMissHappy · 13/09/2005 16:55

I would like to join you. I used to be a slim 8 1/2 stone and am now 10lbs 5. Never had a problem staying slim before and it's making me miserable.

Am actually going to aim to lose about 2lbs a week though.

MascaraOHara · 13/09/2005 17:07

Wow, glad to see I'm not alone! Am hoping we can all keep each other motivated.

I think I will try and have breakfast tomorrow I normally skip it and will try and bring some food to snack on to work so that I don't go to the vending machine

OP posts:
dropinthe · 13/09/2005 17:09

I'm 11 and half stone and only 5ft 2"!!!!

nutcracker · 13/09/2005 17:17

Erm i think i'm in too if thats ok. Will post my weight later cos I haven't a clue what I weigh at the mo.

dinosaur · 13/09/2005 17:27

Mascara - breakfast at home is definitely a good idea - I've had a bowl of Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk yesterday and today, thus avoiding the need to buy a croissant from Pret on the way in to work! And I haven't snacked during teh mornings either.

I'm stealing an idea from a poster on another thread which is not to have any carbs after 7 p.m. (on weeknights anyway, going to give myself a bit more leeway at weekends).

Distel · 13/09/2005 17:33

You all sound very slim compared to me. I f I could loose more than a pound a week that would be great. I am going to exercize more and eat earlier in the evening (about 8 o clock at the mo).

I am 85 kilos and only 5ft2 {shame on me emoticon}

ja9 · 13/09/2005 19:07

I'm in!!! Currently 10 st 8lb ( was 11st 3 weeks ago! ). Target weight 9st 7lb. So Tuesday is weigh in day? I really hope i can keep it up. I have a big incentive for mid Oct - a school reunion thing (was almost 2st lighter last time they saw me!! plus really want to get into a particular dress!) and hopefully by then i'll be so encouraged that i'll keep going! won't i....

Steppy1 · 13/09/2005 19:17

..too embarrased to tell you what my weight is, needless to say need to lost lots.....happy to update on weight loss each week though...DH and I are trying to do slimfast. I've lost a pund...he's lost 7 (bastard !!) Apologise in advance for awearing ladies...

Steppy1 · 13/09/2005 19:18

...woops meant a pound not pund (blush)

logic · 13/09/2005 19:39

Steppy, it's not fair is it? Whenever dh joins me in losing weight, he always loses it more quickly too.

Oh dinosaur, I've got a packet of chocolate croissants in the bread bin. You've reminded me!

Aimsmum · 13/09/2005 19:56

Message withdrawn

Luckie · 13/09/2005 21:01

Just weighed myself and am disappointed to say the least!!
11st 7lb (am normally 10st 7ish and even that is too much) so really must lose a stone. I can't keep blaming it on the baby (nearly 8months old).
Good luck all!!!!!


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logic · 13/09/2005 21:27

I don't know, luckie, it took me at least 9 months to lose the baby weight from my first child. I put on 3.5 stone during that pregnancy! Managed to keep to the standard 28lbs this time, hence it has already gone but I'm short and pear-shaped so any extra lbs really show...

Luckie · 14/09/2005 08:25

Thanks logic .
But I don't think the chocolate and cakes have been helping !
My DH often joins me in trying to lose weight but he too loses it really quickly (aaarrrggghh!!)

MascaraOHara · 14/09/2005 08:36

Wow, lots of interest!

This morning I had 40g of Fruit n Fibre with skimmed milk. It was weird as I normally don't have breakfast and wasn't hungry at all but I ate anyway.

Last night for tea I made cottage pie but only with a small amount of mince - mostly it was onions, mushrooms, peas and carrots. I did have cheese on the top though but I also ate a smaller portion than usual.

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