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Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!

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Experiment627 · 12/03/2023 18:17

Join our lovely space for beauty hoarders anonymous 💜

OP posts:
StarryNightAddict · 28/05/2023 00:29

I originally only wanted to use the Yuka app to see what’s in all my sunscreens. I’m reacting quite badly to a few of them (mainly the chemical ones) and I wanted to work out what ingredient was doing it.

Most of the stuff I’ve scanned has rated poor so far but I’m not chucking them because I hate waste, and I personally think I’ll only worry about the ones that come up hazardous.

Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 03:10

@StarryNightAddict I bet it’s octinoxate. (Has other names and has been banned in a few places in sunscreens.) The reason I suspect this is because it is known to cause photoallergic sensitivity in people susceptible to it. (Like me.) Why the actual F they would put something that causes photoallergic sensitivity IN A SUNSCREEN, I do not know.

StarryNightAddict · 28/05/2023 03:19

Ohhh Thank you. This is the one I had the worst reaction to.

Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 03:34

Octylcrylene has the same outcome I believe. Same with Oxybenzone. Meanwhile, another source of the same issue in “natural” sunscreens is essential oils and some (though far fewer and far less severe) plant extracts. They are even worse for photosensitivity. I would also make sure that none of my skincare had essential oils in them at all. The plant extracts are MUCH less likely to cause issues, but if you are prone to them I would tread carefully.

Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 03:36

The 4 methlybenzodrine camphor is also a weird one. It’s camphor. Keeps moths away. Highly volatile. Wtf!

Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 03:42

Stupid autocorrect is interfering but you know what I meant. That 4-M… Camphor is also known as Enzacamene. I am less concerned with its hormone disruptive claims (for a start, we don’t know enough about “normal” hormonal ranges and variances through everyone’s life cycle yet.) It is also a plant extract, but crystallized. That implies immense concentration of the plant extract itself.

IndianSummer78 · 28/05/2023 03:57

Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 03:36

The 4 methlybenzodrine camphor is also a weird one. It’s camphor. Keeps moths away. Highly volatile. Wtf!

Camphor reduces swelling and eases pain, so perhaps it's useful for sunburn, which someone buying sunscreen may have. Don't know what the methyl-whatever part is though.

StarryNightAddict · 28/05/2023 11:32

I find sunscreens so hard and admit I don’t wear it as much as I should because it’s not worth the rash!

One day I might find a holy grail!

OchonAgusOchonOh · 28/05/2023 11:48

Got through about a quarter of this and hated it. I've offloaded it on dd.

I got it in the CB advent calendar. I don't understand why anyone would want chocolate scented for bed. I found it a bit sticky too. Half way between lip balm and lip gloss in consistency and I'm not a fan of lip gloss so that was another negative. Final straw was it stained one of my silk pillowcases.

Back to my Nadúr beeswax balm that got 100/100 on Yuka.

Also have dd a no. 7 sheet mask.

Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter · 28/05/2023 13:24

Im not going. To use the Yuka app for products I already use and love as what o don’t know I don’t need to worry about but will use it for new products.
I do need to curb my spending from a hoarding perspective as I have so much skincare and make up. I do need a decent night moisturiser though that works well with facial oil as I like to use an oil as my last step. It really has improved the texture of my skin and reduced lines.

Fraaahnces · 28/05/2023 13:31

@OchonAgusOchonOh I have other flavours and love that stuff! The thought of a chocolate version does not remotely appeal. Yuck!

MavisMcMinty · 28/05/2023 13:48

StarryNightAddict · 28/05/2023 11:32

I find sunscreens so hard and admit I don’t wear it as much as I should because it’s not worth the rash!

One day I might find a holy grail!

Have you tried Ultrasun Face? There’s a tinted version I use all summer long, comes in SPF 30 or 50, it’s my skincare, sunscreen and foundation in one. Lasts all day, unlike most SPF moisturisers that you’re supposed to reapply every couple of hours, and you’re supposed to put it onto a clean dry face, no serums underneath that might interfere with its bonding to the skin. I can take it all over my eyes without irritation, although like every other SPF I’ve tried, if you sweat/cry it into your eyes it stings.

Pricey but great deals always available on QVC.

StarryNightAddict · 28/05/2023 13:57

Nah, Australia has pretty strict rules around sunscreen and we can’t get majority of the ones sold in the UK and US. I was in the US in November and wanted to buy a few to bring home but we were backpacking and I just had literally zero room. ☹️

I just had a look and apparently it’s on Amazon but it’s $86 😬 Too expensive for something that my skin might not like unfortunately.

MavisMcMinty · 28/05/2023 14:05

Ultrasun meets Australian guidelines, I think. You have QVC there, don’t you?

MidnightMeltdown · 28/05/2023 15:09

I've been using this sunscreen lately. It's the best sunscreen that I've ever tried. It absorbs really easily, is moisturising and non irritating. I think that it's an Australian brand

Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
Experiment627 · 29/05/2023 19:31

I have an empty:

  • Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glow calming overnight mask: I basically used this as a night cream. Really like it - not as much as the soothing cream from this range. Scores a 41/100 but has no nasty silicones in it.... which is what I am focusing on.

I used the Shea Moisture 100% virgin coconut oil daily hydration shampoo this morning... my hair is a mess. Just way too much hydration for my grease ball hair. It was a brand new bottle. Happy to post to anyone who wants it in Blighty. Just DM me.
OP posts:
Thereislightattheendofthetunnel · 29/05/2023 20:15

I have a few empties:

Another Aveeno body wash that was in my shower.

A couple of sachets that are intimate moisturiser, One is Optilube which I liked, it is thick and does not run. There is nothing worse than a runny lubricant IMHO. The other one is Kegel 8 which came with my machine but it is expensive so I won’t buy it. There are cheaper and better alternatives.

Method hand wash waterfall pleasant but that’s about it. A bit expensive for what it is. I have the 5l bottle from Carex in Costo that I usually use to refill my soap dispensers. When I get tired of smelling the same thing over and over is when I impulse buy hand wash. Back to Carex now.

Deliplus cleansing milk for face the companion to the toner I posted before. It is ok but does not exist anymore. I bought it ages ago and I am glad it is over 🤣.

2 perfume samples:

  • so scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier smells like a flower explosion really thick and creamy with tuberose, orange flower and jasmine. Very sexy as in carnal I would say. Does not guarantee that you will get laid but hey ho. Worth trying if you are into florals. Might be better suited for autumn or spring, too cloying for summer.
  • eau 1 by Sisley it is an aromatic fresh scent. Think eau de Lancome. 10 years ago I would not have liked it but now I can appreciate the fragrance and I loved it. If I ever find this at a good price I would purchase without hesitation
Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
Fraaahnces · 30/05/2023 05:27

@StarryNightAddict - We have very strict sunscreen regulations because the only “acceptable” sunscreen ingredients have patents owned by the CSIRO and they are OLD. While they are very good sunscreen ingredients, we are VERY far behind in sunscreen technology and improvement. I wear Korean sunscreens because the formulations are more enjoyable and contain better skincare ingredients, plus the sunscreen technology and research is much more up to date. I also don’t rely ONLY on sunscreen (I live in QLD if that helps.). I think it is best to slip, slop, slap, and keep the sun off in as many ways possible as you can!

Fraaahnces · 30/05/2023 05:48

I don’t normally do this, but I know that there are a lot of people on here with sensitive or sensitized skin. I thought I would share my thoughts on a product which is not new to the market at all, but new to me. I recently over-did it with tretinoin and thanks to the sudden (but welcome) change in the weather (was humid and sitting around 30’C, but is now dry and 8-20’C.) My skin freaked out and was rashy and sensitized. I ended up buying this because the pot has a soothing, hydrating gel around the outside, full of healing, calming plant extracts (Centella, green tea, etc) and the middle is a thicker (than most k-beauty creams), ceramide-rich cream to give healing and barrier-strengthening with moisture. It’s scent-free and delicious while being adaptable. It also makes for the most amazing makeup primer (coincidence). Anyhow, I have been using this for about a month and WILL repurchase for sure. It has very quickly calmed the rash and leaves my skin plumped and glowy (and I can still use tretinoin!)is not an empty, but I thought I would pop in and say that I absolutely over-did it with tretinoin and due to the change in weather here (very dry and cool atm) my skin became irritated and rashy. Thankyou Farmer Rice Gel Cream

Fraaahnces · 30/05/2023 05:49

Bad editing of PP. sorry. Need coffee! 😵‍💫

StarryNightAddict · 30/05/2023 06:07

I can’t click on your link ☹️ PM me if you like!

I didn’t know that about our sunscreens. I’m always so fucked off I can’t try what I see everyone on TikTok trying 🤣

Experiment627 · 30/05/2023 09:28

@Fraaahnces I had not heard of Thank you Farmer before - now I have the urge!!!!

I have an empty:

  • Lacura Ocean anti-perspirant deodorant: ok and did not leak = yay!
OP posts:
StarryNightAddict · 31/05/2023 07:36

Fell off the wagon again today 🤦‍♀️ don’t know if I should even bother getting back on it. I have an actual problem 🤣

Picked up the new SDJ scent ‘do not disturb’. I liked all 3 of the news one but did restrain myself and only got the one. Also a picked up a velvet beauty blender and a Charlotte Tilbury mascara for DD.

Will try again tomorrow 🤣

CamoFlamingo · 31/05/2023 13:56

I haven't been recording empties but I've been pretty good and have hardly bought anything for about three months. Bought a couple of Soap & Glory bits and some of the really cheap Boots cucumber range to try but apart from that I've been working my way through the stash.

I've come to the conclusion that pricey skincare really isn't worth it. It generally smells nicer and feels more silky to apply but ultimately it doesn't do anything to your skin that cheaper stuff doesn't.

I used to buy a lot of Body Shop stuff but they've upped their prices and changed their formulas. I'm struggling to make my way through the last products I bought as the new formulas are awful. I got a S&G day cream in a xmas set which I love and will definitely repurchase. I have high hopes for the Boots cucumber stuff too. I'm hoping I like the toner as I'm not paying £10 for the Body Shop toner.

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