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Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!

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Experiment627 · 12/03/2023 18:17

Join our lovely space for beauty hoarders anonymous 💜

OP posts:
CinnamonCoffee · 12/03/2023 18:47

Thank you @Experiment627

Experiment627 · 12/03/2023 19:01

The previous thread: Beauty addicts anonymous - come join us if you are a beauty product lover and hoarder!!!

OP posts:
PomRuns · 12/03/2023 19:04

Thank you @Experiment627

Glad you like the Garnier.
How did you get on with the Perfume?

MidnightMeltdown · 12/03/2023 19:19

Checking in for therapy Smile

wheresmyshoe · 12/03/2023 19:19

Thank you @Experiment627

I used up this face mask. It was odd and slimy and bright gold but wow did it work. My skin has honestly (temporarily) never looked so good. Hydrated, firmed, pores disappeared.

Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
MidnightMeltdown · 12/03/2023 19:29

Oooh thanks @Fraaahnces, I'll have a look at the Rose Inc range. My skin isn't super light, but it's not dark either, and finding concealer for the lighter shades of olive can definitely be a challenge! Lighter shades tend to have a pink or peach undertone in my experience, which just doesn't work well on my skin.

The hourglass shade that I've been using is Sepia, which is actually supposed to be for a light-medium neutral undertone, but it works for me. Their fawn shade for yellow undertones might also work on olive skin, but I've not tried that one.

declutteringmymind · 12/03/2023 20:11

Thank you

I'm medium olive and my Bobbi brown serum foundation is lovely.

Thereislightattheendofthetunnel · 12/03/2023 20:20

Hi again! Just writing to get on the new thread.

Experiment627 · 12/03/2023 20:29

@PomRuns I am still working out if I like it or not 😵‍💫 it is very strong... a little goes a LOOOOOONG way.

Have any of you tried Lisa Eldrige foundation?

OP posts:
Mummacake · 12/03/2023 20:30

Hello everyone! Joining you all as I have accumulated far too much skin care but working through it and looking out for new things too.

Experiment627 · 12/03/2023 20:50

Welcome @Mummacake!

OP posts:
greenspaces4peace · 12/03/2023 21:14

🐝 saving my spot

Zoetrope1 · 12/03/2023 21:58

Checking in

Fraaahnces · 13/03/2023 04:49

@MidnightMeltdown - it’s virtually white. Maybe The Saem would be better for you. It’s still too pale for me. Would probably suit average UK pale olive.

Meanwhile, KLAXON
Nadine Baggot interviewed a lovely UK/Korean Derm on YouTube who recommends a UK-based K-Beauty company stating that they’re fast and reliable. (As opposed to Stylevana, etc)
People have asked me, but have never known who to recommend so here is one finally!
Actually recommend the interview too.

CamoFlamingo · 13/03/2023 06:55

Hi! I had another empty this weekend - The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Lotion - I really like this forumula as it's thicker than most lotions but not quite as thick as the butters.

I was very good actually as The Body Shop had an offer on, I think it was £10 off when you spend £45 and I had a £5 reward voucher. I pout a load of stuff in my basket but then decided to leave it. I have soo much stuff to use up and although I love TBS I feel it's very overpriced and they've put their prices up as well - 2 or 3 quid per product. I got an email from Boots saying from May reward card holders will get 10% off Boots own brand stuff and extra points so once I've used up my stash I may give some Boots stuff a go. Their cucumber range looks pretty nice and is very reasonable priced.

Oh and for any other Body Shop lovers I've found Asda do pretty good dupes of their Vit C face cream and serum.

FiveShelties · 13/03/2023 07:17

The more empties to report 18/96.

Nivea Coconut Shower Cream - it has taken me ages to use this up as it is a 1 Litre Bottle, but I really did like it and would repurchase if only I needed more shower gel.
Schwarzkopf Marrakesh Oil and Coconut Conditioner 250ml. I did like this but you definitely did not need to use very much.
Florentyna 100ml Spray from M & S - I have used this on and off for years. It is really inexpensive, and I will definitely buy again.

FiveShelties · 13/03/2023 07:24

Forgot photo

Addicted to buying beauty products? Are you a beauty product hoarder? This thread is for you!
TreesinthePark · 13/03/2023 07:54

Thanks, I'm joining

Experiment627 · 13/03/2023 09:34

Welcome @TreesinthePark !

@Fraaahnces you are good - doubling up on your messages. Thanks for the K beauty tip - I have saved it for when I get round to K Beauty - must be this year! I keep on getting side tracked!

OP posts:
Experiment627 · 13/03/2023 09:35

I have two empties:

  • Collection Primed & Ready: cheap as chips but not amazing. And some foundations really did not like it.
  • Superdrug intensive colour conditioner from the Colour Sensations semi-perm dye: this was ok. Great that it came in a tube and not a sachet.
OP posts:
CinnamonCoffee · 13/03/2023 09:44

@Fraaahnces omg thank you. I will save that website as I do need spf.
Regarding the snail stuff. Is it actually snail slime? I know it's a cult product but the thought of putting snail slime on my face gives me the ick!

Fraaahnces · 13/03/2023 14:30

I have to be honest, @CinnamonCoffee, I’m just as squicky about garden pest snot as you are. I believe they “harvest” it by letting the little buggers zoom all over frames covered in some kind of sterile mesh which collects the “juice” and then they are popped into their little plant nursery to munch on whatever their little hearts (assuming that’s how they work) desire. One thing I can reassure you about is Korea’s strict animal cruelty laws. 💪💪💪 My eldest Cherub (DD18) is very porcelain of visage and super sensitive . She swears by the Cosrx Snail Mucin Line 🤢, and I must say her skin is poreless and glowier than ever before. She’s on the drying side but being 18 is still prone to hormonal breakouts and greasy times. I haven’t noticed that for a while, come to think of it. (I bought her the set for Christmas, and I think that fits the bill.)

extrasushiplease · 13/03/2023 16:26

I fell behind on sharing my empties anywhere, so I have a bunch! I hope sharing an album is okay; I don’t want to clog up the thread:

I’m making great headway on samples: My addiction to ordering things when a GWP remains, sadly, but at least I’m using everything at a good clip. Doing my makeup every day has helped a lot with that as not only does it help me use my makeup (I can’t believe I finally panned that True Match blush after years!!) but it also forces me to do a full skincare routine each night.

My skin has been in great shape as it seems to like variety (very happy I’m not sensitive to chemicals so I can switch to a different active from night to night: lupus, stress, and lack of sleep are my dragons) and my makeup application is improving as well.

Focusing on this has actually helped me cope with some extra stress lately as these little “wins” and that satisfaction of seeing something move out of my collection gives me little bright spots between stuff like job hunting. Sorry to ramble, but thank you for this wonderful thread! Everyone has been inspiring and giving great reviews that I’m using if I ever run out of anything again. 😅

CinnamonCoffee · 13/03/2023 17:21

Omg snail juice Envy Absolutely disgusting!! Everyone loves it though so it must be good.
I had a course of tretinion about 5 years ago which seemed to work until the past 2 weeks! My skin is breaking out so bad. I seem to have cystic acne again

Experiment627 · 13/03/2023 19:37

@extrasushiplease I like your thinking behind doing a full face every day. It helps me maintain my skincare routine too.

Sorry to hear that @CinnamonCoffee - there is a lady I follow on TikTok that has been documenting her journey with cystic acne - really insightful.

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