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who has hte WORST shopping facilities locally?

188 replies

TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:19

to them

OP posts:
TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:21


OP posts:
MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:21


Following are all 25 miles from home.

dotty p
new look
ethel austin(!)
beales containing warehouse/principles/oasis

AT home I have NOTHING except a farking outdoors shop for fleeces and wellies

MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:21

(great thread)

TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:22

i thoght mil was bad in mid wales

she has to drive 20 miles to an averqage marks and spencer, a monsoon and laods of pound shops( hedreofrd)

OP posts:
Nbg · 13/06/2007 12:22

me me me.

by far.

stupidly busy town. everyone and their mother comes, can never get parked but yet cant buy any farking clothes.

If your pregnant you have to suffer. No one sells mat wear.

TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:23

we need distances mbg

OP posts:
Nbg · 13/06/2007 12:23

25 miles for me and a high chance of being mugged cos I would have to go to Darlington shudder

MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:23

Nbg has a new look and a dotty p

I have FUCKING FLEECE SHOP! i win sof ar

Lilymaid · 13/06/2007 12:24

Try Haverhill Suffolk. No bookshop and the priciest clothes shop is Dorothy Perkins. But two decent shopping centres are about 20 miles away - Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds.

Boco · 13/06/2007 12:24

I so win. I live 25 miles in any direction from a city or large town. My village has Michaels Country Lady Fashions. It's incredible. Sells the most bizarre clothes you could imagine. Lots of bias cut linen with added ruffles in unlikely places, strange raffia cloaks and pill box hats with nets and feathers. Anyone buying an outfit would come out looking like a visiting African dignatory. Or just a freak.

MaloryTowers · 13/06/2007 12:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:24

what hte hell is that link>?!

Nbg · 13/06/2007 12:24

Ooooh get me doing a link without realising!

TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:24

lol do htey sell int cake there too?
my mums family live near carnforth
that surely wins?

OP posts:
MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:24

my fleece shop beats your frilly knicker old lady shop

tissy · 13/06/2007 12:24


nearest Sainsbury's at least 20 miles away

Waitrose 40 miles away

M+S in town but useless

this place doesn't have 1 bookshop not one WH Smith sells a few books, but it doesn't count, because they don't sell any books that I would actually buy

Carmenere · 13/06/2007 12:25

Me my nearest town only has high street stores. Nothing individual, interesting, exclusive or expensive at all anywhere.

MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:25

I was in carnforth on sunday

Nbg · 13/06/2007 12:25

lol at that link!
dont know what happened there.

We do have a Fat Face but I cant justify £70 for a pair of baggy trousers.

fryalot · 13/06/2007 12:25

me, me, me, me!!!

We have a post office that is open every other Tuesday morning.

TheDaVinciCod · 13/06/2007 12:25

dont taunt them

OP posts:
MamaG · 13/06/2007 12:25

lol squonk - how far to nearest clothes shop

MaloryTowers · 13/06/2007 12:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Boco · 13/06/2007 12:27

The ladies fashions sells cake upstairs! Ties and hankies at the back, shoes to the left, cake, Indian snacks (??) and dodgy oil paintings upstairs. It's like the tiniest department store in the world.

Boco · 13/06/2007 12:27

How do you do a link without realising?

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