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Feel a right mess - can someone give some easy tips for being a well-groomed type person?

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dinny · 28/05/2007 10:45

Feel I have no time to ever get ready properly and do stuff like pluck eyebrows etc. What's your weekly maintenance routine, all groomed types?

OP posts:
noori · 04/06/2007 19:19

sure the recipe for sugaring squeeze juice of 3 lemons and use about 3 oz of sugar and half a glass of water i usually just do this the measurements are a rough guide i have done it for so long that i dont really measure so bear with me then cook this on the hob mixing it while on slow heat till it gets gloopy and sticky but be really careful cause when it is hot it can scald so take care and experiment and see how you get on.

dinny · 04/06/2007 19:21

then do what, Noori? and how long does hair have to be?

OP posts:
noori · 04/06/2007 19:26

you use this just like you would with hot wax use a wooden spatula and apply it over the area that needs doing and use cotton strips you can get these from ebay or any beauty shops,to pull away the sugaring and hair, i find it lasts longer and the hair grow back finer obviously the longer the hair the better results.

franch · 04/06/2007 20:10

Not yet dinny

Topshop spree was £100 - that's the minimum spend - you get it as a voucher (gift from DH ) and it includes a free blowdry, coffee & pastries. I did save up some extra and add to the voucher . DH came with me and it was a fab day. I bought him the same for his birthday Best present ever

Roux · 04/06/2007 20:34

Thanks for your recipe noori

will definitely have to give it a try

partimer · 04/06/2007 20:58

Franch - Have been considering a TopShop spree for a while but a bit worried I might feel a bit over the hill and also under pressure to buy ... Althouth I do like and get stuff from TopShop. Was it relatively stress free?

franch · 04/06/2007 21:02

Totally stress free. No pressure to buy (unlike Selfridges) - esp as you've already 'spent' £100 by buying a voucher. (I think you can just use the personal shopper without doing the spree thing, in which case you're not committed to buying anything - but the girl we had was lovely - can't imagine her doing hard sell.) If you already wear topshop you won't feel over the hill - our personal shopper was uber-trendy, but was spot-on with her choices for me - fresh, modern but not wacky, and a mix of things that were inside & outside my comfort zone

dinny · 04/06/2007 21:08

oooh, sounds lovely, Franch - is it just Oxford St one?

really not sure I could sugar myself - found having my legs waxed agony (lower only!)

right, just done an hour on the x-trainer (in my hr zone as remembered to put on hr monitor) then some weights and sit-ups and had a quick bath and done face - feelign very virtuous!

OP posts:
franch · 04/06/2007 21:18

i went to the oxford street one - think that's the only place they do sprees altho there are personal shoppers elsewhere - if you have a look at the website there's full info

partimer · 04/06/2007 21:32

Right - that's my birthday present sorted. DH will be keen as he's constantly bemused by my wardrobe dilemmas. Touche eclat too I think, and i'll be unrecognisible. Thanks!! After a hard day at work, this thread and a glass of wine are really doing the business ...

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