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Feel a right mess - can someone give some easy tips for being a well-groomed type person?

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dinny · 28/05/2007 10:45

Feel I have no time to ever get ready properly and do stuff like pluck eyebrows etc. What's your weekly maintenance routine, all groomed types?

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 30/05/2007 13:26

thanks - will look in boots. Beauty salon places terrify me!

Booboobedoo · 30/05/2007 13:27

LordVenger: 'That said, I think anyone with a child below the age of three is allowed to leave the house wrapped in a duvet, with egg in their hair, and be met with nothing but murmurs of "Oh, you look fabulous." '

Lor' bless you. I've got a sick 11-week old and I look like I sleep rough and wash in the McDonalds loos every few days.

And I smell of vomit.

One day I too shall have pretty toe-nails.

oliveoil · 30/05/2007 13:30

foxy - I am sure that stuff stings (eyelash dye) so maybe a salon would be best first so you don't blind yourself?

foxinsocks · 30/05/2007 13:33

oh don't tempt me olive (I am fair and tend to look like an albino rabbit without mascara)

I am strangely drawn to offers of a bag filled with tiny tubes of stuff though

could do with some more nail varnish - only have slutty red and goth-like plum left

oliveoil · 30/05/2007 13:39

nail varnishes are fab

I got a pale cream, pale pink and fock off look at me bright pink for my toes

3 of them for about £6...

I have had all my others for eons and they are all gloopy

and I have a cold and am feeling sorry for myself

so justified yes?

foxinsocks · 30/05/2007 14:23

why do they go gloopy I wonder? tis v annoying

yes, you deserve lots of treats. Are you feeling any better?

I have to go and collect a child and pass a Boots. I may just have to go in and look (though will have both children with me determined to paint each other with tester tubes).

Booboobedoo · 30/05/2007 14:36

Kep nail-polish in the fridge - stops it glooping.

dinny · 30/05/2007 18:47

right, stopped off at Boots on way home from South Bank with kids (complaining kids!) and bought a pair of exfoliating mitts and the showr and shave stuff.

also stopped in at hairdressers and booked cut and colour.

my hair is also soooo thick and even my GHDs take ages and unless I spend ages on it it still looks frizzy and bit wild. just wondering if I should have a bob cut? my hair is about collar-on length and has few layers in it - maybe should just go shorter?

OP posts:
Hideehi · 30/05/2007 20:08

I find the shorter the hair the tighter the curl, i found a bit of length made it easier to style.

bamamama · 30/05/2007 21:46

Dinny - depends how curly your hair is and how small your dc are. I had long, enormously frizzy hair which I've had cut into a shortish bob as I was sick of just tying it back. As my ds has just turned 1 I now spend my days saying "let go of mama's hair" through pain traditionally reserved for waxing. Just found this thread, it's enormously helpful. Couldn't look groomed if I tried. Ah well.

dinny · 31/05/2007 08:19

thanks Bamamama - my instincts say NT to go shorter, lol

Olivoil - woweee, just had hower with Boots mitts - thy are FABULOUS, thank you!

OP posts:
LazyWoman · 31/05/2007 14:44

I always keep a "beauty box" in the glove compartment in the car - with hairbrush & scrunchies etc., handcream, nail file & clear nail polish. If my dh is driving, I use the time to sort myself out. Also helps if my kids have to rush into the car half-dressed - which seems to happen a lot! I can tidy their hair up as well.

Tinted moisturisers are great but I always use my normal moisturiser underneath as my skin is quite dry. I bought a cheap tinted moisturiser recently and didn't like the texture. However, I mixed some up in a pot with some normal moisturiser to dilute it a bit and it now works a treat.

I have fair hair and can easily go an extra day without washing it if I rub in some baby powder and brush well. Don't think it'll work with darker hair though.

I go "au naturel" in the winter months & don't bother shaving.

If you literally only have a minute to get ready, put blusher on, put your hair up with a nice clip. Cover up scruffy clothes with a decent coat.

AliBaba40 · 31/05/2007 22:49

Fabulous, fabulous thread. I am quite resolved to Boots tomorrow and buy Touche Eclat, body mitts and all. And maybe even a dress.

I agree wholeheartedly with all those who insist on painted nails (especially toes). It always makes me feel groomed even when my hair's a mess and my clothes smeared with yoghurt. After DD was born I had a surprisingly number of compliments from people about how 'with it' I was, purely because I had painted nails!

My top tips are:

  • paint toe nails in the evening so it's absolutely rock hard before you put shoes or socks on,
  • carry a folding hairbrush and mini-deodorant (Nivea do a good one) in your handbag at all times,
  • and, to feel utterly fabulous, nothing beats a really pretty but great-fitting bra (my personal favourites are from Passionata -beautiful bras, very comfortable, reasonably priced and, best of all, they go through the washing machine without complaint!)
hotchocscot · 31/05/2007 23:26

wipe round top of nail bottles with cotton wool dampened with a dot of either nail varnish remover or surgical spirit before you close. I guarantee no stickiness!

hotchocscot · 31/05/2007 23:32

and can I add a vote for Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as vital product? bit pricey but lasts ages and turns " banshee hag chewing old vodka soaked shoe" type face into "healthy yes i slept eight hours followed by amazing sex, yoga and wheatgrass shot" type face. well, almost...tip, whack your tinted moisturiser/foundation whatever on top STRAIGHT away and you get best glow.

sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 31/05/2007 23:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oncebitten · 01/06/2007 00:22

Hmm, (have only read 70 per cent of thread) but what if u are a runner and have several toe nails missing? Any advice on that?

DD finds it hilarious, DP not so much, friends - revolting. Public... lynching?

dinny · 01/06/2007 01:26

oooh, some more tips - fab!

hmmm, the no toenail problem....paint where they should be with red varnish anyway?

I am just so pleased with my mitts - had used exfoliating brush before but the mitts are FAB - going to send my mum some!
kept looking at lovely buffed nails with clear polish on at work this evening and feeling pleased! thank you! thank you! not getting hair sorted till 19 June though! pony tail till then - let it dry curly today and it looked mad. too huge and curl (though, I have to say, not frizzy, due to Oliveoil's excellent tips)

OP posts:
lafrog · 01/06/2007 11:07

Wow I'm amazed at what everyone does. I have an almost 5 DS, a just 2 DS and am about to pop out number 3 DD (YESS!) and am studying part-time and even with part-time help I find it hard to stick to a basic routine (as in, no time in the morning and at night I just want to crash...)
I agree with doing the toes nails in red (I stick to clear or nothing on the hands), and I try and get them done as it is an excuse to get pampered and make time for me once in a while . Ditto waxing, I hate it when I end up with those pesky paper strips and wax everywhere...usually do it every 2 months in winter, 5 or 6 weeks in summer.
Always carry hand cream + tinted lip balm + face blotting paper in my purse (as well as some form of paracetamol!), a nail file, and if you have space one of those nifty folding hairbrushes can be handy too - depends on your hairstyle though.
Leave in conditioner is a good way to save time in the shower, as is a body scrub/wash (Nuxe does a very nice one) which if you do a couple times a week help keeping skin smooth. Moisturizing at night is good so it does not rub off into your clothes (plus I hate that sticky feeling!!!)
Wear rubber gloves to do the washing up...
I've just dicovered a fab Clarins product in a little red pot that hides pores and small defects on T-zone, no need for foundation - just use a sweep of powder on top and it makes a big difference. Also Nars has these "multiples" that you can use on lips eyes cheeks, very useful.
Hairdresser: I confess I finally went last week to get most of it chopped off after 18 months not going and living in pony tails (and washing once a week) it's shortish (not mannish!) and I can wash it every morning and leave it ahhhhh.....

KarWildcard · 01/06/2007 12:15

I too am stuck for time with work and 6 yr old, but always moisturize and use cream blusher (Autograph M&S, very light and natural) and mascara (Max Factor 2000 Calorie), tinted lip balm (or Juicy Tubes) and perfume, I try to keep my eyebrows reasonably tidy and use cream dep. on lip (can't find good beautician that I trust in the area) and toe nails painted, not so good at keeping finger nails painted tho. I've started using Johnson's Holiday moisturiser on my legs, but find it quite orangey -I know someone mentioned another above so will have a quick scan through. I hate using foundation or even tinted moisturizer, as it never looks even or natural on me, but my skin isn't too bad so hopefully am getting away with it.

Have a quick question - maybe I should start a new thread? Is there one moisturizer you absolutely recommend? I have really sensitive skin around my eyes, as I have psoriasis so the skin flares up at the slightest thing and get sore, itchy and dry. I've been using L'Oreal Ageperfect but my skin reacted and also to their Revitalift, so now I've swapped to Botanics for sensitive skin. I'm 42 so need something to keep the wrinkles at bay! I tend to be cynical about marketing, but would like to know if you think it's worth spending more and also is night cream worthwhile?

partimer · 01/06/2007 14:00

This is my first ever MN post, so please forgive any faux pas. Am amazed and inspired by all the grooming tips and am off to buy various products. Apparently the Neutrogena gradual tanning moisturiser stuff is really good - voted best in some magazine. I have to avoid rough patches on my knees (from too much grovelling around after children, nothing more saucy!) otherwise they turn orange, but suppose I should get one of those mitt things you're all going on about ....

jacobandlysette · 01/06/2007 14:23

i have invested in a very layered shaggy hairstyle which looks best when either only rough dried (if i can be bothered!) or left to dry on its own

and it makes my face look thinner - it's almost as hard losing the weight off my face as it is off my tummy

on the moisturiser - depends on how much you want to spend. i have a chanel one bought on boots advantage points which is great, but pricey in real money.

janeite · 01/06/2007 17:31

Hotchocscot - your description of beauty Flash Balm has made me neeeeeeeed it - now!

KarWildCard - might be worth looking at the Boots Time Delay stuff? It's really good value and pretty gentle. They often do those vouchers to get £5 off too, so you could try it without spending too much money. Otherwise - Origins is the way to go!

This thread is brilliant! Tonight I'm going to have a pampering session, slather on moisturiser, do pedicure, paint toe and finger nails and generally spoil myself. Beats watching rubbish on TV I think and hopefully dp will appreciate it when he's finished watching rubbish on TV!

janeite · 01/06/2007 17:32

Oh and hi Partimer - welcome to Mumsnet!

foxinsocks · 01/06/2007 17:34

karwildcard - I sometimes use Eucerin as a moisturiser - it's in a tub and specially formulated for dry/problem skin (I get eczema around my eyes every now and then)

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