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Feel a right mess - can someone give some easy tips for being a well-groomed type person?

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dinny · 28/05/2007 10:45

Feel I have no time to ever get ready properly and do stuff like pluck eyebrows etc. What's your weekly maintenance routine, all groomed types?

OP posts:
dinny · 29/05/2007 20:45

ooooh, loving this thread!

Oliveoil - you wash your hair evey day? and blow dry it too?

I seem stuck in a clothing rut of combats, strappy vest top of various colours and flip flops or Crocs. and hair in a tight pnytail - sooooo boring. (though still do straighten hair and wear 'proper' clothes when go to work) but this is going to change!

leg shavers who do it every morning in shower - do you shave whole leg or half?

also - am really tempted to get a Brazilian but found leg waxing sooooo painful - would I be mad to try it?

OP posts:
dinny · 29/05/2007 20:47

right, going to start definitive list of products for the speeduly-well-groomed woman.

St Tropez daily tan (?)
Touche Eclat
exfoliating mitt
luminous no. 7 stuff
shower and shave gel whatsit


OP posts:
janeite · 29/05/2007 21:02

Origins never a dull moment - exfoliator - wonderful.

Clinique long and pretty (I think) mascara - looks really natural but stops me having pig eyes.

Blusher - have only recently discovered this but it really helps to make you look as if you've tried. I'm just using a cheapo Boots one but have heard good things about Nars and Benefit.

Hair - if in a pony tail, try and do something with the top of it too, instead of just scraping it back. I'm quite liking a small quiffy type bit at the mo!

Dresses over jeans are fab - they make you look as if you've made the effort but are comfortable to wear. Try and keep them fairly fitted, rather than all those horrid smock-like things out now (unless you like that sort of thing of course!).

A nice bag can "lift" an ordinary looking outfit too.

MeAndMyMonkey · 29/05/2007 21:05

Well... I am being v generous giving you my best beauty tip ever, but what the flip, am feeling kind .

It is... drumroll... Estee Lauder daywear plus. Fab tinted moisturiser that seems compatible with most skin colours (I think it comes in different shades). Looks odd as goes onto the skin greyish, but turns into the most beautiful glow on the skin (face).

It really is superb. Pricey but lasts a long time too.
Plus always use lip balm/gloss, mascara (always!), and paint your toes. Sunglasses are good for hiding the dark circles, and if having a terrible hair day, use a big scarf or even old pair of black tights as a hairband, for that Jackie O look .

MeAndMyMonkey · 29/05/2007 21:06

PS Oh yes, as Janeite said, blusher works! Nars 'Orgasm' (ooerr) suits all.

dinny · 29/05/2007 21:07


OP posts:
MeAndMyMonkey · 29/05/2007 21:14

Always wear perfume, just for the feelgood factor if nothing else. Which one is up to you though .

danae · 29/05/2007 21:33

Message withdrawn

dinny · 29/05/2007 21:39

yes, I always do (nearly always) - just bought Sui Dreams for going out, actually, mmmmmm.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 29/05/2007 21:41

yes, wash and dry mine most days

I used to leave it to dry as it is wavy/curly but I had a choppy fringe done a few weeks ago which sticks up so I either have to pin it back or wash it

when I work, the girls leave with dh at 7.30am and I get in the shower and can be out the by 7.50pm, hair washed and dried, make up etc

on my days 'off' (ha!), I pin it back sometimes, depending on any fighting from girls

if they are behaving, I have time to dry it properly

oliveoil · 29/05/2007 21:42

bourjois blusher in brun rose (I think)

about a fiver

dinny · 29/05/2007 21:47

hmmmm, and what did you put in it when you left it dry naturally >

OP posts:
oliveoil · 29/05/2007 22:01

frizz ease cream

wash hair, towel dry, comb into position, cream on, scrunch


dries in waves, mine then goes frizzy , so I put more on at work

I have straighteners but do not have time to use them AT ALL

dinny · 29/05/2007 22:03

ooooh, haven't been wavy for ages - just have a thing about not waching hair every day as think it'll make it dry. though would love to wash it every day as just lurve having clean hair. God, I am so sad!

do you tip head upsidedown and scrunch?

OP posts:
oliveoil · 29/05/2007 22:08


Dottydot · 29/05/2007 22:12

I've kind of smartened up my act a bit this year and am a bit more well groomed.

I wash, dry and straighten my hair every day (sometimes give it a day off the straighteners at the weekend). Doesn't take long but makes me feel uber-glamorous so is worth it.

Eye liner and mascara definitely. When I had conjuncitivitis the other week, everyone at work thought I was dying because I looked so bloody awful without eye make up...

One very sad Bree-type tip - I put my clothes in colour order so it's really easy to pick stuff out that matches. I recently put dp's clothes in colour order as well and she thought I was bonkers.

Dottydot · 29/05/2007 22:13

Aussie moist shampoo and conditioner is wonderful - as is their spray on leave in conditioner, which I was very sceptical about before using but it's brilliant. So no dry hair even when it's been messed around with every day.

dinny · 29/05/2007 22:14

thanks OO and Dotty.

I totally sorted out clothes yesterday (inspired by this thread) and have banned all dh's stuff from messing up my clothes rail. it looks ace and all neat and ordered now.

OP posts:
MeAndMyMonkey · 29/05/2007 22:17

Confession time - I only wash my (wavy, used to be thick ) hair once a week.
And nobody would ever guess (unless they are all lying to me, the swines).

foxinsocks · 29/05/2007 22:26

ooh Frizz Ease stuff works miracles on my hair (very fine, tends towards that annoying sticky uppy flyaway look - sort of hedgehog like)- I agree with oo.

I wonder what the hell I did without it.

Where do you get stuff to dye your eyelashes yourself (and does it work)? Would love to dye mine black so I don't have to faff with mascara all the time.

dinny · 29/05/2007 22:26

Foxinsocks - dunno, Boots?

OP posts:
elsieanjoanne · 29/05/2007 23:31

fox it costs bout four-8quid at beauty salon an that lasts good cpl months so bargain an no faffin!

oliveoil · 30/05/2007 08:56

may I also rec this dry shampoo?

for when you need to wash your hair but you do not have time (like this morning, grrrr?)

I know I am linking lots of stuff but I only buy them on offers, 3 for 2 etc

am not product queen!

anniemac · 30/05/2007 09:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

anniemac · 30/05/2007 09:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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