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Share your tips for maintaining an organised laundry space - £200 voucher to be won

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MaddyMumsnet · 02/10/2023 10:35

Life can get hectic, especially with a busy family. We want to hear about your organisation hacks, stylish laundry space setups, or genius storage solutions you've come up with to keep everything in order. 

  • Post your items/challenges/tips/photos in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice.

Here’s what LG has to say: 
“The new innovative WashTower from LG looks to reinvent the way parents view laundry. With its sleek and innovative design, the WashTower can discreetly sit in the corner of a laundry room and add a touch of elegance without taking up too much space. Controllable through the LG ThinQ app, with new features such Smart Pairing where clothes will be washed and dried at the optimal cycle, the WashTower is the perfect appliance for a Smarter home.”  

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Share your tips for maintaining an organised laundry space - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
sharond101 · 02/10/2023 19:28

We bought an eco friendly heat pump tumble dryer. It's my life saver!

Dizzywizz · 03/10/2023 18:07

having As many things connected to the Alexa hub as possible

buckley1983 · 03/10/2023 21:15

We struggle for space at home - so have maximised the space under the boiler to hide the dirty laundry from sight (& prevent a tripping hazard!) Imagine my delight when I found a basket that fitted that space PERFECTLY!
If anyone has any top tips for drying their laundry in the winter (want to avoid using tumble dryer whenever possible!) I will be eagerly following this thread!! :D

EachPeachPearNectarine · 04/10/2023 19:41

Everyone has a basket in their room, and a load is done per person - saves all the time sorting out whose stuff is whose from mixed loads.

BristolMum96 · 04/10/2023 19:49

Always baskets. Colour coded Wink

ShowOfHands · 04/10/2023 19:52

I don't have a laundry space. I don't even have a tumble dryer. Sometimes I hang wet washing from every available surface and then stand in the rain so that nobody can see me crying over the fucking laundry.

Is that the sort of hack/tip you mean?

Beabeautiful · 05/10/2023 12:07

A couple of laundry baskets for colours and whites, and a rota for changing the sheets on the beds.

DinkyDaffodil · 05/10/2023 13:15

Buy a dehumidifier for your home to speed up the drying process, and avoid dampness around your home.

ButterOllocks · 05/10/2023 15:05

A stacking washer and dryer was certainly helpful - made space for my washing baskets - when dry I would fold and put away towels on one, bedding in another, and if they are hot enough out of the dryer fold clothes and they need little or no ironing.

ohdannyboy · 05/10/2023 15:07

My tip is to put socks and tights into a laundry bag prior to washing - makes sorting the laundry a lot easier - plus use a colour catcher for any escaped dye.

Mum78920 · 05/10/2023 15:15

Second buying dehumidifiers for drying washing.
My challenge is finding a tumble dryer that fits into the small space I have

HobNobAddict · 05/10/2023 16:49

A heated airer is a game changer for me - as I have a washer drier to save space - but the dryer has a smaller capacity - so the towels go on the airer overnight and are dry in the morning - costs pennies to run

JulesJules · 05/10/2023 17:24

I used to have a combi washer/dryer, but having a separate dryer is a lifesaver, makes so much difference.

My Sock hack is - get all the same type of school sock for the DC, get all the same plain black socks for DH and never pair socks ever again

billybear · 05/10/2023 20:45

do extra spin on washer comes out a lot dryer, evan on a wet day i spread on indoor clothes airer, by teatime its quite dry with no heat on, tumble dryer any i can doesnt take long partly dry,the rest spread on an airer right near a radiator,when heating on a short time for showers it dryes some more, i still put on outside washing line if i can it all helps

DuranNotSpandeau · 05/10/2023 21:03

I always wash a load early am, to use as much warmth/daylight for drying as posdible. Also do an extra spin if it's raining or too cold/damp for washing to dry, then use airers set up by windows that will get sun all afternoon.

I have heard, but haven't tried yet, that if you have an extractor in your bathroom, clothes will dry on an airer if you leave the extractor on because it will take the moisture out of the air (and the washing) a lot quicker, and apparently that's still cheaper than using a tumble dryer for an hour. No idea if it's one of those tips that's actually a load of crap in practice though.

aibutohavethisusername · 06/10/2023 03:32

We live in a small flat with no room for a tumble drier so we have an airer & a dehumidifier.

Birdbaby · 06/10/2023 07:46

Put a wash on when I go to bed - get it out 1st thing to give max drying time.
fold it as soon as I take it in so less ironing.
have two washing lines - rotary for summertime when I know it will dry easily and a long one that goes the length of the garden for autumnal
days when I am relying on the wind to dry it - also have a really long post to i can prop it up
nice and high. Also good for when we are back from holiday and have loads os washing I can use both.
also use an airer that’s on wheels so on days when I’m not sure if it will rain or not I use that as I can just wheel it in quickly. I also use it to wheel the drying clothes from room to room
depending on where the sun is.
I have a rail between the two cupboards in the utility room for extra drying on hangers.
now that my children are older I literally only buy black socks - so easy to pair up.
i also go through the washing basket at night as my girls have a tendency to pick up
all clothes in their room and pop in the basket - this will include clothes worn for one hour ! So I take them out, hang them on the bannister to give them an air and back they go. Sometimes I even take them downstairs and put on their laundry pile so they think they have been washed!
i also buy cheap washing powder (aldi) but then use Fairy or Lenor for a nice smell - this could be false economy but makes me feel
better then buying two expensive products.
i actually really enjoy doing the laundry, good job as there is 5 of us! Maybe I need more in my life.

Hedgesgalore · 06/10/2023 09:19

Everyone has their own laundry basket in their room. I do one persons washing when its full.

To avoid sorting as much as possible and make the most of dry weather, I have multiple baskets for pegging out, each load has its own basket which I then iron. I have space to store the baskets until I have chance to iron.

Whites get their own basket and separate wash.
Woollens get a separate wash. For those I use the eco egg thing.

Bedding gets done once a week, I can fit 2 kingsize sets of bedding in each wash but have 6 beds to do some weeks 🙄

Towels get done separately.

Work shirts get done separately.

For drying I mainly use my rotary which is the biggest one I could get. My tumbler has a heat pump which does the bedding, towels and smalls if its raining, I never tumble clothes. I have a sheila's maid as I have a high ceiling in the back kitchen so I put tops/shirts etc on hangers and dry them up there. I can get more on if they are on hangers.
Trousers, jeans and joggers get put on my heated airer and plonked in front of the aga, this dries them over night. I also "iron" my bedding by putting it on the aga simmering plate, it needs a good folding and moving about every so often but that's my biggest cheat.

My set up is that I have my washing machine and tumbler next to each other (the doors open the opposite way) so I can easily unload into the tumbler. There is a good amount of work surface for folding and sorting socks/underwear. I store my baskets there and my Fastpress which is by far the best purchase I've made as it saves time and energy when I iron. Its bulky but I forgive it as it makes my life so much easier. Above there are wall cupboards which store my washing powder supplies, then above that my sheila's maid.

I buy tesco non bio washing powder. Stopped using fabric softener, I use soda crystals instead and put in a small amount of zoflora. The eco egg for woollens.

LadyFuchsiaGroan · 06/10/2023 09:36

I have baskets for different wash colours, I try to fill the machine before I put a wash on, unless we start running out of school shirts!

confusedanonn · 06/10/2023 09:39

Having my tumble drier in the garage... washing out of sight out of mind 😂

nobabiesyet · 06/10/2023 11:03

Every one has a colour scheme eg: white towels are H's, and a coloured basket. I try and do a load at least every other day. H has lots of black socks that don't need to be matched to a set. I hand up lots of clothes after washing to avoid ironing.

IncaAztec · 06/10/2023 11:10

My main hack is to wash overnight, hang out during the day and put away in the evening. Never miss a day, apart from New Year's Day "If you wash clothes on New Year's Day, you wash someone away".

CelticPromise · 06/10/2023 11:23

Three baskets- dark, light, other.
If it's dry and I'm available to hang it out- strip the beds or wash towels.
Heated airer.

lillypopdaisyduke · 06/10/2023 11:47

Have a basket for darks and lights, use pods - I find they are more economical than dosing - use a drying ball in your tumble dryer, and if you have space a heated airer or dehumidifier is the way to go for cheaper overnight drying.

Winter2020 · 06/10/2023 12:11

In winter when you can't rely on the weather and will need to tumble and hang a few things round the house only do one load a day so the amount of stuff drying round the house isn't more than you can manage.

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