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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl

168 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 09/06/2020 11:14

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Even if we usually don’t, most of us tend to start paying attention to our feet when sandal season rolls around. However, foot care routines can be something that it’s easy to neglect, particularly if you’re not going anywhere for anyone to see them. With that in mind, Scholl would like to hear about your foot care routines and tips, and how they might have changed during lockdown.

Here’s what Scholl has to say: “The lockdown has meant more of us have been staying at home. And while we’re not out and about on our feet as much as usual, it can certainly feel like we are around the house, meaning our feet still need to be looked after. With this in mind, Scholl would like to learn more about how the lockdown has changed or impacted your footcare routines and any tricks or tips you have.”

Do you have a relaxed attitude to taking care of your feet, or is giving yourself a pedicure one of your favourite ways to relax and enjoy some me time? How has lockdown affected your foot care routine? Have you found you have more time to pay attention to them? Or less time while juggling the demands of work, home education and home life? Perhaps despite sandal season arriving you’re not paying attention to them because nobody except your children and other half sees your feet during lockdown?

Whatever your foot care tips and routines, share them with Scholl below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl
OP posts:
fishnships · 10/07/2020 16:37

Keep a pot of peppermint foot moisturiser by the bed for those days when you've done a lot of walking. Helps you sleep, too.

jitterbugintomybrain · 10/07/2020 16:56

Regular pedicure pre-Covid.

burwellmum · 12/07/2020 11:29

I am trying to avoid having bunion surgery so the most important thing is to be careful when buying shoes. Comfort has to rule over appearance.

Ashton08 · 12/07/2020 19:39

Im loving the new foot masks that you can get.
Leave your feet feeling soft and smooth xx

caravandreamer · 13/07/2020 01:56

Don't wear socks to often as causes sweaty feet, don't wear bare feet too much as causes dryness, moisturise weekly, cut nails short, clean out nail cuticles with nail clipper tool so the nails grow straight and never ever try to fix a ingrowing toe nail yourself it will go 100× worse Blush yep lesson learnt !!

Catapultme · 13/07/2020 17:20

Slather moisturiser on, thick socks, off to bed

joleyn · 13/07/2020 18:45

I slather on loads of moisturiser after a bath and then put on thick socks overnight. Helps keep my feet soft.

sharond101 · 13/07/2020 19:03

Footner socks!

sparkle58 · 13/07/2020 21:46

I always dry my feet with a hairdryer to make sure they’re properly dry between the toes and prevent fungus infections, seems to work!

CordeliaScott · 14/07/2020 07:39

I can't stand anyone touching my feet. I wear good quality shoes, keep my nails short and clean and intermittently use a heel balm if I remember.

Ttcbabybennett · 14/07/2020 18:28

Definitely the most important thing is regular / semi regular foot rubs from a loved one! My husband is even kind enough to do the pumace stone for me! It’s important to have e right fittings shoes and soles as the biggest challenge to avoid dry skin/ hard bits! I love doing nail art on my toes, it’s made me not hate my feet and then in turn from that I actually look after them better with moisturisers and exfoliants

SweetPeaPods · 14/07/2020 20:59

I don't really have a routine, maybe I should have one.
Regular foot rubs from DH with plenty of body butter seems to help though.

buckley1983 · 14/07/2020 21:35

I really try to take good care of my feet - but my heels are horrendous! It doesn't help that I am constantly wandering around the garden barefoot, but in the summer it's such an effort to keep putting shoes on & taking them off when you are constantly in & out!
The best thing I have found which has helped is to rub my heels/feet with a gentle footfile, soak them in warm water for 15 mins or so, wrap them in a towel, slather them in vaseline & then put thick socks on & sleep in them if possible!

EvilHerbivore · 15/07/2020 00:11

I don't really do any foot care routine other than comfy shoes - my high heel days are over and I'm really grumpy if my feet hurt so I'm all about comfort over style these days

KarenCBC · 15/07/2020 07:45

For some reason I get really hard skin on just one of my heels and pumice just won’t cut it. I’ve bought a scholl battery operated file and it seems to slowly being taking care of it

Justtrying · 15/07/2020 09:20

In normal times I'd have a pedicure regularly, but over lock down it's had to be self care. Footspa comes out occasionally, otherwise it's a pumice in the shower. Can wait to get back to the salon soon.

Redruby25 · 15/07/2020 11:23

Used to have regular Pedi's, before Covid, is that cheating 😁 with lovely sparkly gel polish.
Then in between I would use, as I still do an electric hard skin remover which is great, bought it for £15 and had it a couple of years now, and it is rechargeable. And always make sure I moisturise my feet afterwards. I also use Palmers body scrub on them, which is lovely. And a trim of the nails. 😊

aynsleyred · 15/07/2020 13:07

I’ve been applying moisturiser to my feet before every bedtime. They’ve gradually become so much softer, I’ve really noticed the difference when waking barefoot around the house.

TheQueenOfTheNight · 15/07/2020 13:40

Showers are great, but the occasional bath helps exfoliate skin and make it easier to use a foot file.
Well-made footwear is worth the price.

ailsasheldon · 15/07/2020 14:44

Too much running because of covid anxiety has given me plantar fasciitis so I now have. A golf ball as my best friend. Desperately in need of a pedicure! Love a foot cream at night

kennythekangaroo · 15/07/2020 15:48

Footner once a year and a good foot cream on my heels.

Coffeemummy123 · 15/07/2020 17:47

Wash feet daily while bathing or showering. Apply cream after. Feet rarely need an intense soak/scrub!

wellingtonsandwaffles · 15/07/2020 23:41

I have to tend to my toenails after regular long runs! Occasionally treat myself with a soak in moisturiser overnight. Nail varnish makes me feel better about my whole self.

StickChildNumberTwo · 23/07/2020 21:31

I'm supposed to have a foot care routine? Oh well, failed on that one!

mummyuk86 · 25/07/2020 20:16

Every month I soak my feet in warm soapy water and take off any hard skin. During the summer I sometimes do it twice a month.
I also make sure that I always have nail varnish on my toes when my feet are on show.

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