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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl

168 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 09/06/2020 11:14

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Even if we usually don’t, most of us tend to start paying attention to our feet when sandal season rolls around. However, foot care routines can be something that it’s easy to neglect, particularly if you’re not going anywhere for anyone to see them. With that in mind, Scholl would like to hear about your foot care routines and tips, and how they might have changed during lockdown.

Here’s what Scholl has to say: “The lockdown has meant more of us have been staying at home. And while we’re not out and about on our feet as much as usual, it can certainly feel like we are around the house, meaning our feet still need to be looked after. With this in mind, Scholl would like to learn more about how the lockdown has changed or impacted your footcare routines and any tricks or tips you have.”

Do you have a relaxed attitude to taking care of your feet, or is giving yourself a pedicure one of your favourite ways to relax and enjoy some me time? How has lockdown affected your foot care routine? Have you found you have more time to pay attention to them? Or less time while juggling the demands of work, home education and home life? Perhaps despite sandal season arriving you’re not paying attention to them because nobody except your children and other half sees your feet during lockdown?

Whatever your foot care tips and routines, share them with Scholl below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl
OP posts:
moonbells · 18/06/2020 16:04

I have foot files to keep on top of the rough skin, keep nails short so I don't accidentally stab myself or DH with them, and always buy shoes to fit rather than only because I like them. I have wider feet than normal and one is a full half size smaller, and so if I find some footwear that is comfy I usually buy two pairs.

I do still get calluses if I'm not careful, though only got corns in my student days when fashion was more of a driver than comfort!

claza93 · 18/06/2020 19:19

No routine as such as just don't have time! I keep my nails short as I like to run. Once in a while I treat myself to a pedicure

biffyboom · 18/06/2020 19:33

I have to file the balls of my feet and heel edges as I have thick hard skin on them, the skin on the balls of my feet started going hard from being about 12yrs old.
I use a combination of MicroPedi and various foot files or Emery boards to remove the skin and get them smooth, then a Flexitol foot mousse. I only do my feet properly about once every 3 weeks, although I keep meaning to do it at least twice a week, but I do use body moisturiser on them almost daily when I do the rest of my body.

fleapriest · 18/06/2020 23:28

I use the scholl velvet roller every week, followed by a boots own brand foot cream and then I put cling film on my feet.
I get the occasional foot rub with oil from my partner and every 3 months or so I'll use a footner.
I hate the feeling of dry cracked skin and even worse when you can feel it on the carpet, so it's one job I keep up to.

Would really like my toenails painted properly now though!

Mitcholiver · 19/06/2020 07:05

I have to admit my feet are neglected more than ever at the moment!! With 3 primary children to home school, juggling my job and the home environment getting a moment to yourself is impossible!! Although writing this now is making me think I should at least paint my nails!!

alwaysataldi · 19/06/2020 15:41

I keep the hard skin filed down with my PedEgg, moisturise and keep my nails trimmed.

Natah · 19/06/2020 18:05

I do a weekly file, buff and moisturise, plus a thin line of white varnish across the top of the toenails looks fab!

minceandpotatoes · 20/06/2020 06:58

I've been using the Cetraben, that my daughter used to use for her eczema, on my feet after reading (I think on another Mumsnet thread!) that it was good for dry skin on your heels. It does feel lovely and makes my feet feel soft. I try to remember to put it on whenever I'm going to be sitting with my feet up for a while, such as when watching a tv programme or having a zoom meeting.

Nanasueathome · 20/06/2020 11:57

I use a ped egg every few days and also have a Margaret Dabbs foot file
My feet were really dry and in need of lots of attention
I use Margaret Dabbs cracked heel balm and also the foot hygiene cream to help
Like to soak my feet and then pamper them

Eli2020 · 20/06/2020 14:27

I love looking after my feet! I do a full foot routine at least once a week all year round. I use my Scholl Express Pedi, then use a pumice stone and then a foot file and then use a foot cream ... currently have 4 on the go 🤓 I use a different one depending on what time of the day I do this (a bit excessive I know) but some are greaser than others and I prefer to use the greasier ones before bed as I'm then less slippery 🙈

lymphopenia · 20/06/2020 18:51

I used a Chanel body cream to keep my feet soft and sweet smelling after a shower

I also regularly trim and paint my own toe nails, I try and do it about once a month to prevent the nail varnish chipping.

I sometimes use a pumice stone but haven't in a while.

I take shoe shopping really seriously as I'm always getting blisters so try to wear in shoes appropriately before going for long walks - I find compeed blister plasters are excellent and quality shoes especially sandals make all the difference.

ChaoticCatling · 20/06/2020 20:44

I go barefoot around the house and garden and wear 'barefoot' shoes when I go out. They have space for my toes so they don't get squashed and they have a thin flexible sole so my feet can move naturally when I walk. My feet are strong and I never experience pain, even after a 10 mile walk at the weekend.

User8989 · 21/06/2020 12:43

Footner every few months

lolly2010 · 21/06/2020 13:04

I keep my feet clean, trim my nails regularly but I do love some nail varnish when wearing sandals in the summer.

gemima27 · 22/06/2020 09:17

I am very lax! Keep nails trimmed and painted basically and apply cream after getting out the shower and about once a week at night and then wear socks to help it soak in.

Gazelda · 22/06/2020 09:28

Foot file and lovely rich body butter. Especially during flip flop season!

I've always thought myself naked without a g pedi during summer, but have left my toes this year and they look ok. I put cuticle oil on regularly and tidy the cuticles.

Thistly · 22/06/2020 12:31

Hi lockdown has been great for my feet!
Wearing shoes only for outdoors and just going around in socks/ bare feet has meant less aching feet.

I remove dead skin in the bath to avoid it building up, cut nails and wear cotton rich socks to avoid excess sweating.

littlealexhorne · 22/06/2020 13:38

I just try to keep them nice and moisturised, and I usually like to paint my toenails nice bright colours too.

Alo2019 · 22/06/2020 14:32

Love a good soak once or twice a week and pumice stone my heels. Then I cream them with peppermint cooling cream. Then clean my cuticles cut nails and put nail polish on only light colours as it stains my nails x

Wilberforce1 · 22/06/2020 16:24

My feet need serious help and I don't know what to use! My heels are dry and cracked, I can sort the dryness but it's the cracking I can't get under control. They look so awful I can't wear my beloved flip flops!

MonetManet · 22/06/2020 17:04

I use this Electric foot file
Followed by a foot cream. It’s done wonders for my feet!

lockdownalli · 22/06/2020 18:19

Night time Scholl foot cream before bed three or four times a week.

Newtons chiropody sponge about once a month.

Footner once a year.

theneverendinglaundry · 22/06/2020 19:54

I keep the nails short, and put coconut oil on them at night. Regular use of a pumice stone keeps my heels smooth.

nevernotstruggling · 22/06/2020 20:34

I would never wear sandals unless my toe nails were painted.

Baby oil rubbed into cuticles on toes makes the skin on your toes look much better and it take a tiny pea sized drop to acheived it!

CornishTiger · 22/06/2020 22:36

Zero routine but when needed use CCS foot cream and a pair of cotton foot socks.

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