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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl

168 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 09/06/2020 11:14

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Even if we usually don’t, most of us tend to start paying attention to our feet when sandal season rolls around. However, foot care routines can be something that it’s easy to neglect, particularly if you’re not going anywhere for anyone to see them. With that in mind, Scholl would like to hear about your foot care routines and tips, and how they might have changed during lockdown.

Here’s what Scholl has to say: “The lockdown has meant more of us have been staying at home. And while we’re not out and about on our feet as much as usual, it can certainly feel like we are around the house, meaning our feet still need to be looked after. With this in mind, Scholl would like to learn more about how the lockdown has changed or impacted your footcare routines and any tricks or tips you have.”

Do you have a relaxed attitude to taking care of your feet, or is giving yourself a pedicure one of your favourite ways to relax and enjoy some me time? How has lockdown affected your foot care routine? Have you found you have more time to pay attention to them? Or less time while juggling the demands of work, home education and home life? Perhaps despite sandal season arriving you’re not paying attention to them because nobody except your children and other half sees your feet during lockdown?

Whatever your foot care tips and routines, share them with Scholl below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share their foot care tips and routines with Scholl
OP posts:
blackleggingsandatshirt · 14/06/2020 09:13

I walk a LOT and have lots of hard skin on the ball of my foot, which needs to be kept undercontrol - so I use a pumice in the bath when my skin is soft, cut my toe nails every 10 days or so, and use some peppermint oil to moisturise.

gingerbreadslice · 14/06/2020 11:39

I don't follow a routine as such but I do love a good heavy foot cream and a red polish on the toes

ButterflyOfFreedom · 14/06/2020 12:55

Wash them every day making sure I dry them properly then moisturize them.
I do use specific foot cream if my dry skin flares up
I also keep me nails clean & short.
And obviously change my socks daily!

APeakyBlinder · 14/06/2020 21:20

I soak my feet when DC are in the bath (multitasking and they don't seem to mind!) then foot scalpel to get rid of any hard skin, followed by file to smooth it and moisturiser- do this about once a week . Start of summer I do a peel, gets them baby soft and ready for sandals!

lorka · 15/06/2020 11:04

A foot peel is great and I moisturise my feet morning and night. Smile

SillyMoomin · 15/06/2020 12:19

try to use a pumice stone on them once a week - lockdown means I've been walking barefoot a lot at home, which whilst I love doing, does tend to really harden my soles and make them peel and chip!
So coconut oil at night and a massage from DH when I can persuade him!

MrsBobDylan · 15/06/2020 13:06

I inherited desert feet from my Dad, they are a barren land where no moisture dares go.

I have launched a full scale attack on them during lockdown. I file them after my daily shower, put Scholl foot softening cream on twice a day and have accepted I will never wear sandals again because they dry my feet out. The biggest shame is I finally have lovely feet, worth showing off.

TimeWastingButFun · 15/06/2020 15:38

Foot spa with oils once a week, battery operated exfoliator and Shea butter moisturiser. Keep the nails clean and short but always paint them.

Pinkbunny2811 · 15/06/2020 16:32

Peppermint foot cream, really soothes the tired swollen feet after a long day at work. Works best coupled with a foot massage from my partner Grin

NudgeUnit · 15/06/2020 16:49

I'm constitutionally unsuited to spending hours lavishing care on my feet so some of these routines sound a bit much to me. I wash my feet, trim my nails and wear comfortable shoes. Boring but effective. And cheap. Smile

theAntsareMyFriends · 15/06/2020 21:06

We soaked my DS's feet in salt water to get rid of a verruca and noticed his feel were generally looking better. We now have all tried a weekly salt soak and have noticed our toe nails look healthier and dry skin seems reduced.

ShowerOfShite · 15/06/2020 21:16

I use a Newton's chiropody sponge and then some O'Keefes foot cream. Should do them more often as my feet get so very dry. Have finally got rid of fungal infection I can wear sandals again.

emilybrontescorsett · 15/06/2020 21:21

My dh used a foot file on my feet. When I remember I use O'keefs foot cream.

Flapdoodles · 16/06/2020 19:30

I use a Newton's chiropody sponge and give myself a foot pamper every so often, usually when I feel my feet are looking dry. I haven't done this in ages though, I have rubbed some lotion into my feet but that's about it. I really should do it more often. I need to paint my toe nails too.

Caoilainn · 16/06/2020 19:42

My partner before lockdown used to have a foot massage and have all the flakey dry skin taken off each month. I'm sure it has a name but don't know what it is!
Since then I've been delegated to rub moisturiser in most night and give a foot massage. It hurts my hands though so looking forward to when the foot lady reopens! I used to think it was expensive but it's worth it if I don't have to!

BeneathTheMilkyTwilight · 16/06/2020 23:53

I use a foot file and Flexitol weekly. If I leave it longer than that i get a lot of hard skin. Since lockdown I've had more time to paint my nails which is one positive I guess? Nobody really sees them but it cheers me up anyway.

CheeryCherry · 17/06/2020 00:38

I’ve always had dry skin so after every bath or shower I smother my feet in body butter, I’ve never had a problem with the skin on my feet. Good fitting shoes help too. No difference during lockdown as I’ve worked all the hours I can, my feet are fine, but I’m exhausted!

jan9876 · 17/06/2020 07:07

I just exfoliate in the bath once a week, moisturise, and I have discovered moisturising heel socks, which I use every so often (once a fortnight) to get rid of cracked heels!

BuddingHolly · 17/06/2020 07:11

A foot file maybe once every two weeks and occasionally cracked heel cream. Always have painted nails which I re-do when it starts to chip. Pretty much the same routine as usual so it hasn’t changed for lockdown. (Even though I’m not out and about so much, I’m spending a lot of time barefoot in the house and in sandals in the garden because of the weather so I’m seeing as much of my feet as usual!)

CakeCakeCake21 · 17/06/2020 12:31

I have been suffering from fungal infections in my nails for the last few years so have been avoiding sandals - this is the first year where they don't look completely disgusting (after taking medication, the topical liquids etc had no effect at all). I have not found I have more time to use the various pumice stones and things I have acquired over the years, as ever I keep meaning to get them out and never do. One thing is I have been living in sandals and ballet flats, with an occasional foray into trainers, so I don't know how happy my feet will be to go back into work shoes when I have to do that.

Ylark79 · 17/06/2020 17:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flowerpower32 · 18/06/2020 06:43

Going barefoot lots as I am working from home. Not sure if this is a good thing or not!

feejee · 18/06/2020 09:21

I cant say I really do any sort of foot care routine. Just trim my nails as and when needed and occasionally will use a foot mask/clay if im having an hours pamper

jacqui5366 · 18/06/2020 10:28

Picking up mini beanbags with my toes !

UnicornsForLife · 18/06/2020 15:50

I like to use a good foot cream before bed and sleep in cotton socks for smoother feet.

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