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Mumsnet users tell Dove how they introduce a self-care routine to teenagers

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EllieMumsnet · 19/10/2018 08:59


Before puberty hits, body odour isn't really a thing - ah remember the joy of rarely washing hair, not thinking about the comparative benefits of soap and bodywash, and being utterly ignorant of the verb 'to exfoliate'? - but all too soon that comes to an end. Trying to introduce a self-care routine for the first time to your children can be a tricky subject to navigate, which is why Dove would love to know your experiences and tips for how to have the conversation with your teenagers and how you went about picking products for them e.g. deodorant.

Here’s what Dove has to say: “At Dove we know that you want to give the best support to your teenagers as they go through the emotional, physical and hormonal changes of puberty. It can be a sensitive time and your relationship with them goes through changes too. They still need their parents’ care – just a different kind of care to when they were younger, one that spans both practical help and emotional support. We are interested in hearing how you approach conversations about introducing a self-care routine with your teenagers, especially when it comes to deodorants and body odour.”

Did you have conversations with your DC as and when body and hormonal changes were occuring? Perhaps you did a lot of research into trying to find the right products for your child to use? If you found any great products, such as the perfect deodorant, please do share them! What age was your child when you first started to have conversations about self-care with them? How did you bring it up?

However you introduced a self-care routine to your DC and whatever products you bought/used, share them on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one winner will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Mumsnet users tell Dove how they introduce a self-care routine to teenagers
OP posts:
SimplyPut · 19/10/2018 09:35

I foolishly thought £££ was the answer so I showered DD with dermilogica face products. After too much faff, teenage laziness and money down the drain we now all use Dove derma series face was for dry skin. Stocked up in the USA but running low and can't find a uk stockist?

Definitely the best product as so easy to use daily.
Also use dove invisible dry deodorant as gentle but tough...teenagers need something strong!

asuwere · 19/10/2018 09:39

I don't think it is a big discussion as its gradual. Obviously we teach washing from an early age and when we first starting mentioning puberty, we spoke about how hygiene becomes more important. DS1 started using deodorant when he went on a school residential trip - he picked it based on the look of the bottle!

LARLARLAND · 19/10/2018 09:43

It’s really hard because they don’t really appreciate how much their bodies have changed. When they get older and want to make themselves attractive to potential girlfriends/boyfriends they do then appreciate the need for self care so it’s the time in between that I think is tricky.
I have found that a lot of the most suitable products seem too grown up at that stage. They are still children after all. Anything with a strong fruity sweet scent really seems to appeal to them. They are more likely to use a cleanser if it smells strongly of coconut or strawberries. I haven’t seen much in the way of packaging which targets this in between stage. I think there is a big gap in the market.

BristolMum96 · 19/10/2018 10:33

My DC is not at this age yet but when the time comes I intend to go through things as and when. She will see all the products I use already in the bathroom and we can go shopping for fun teen branded versions (I'm sure it's all the same content but they get interested with targeted packaging)

Theimpossiblegirl · 19/10/2018 10:34

It's been a gradual process as they have gone through puberty. They have had to get used to showering more often and washing hair more frequently. Good skincare routines are also key.
Both my girls are very into make up but also love face masks, creams etc.
They are better than me at cleansing and moisturising.

Treaclespongeandcustard · 19/10/2018 10:48

Buy nice toiletries and make them feel special. Share your favourite things and help them to chose their own.

TheSmallAssassin · 19/10/2018 11:52

Exfoliation is not "self care". Keep your body clean, put good things in it, keep active, don't listen to people or companies who tell you you must use this product or do this routine to be acceptable, it's just a way to keep you in your place and make you spend your money.

GMFLondon · 19/10/2018 12:00

The 11 year old in my family is already pretty self-conscious about his appearance, and his little sister, 8 next month, copies everything he does. So I don't think this is going to be an issue. For his birthday he asked for Minions bubblebath! We already use mainly Dove Derma-series so when the spots stage starts, we'll get him some of his own - to stop little sister using all his things, we've got a labelling system.

del2929 · 19/10/2018 12:29

did the basic introduction of keeping smells away- b.o
supplied with tons of anti perspirants

Chocolatecake12 · 19/10/2018 12:32

My eldest ds is 16 now and has got himself into a great routine now but at the start it was tricky trying to find the right products. I was surprised to find there’s not a teenage range of skincare and deodorants. He went straight to adult stuff but sensitive skin care. He’s got quite spotty skin bless him and we’ve tried so many face scrubs, face washes and peels.

Mountainsoutofmolehills · 19/10/2018 13:32

Scrub your back and you'll have hardly any spots! Use sugar and soap to exfoliate. make your own lotions, masks, read the ingredients, a lot of it is packaging seduction. Nothing beats a scrub and then a honey mask. You have to find your own routine.....

TwoGinScentedTears · 19/10/2018 13:37

I buy all the different stuff (from dermalogica and nip and fab to Superdrug's on make cleansers) and we try them all out. We always spend 15 minutes at bed time chatting together and cleansing.

elizaco · 19/10/2018 13:44

I think it is something that naturally happens - as their peers have more and more influence they become more self aware. Asking before each shopping trip if there are any toiletries they need and trial and error with various products.

voyager50 · 19/10/2018 14:33

He's not got to this age yet either but I will make sure we start to tell him about personal hygiene before he needs to start using deodorant etc.

I think his dad will be the best person to talk to him about body changes but before they are likely to happen so he is prepared and doesn't worry about what is going on.

Littlemissadequate · 19/10/2018 14:41

Any teacher knows the heady cocktail of teenage body odour and over powerful perfumes! Teenagers can be lazy and think it’s easy to cut corners. Spritz your body with Lynx no need for a shower! Equals extra time in bed!
As with most things in life encourage with praise....your hair is so shiny! The bathroom smells so lovely after your shower! I love your minty breath! I keep our bathroom well stocked with kind to skin, subtle scented, inexpensive products. Dove fits the bill perfectly.

FekkoTheLawyer · 19/10/2018 14:50

DS has a choice of toiletries (Dove is forbidden in the house). He loves korres and Neals Yard so I bulk buy when it's on special offer. He smells rather good for a sporty teen.

I have switched his stinky synthetic sports clothes for natural fibres too.

nixso29 · 19/10/2018 15:30

My 12year old SD has always loved to watch me applying makeup and doing my hair and always asks about all the different products I use for my hair and skin. All of mine are left out in the bathroom for her to use as she wishes. She has recently started high school and the main topic of conversation seems to be spots! So I explained to her that a good skincare routine and regular hair washing are really important to keep them at bay. It seems to have done the trick, can't get into the bathroom most mornings now!

hiddenmichelle · 19/10/2018 15:36

I tell mine how lovely they smell when they have just had a bath/shower. And I also buy nice deodorants and leave them on full view in the bathroom and in their bedroom - they may get used!

mumontherun14 · 19/10/2018 16:02

My sporty son (14) has a shower when he comes home each night from training and I've stocked the bathroom up with skincare products, male shower gel, deoderant etc.His skin can be a bit spotty so we've picked ones that are gentle for his skin and he is using them and its improving. Before he leaves the house he will wash his face and brush his teeth as a minimum. He moans a bit but I think now he's at high school he is getting more conscious himself and the other day he packed his own deoderant for PE. My DD (11 nearly 12) is no problem - she voluntarily has showers, washes her hair is interested in skincare etc. She rides horses so I think is conscious she doesnt want to smell of horse! x

Cordillera · 19/10/2018 16:32

I'm only at the beginning of this and I'd like to know how we can square using multiple products with a need and desire to reduce single-use plastics? We're switching from shower gels to soap but deodorants and shampoo still necessary.

MrsFrTedCrilly · 19/10/2018 17:56

In the preteen stage here so we’ve talked about puberty and hygiene being really important from s health point of view. Geeky child loves discussion about bacteria so that’s helpful when discussing body odour.

JC4PMPLZ · 19/10/2018 18:06

Too much germ-free adolescents. I leave it to school and Peet's, beyond the basic face scrub.

JC4PMPLZ · 19/10/2018 18:07

Not Peet's...peers

Welshdragon13 · 19/10/2018 18:37

My own children are all adults now, but I have an almost 9 year old foster son, we now encourage him to shower himself only helping him wash his hair, we buy him his own products, usually with a hero character on, we talk about how your body starest to change so it's important to have regular showers, wash himself properly and always wear fresh clean clothes. For Christmas he will have a few more products for the bathroom

blueskiesandforests · 19/10/2018 19:23

Establish the self care routine before puberty.

Nobody needs to exfoliate or use multiple complicated products; soap, shower gel, shampoo and deodorant cover all bases as long as you shower in the morning, don't wear makeup and wash face with plain water before bed.

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