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I give ds all this to eat and i dont give a crap!!

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redbull · 11/09/2006 16:08

he has
tea in the morning and before bed
pizza (everyweek)
chips (everyweek)
crisps everyday
chocolate everyday
fruit shoots most days
sos rolls in his push chair
chinease once a week
billy bear meat
bernard matthews dinosours
youngs flipper dippers
yazoo milkshakes
i dont care if i have to bribe him with chocolate to eat i dont care if he drinks all this crap as far as im concerned with his sensory problems its a blessing he eats this

OP posts:
noonar · 11/09/2006 16:21

I can understand why you might feel 'got at' given some of the food- police threads on MN at the mo. But as a special constable with the Food Police mself, that list makes sorry reading, hun. i do sympathize...My dd1 is incredibly fussy and would eat the salty/ processed/ sugary options everytime, but we simply don't buy them- well very rarely, and only ever at a cafe- never in the house.
Why do you not care? You sound angry Do you eat those foods yourself? What were YOU brought up on, just out of interest?

CristinaTheAstonishing · 11/09/2006 16:24

How old is your DS?

What's wrong with Bovril? I give mine Marmite and they love it.

misdee · 11/09/2006 16:27

redbull, regarding the choc milkshake will he accept nesquick powder,or is it because it has to be in the bottles? dd2 woiuldnt drink milk unless it had milkshake powder in it. over a very long period of time i gradulally cut the amount down till she was drinking just milk. (took between 6-9months)

badkarma · 11/09/2006 16:27

hm, what reaction do you expect to get from this?

2mum · 11/09/2006 16:28

Redbull, my ds1 is much the same as yours. Although my ds2 who is 3 and autistic is a much better eater than his older brother.

badkarma · 11/09/2006 16:28

If that yazoo bottle has a screw top can you keep the next one and give him milk from the bottle instead?

2mum · 11/09/2006 16:29

I think Redbull means she is glad her son is eating anything even if its not always healthy. I can totally relate to this as this sounds like my eldest boy.

delllie · 11/09/2006 16:29

I would give anything for my DD to eat these 'crap' foods, as she is 5 and will only swallow pureed food. It is so easy for people to judge, I just wish they could walk a mile in our shoes.

misdee · 11/09/2006 16:30

btw, thats pretty much what dd2 likes to eat, except subsitute chinese for indian (also has sensory issues). but we are working hard, i dont care if she plays with her mash as long as she is touching it and some goes in her mouth, thats ok right?

but she wont eat processed meat, which is good. butr then the only meat she will touch is chicken.

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 11/09/2006 16:30

does this picture of a 4yr olds birthday party make you feel any better (and yes that was the only thing they had to drink).

redbull · 11/09/2006 16:31

i was brought up on good healthy food ds even as ababy refused healthy food it just gets to me on MN how every one is so judgemental on what food they give their child where me and dp are pleased when hes having a good day and will eat chicken if we did not buy the food ds will starve tried it before im angry like i say at the judgemental people on here and ds child develpoment doctor who diagnosed him is also very happy so im happy thats why i dont give a crap

OP posts:
misdee · 11/09/2006 16:32

i think this isnt about fussy eating but sensory issues with regard to food. right?

HuwEdwards · 11/09/2006 16:33

why post then?

Twinkie1 · 11/09/2006 16:38

DS isn't SN but will only eat a small range of food and to be honest you just have to get over the smug and well meaning women on here and take no notice - I've tried starving DS and hiding stuff but iof you even out something on his plate that he doesn't like he won't touch anything else on the plate and we had a full blown melt down yesterday because we expected him to sit at the table with aunts and uncles and eat.

He will oput somethings in hos mouth and just chew but not swallow them and goes bananas if you put the food near his mouth or god if it touches his hand you would think it had been put in boiling oil the fuss he makes - reading this though I think maybe I should speak to his HV?

noonar · 11/09/2006 16:38

ok, misdee and redbull. if i've offended you by my ignorance of your children's issues, then i'm sorry. can you explain to me how sensory issues and diet are linked- is it to do with not tolerating certain tastes and textures?

MissChief · 11/09/2006 16:38

we all just want the best for our kids, don't we? guess for many, inc me, that includes what they eat. But each to their own, esp if the kid has sensory needs - what are his out of interest?

redbull · 11/09/2006 16:39

bit of both misdee, yes ds has ASD but their are other children out their with no SN and they are fussy eaters thats not down to bad parenting its down to what the child likes.

Its very nice to hear other mums on MN who are also not sad that their children eat food like this, during the heat wave ds refused ice cream and icelolls so he had loads of fruit shoots its getting fluids in to him i dont care but i all ways get the no added sugar as i know what his diet is like.

OP posts:
misdee · 11/09/2006 16:41

its textures with dd2, dd2 prefers dry food, but will eat curry and rice due to its strong flavour. she doesnt like things that are squishy as it makes her gag and throw up. she has started to put different foods in her mouth on her tongue, but again she will often gag.

i cant let foods touch each other except curry and rice. so if she has a plate of say, fish fingerms chips and beans (she never eats the beans btw, i live in hope) then the beans cant touch the other foods, the fishfingers are chips can touch as long as they dont touch the beans.

she also doesnt do 'sauces'.

alexsmum · 11/09/2006 16:42

but the no added sugar is full aspartme which is really really bad for kids.

redbull · 11/09/2006 16:43

its to do with mainly food textures if i over cook ds chips,dinosours,flippers anything then it has to go straight in the bin and be re cooked wich is a pain!!!

ds also has a sweet tooth wich its also to do with but mainly texture

OP posts:
Piffle · 11/09/2006 16:45

DD has had some major issues with chewing (from the low muscle tone we think)
Meat is a no no - although as she is nearly 4 now we are experiencing the odd breakthrough
I am a food police graduate - I cannot bring myself to buy certain things.
However I cannot and will not judge anyone as parenting is unique to each parent.

If there is no fruit and veges present at all in any shape or form than have you been given vitamin drops?

misdee · 11/09/2006 16:45

i overcooked the curry the otrher week and it was the wrong bloomin colour again.

its a PITA.


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redbull · 11/09/2006 16:45

like i said alexsmum as long as ds is eating and drinking i dont care his doctor is happy with what he has so am i, i just want people to open their eyes the world for us isnt black and white

OP posts:
redbull · 11/09/2006 16:50

the thing with ASD it hitens all of their senses so that goes by not only what you see,hear,or feel but smell and taste i have tried everything for ds to have vitamins hid it in yoghurts he can smell the difference and taste the difference and feel the difference with his fingers, their is no way ds will have vitamins

OP posts:
noonar · 11/09/2006 16:53

OK, thanks!

but...let's say you gave ds 20 wholesome foods to try, as a toddler. he maybe only liked 5 of them, but those 5 would be healthy options. i don't really understand at what point you decide to rely on processed foods. not judging, just confused about why ths road seems like the only one to go down. surely there is an endless list of healthier options to try?
of course some kids only seem to like the unhealthy options, that's cos they play havoc with your tastebuds and their palate changes. if they are not given these options their diet may still be limited, but will consist of a healthy limited selection.

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