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Slimming World

Slimming world support thread #7 2017

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BasinHaircut · 17/08/2017 12:34


OP posts:
Trills · 22/08/2017 18:46

Well done!

SkeletonSkins · 22/08/2017 19:26

Definitely need to pick up some more Quark. Shopping tomorrow when I'm paid. I do find SW expensive food wise but then healthier food is isn't it.

Well done Goovee a fab loss! And a good loss too Turqoise, better 1lb off than on!

Having a go at syn free gravy at the minute... not entirely optimistic.

UnwiseOldElf · 22/08/2017 20:07

First weigh-in today as I was camping last week - so it's been two weeks. 8lb off! So happy!!

pinklemonade84 · 22/08/2017 20:45

Thanks everyone Smile

I put on 5 stone after having dd when I'd lost almost that much during pregnancy (totally kicking myself now). Plus I'd say I need to lose that much on top too Sad

But I'm going to do things differently this time and hopefully get different results Smile

Well done on all of the losses today Flowers

PositiveAttitude · 22/08/2017 20:50

Lol Foof I was seriously impressed with the 15 stone!! Grin Grin but 1.5 is good too!

2.5 off fro me tonight. Very pleased with that.

Greenteandchives · 22/08/2017 20:56

Well done everyone. I put a half on this week, but it was bound to happen sometime after 16 weeks of consecutive loss. Also had a few meals out so it could have been worse.

latedecember1963 · 22/08/2017 21:03

Groovester, I seem to recall that Lavender's dad has been poorly recently. Maybe hospital visits etc have taken over.

FoofFighter · 22/08/2017 21:21


this basically :) but I don't use cheese in it.

lauryloo · 22/08/2017 21:29

2.5 off :)

Happy considering I only started on Friday

Groovee · 22/08/2017 21:42

Well done everyone x

greenglassmaker · 22/08/2017 21:49

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to start slimming world tomorrow. I've put on a stone and a half in last 12months - emotional eating and drinking, but it's time to get a grip.

Been trying to do slimming world online but not clicking so hoping going to a class will help me get to grips with it all.

Any tips on how to understand everything?

Groovester · 22/08/2017 21:54

Congratulations on the losses, ladies. Good point december - I do hope she's ok.

FoofFighter · 22/08/2017 22:11

@greenglassmaker just listen to the talk, ask any questions, ask if the group has its own fb group.
Get a Best magazine for a free joining voucher btw

Greenteandchives · 22/08/2017 22:24

greenglass you really have to sit down with your group leader while she goes through it all with you, then go home and read the books thoroughly. Keep a food diary, putting everything down, and hand it in every week. Your leader should give you feedback, and make sure you are putting things in the right categories. Speed foods are important at every meal, even if you have to make a separate salad. Stay to group if you can, it really helps even if it feels a bit cheesy. And you will 'get it' quickly. If I can anyone can! Good Luck.

Trills · 22/08/2017 22:36

Missing weigh-in tomorrow, and I don't know how my scales at home compare to the official ones, so I'll just have to hope til next Weds.

Trills · 22/08/2017 22:37

Thanks for the recipe Foof :)

greenglassmaker · 22/08/2017 23:32

Thanks for advice and tip about voucher. Here's hoping tomorrow is just first step on journey to healthy attitude towards food and ultimately a healthy weight

FoofFighter · 23/08/2017 07:09

Weigh in this morning, hopefully lose my 3lb gain, another 1lb would give me my club ten.

Let's see!! I feel like it's a good loss which means absolutely nothing!!

Groovee · 23/08/2017 07:19

Good luck Foof x

BlooBagoo · 23/08/2017 08:25

Had a SW related dream last night where the weigh in was for each side of your body and I lost half a pound from one side and gained a pound on the other. Weird. Haha. Weigh in later on so hope it's not a premonition for an overall gain at all.

Tweetypie30 · 23/08/2017 08:55

It was my first weigh in yesterday and I lost 4.5lbs. Really happy with that. I'm aiming for my first award next week.

Tweetypie30 · 23/08/2017 09:00

Food - that lentil bake looks lovely. I'm going to make that this week. Thanks for sharing.

Boatsnack · 23/08/2017 13:14

Well done to everyone who has lost and welcome to the newbies.

I put 2lb on this week, I totally deserved it given the amount of chocolate and alcohol I consumed. I have drawn a line and today is a new day. Back on it 100%.

FoofFighter · 23/08/2017 14:23

3.5lbs loss :) only .5lb to club 10 now :)

Everyone really seemed to like the lentil bake thing at taster :)

Groovee · 23/08/2017 14:24

Well done Foof

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