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Slimming World

Slimming World support Part 3

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calzone · 13/11/2015 06:35

How 3 of our SW saga.

I am 38lbs down since we are you all doing?

Slimming World support Part 3
OP posts:
Buttwing · 27/12/2015 12:11

Tessie I got on the scales this morning and I've put on 5 too. I've still got a five course dinner today!!!

In the past when I've had a big gain quickly eg on holidays I've found it comes off quickly when I get back on plan properly.

TwoTonTessie · 27/12/2015 12:20

I know what you mean buttwing. After my summer hold I gained 4lb but had lost 3.5lbs by weigh in so hopefully it will come off quick again. As I've just hit target I do have 3lbs leeway either way which is helpful.

grumpygertie · 27/12/2015 12:23

Hi please can I join you? Decided this morning not to wait until New Year's Day to start and signed up to SW online this morning.

Had a quick peek at thread and seen some amazing before & afters! Well done!!

calzone · 27/12/2015 13:47

Hi grumpy....... Come and join us.....

OP posts:
Heyheyheygoodbye · 27/12/2015 15:20

Hi grumpy Smile I've found this to be a lovely supportive thread. Well done on joining right away!

KittyOShea · 27/12/2015 15:59

Welcome grumpy

After 2 days of over eating/ over drinking and keeping no count of syns I'm back on it today

B- scrambled eggs, 1 slice toast (1/2 hexb) scrape of butter (2 syns)
L- ryvita (1/2 hexb and 2 syns) smoked trout, cucumber, melon, pineapple
D- turkey and ham risotto

Syns- 2 brekkie, 1 Mayo, 2 ryvita, 2 sugar, 6 hi fi

overitalready · 27/12/2015 16:43

I'm guessing mine as minimum 4lb on.

I had 4 days off plan - dinner out, deserts,sweets, biscuits, anything I wanted actually!

Today :

B - weetabix

D - Turkey, s/w roasties, Brussels, parsnips, peas and gravy

maygirl · 27/12/2015 18:56

Hi Grumpy, hope you are getting to grips with the plan!
Struggling to get back on plan whilst still have guests and Xmas food in house, even though I'm not happy to have a food baby belly!
Doing cauliflower pizza for me tonight, regular for the others with salad. Lunch was leftover beef, salad and a pitta, an orange, breakfast 35g grapenuts and fromage frais .But also had a mince pie and a couple of chocs so too many syns. The fruit bowl is very full as no one eating it with all the Xmas goodies around!

overitalready · 28/12/2015 06:53

5lb on for me Blush

ExitStageLeft · 28/12/2015 07:24

Morning All,

Been following this thread for ages, really love reading everyone's ideas and before/after pictures. I've lost 4 stone since September 2014, been off plan since Christmas Eve, feeling very bloated and "engorged"....have social things all week so will struggle to get back on plan until New Year's Day but hoping will come off quickly. My first weigh in isn't until 9th Jan so just hoping for the best, I was 1lbs off target on Christmas Eve, my big target is now maintaining. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and massive well done to those who have managed some in plan days over the festive period. These are my before and after pics.

Slimming World support Part 3
Slimming World support Part 3
KittyOShea · 28/12/2015 10:08

Exit you look great!

Heading back home today so will be able to get on plan much more easily. No random ferrero rocher sitting around just waiting to be eaten. No refusal to cook using fry light. No bread based breakfasts and lunches!

Weigh in on Wednesday so I've 2 days to get cracking to try and undo some of the damage!

calzone · 28/12/2015 10:33

Wow Exit! You look fabulous!!

Am away this week but am going to try and go to group in Preston. Not sure I should not get weighed......keeps me on track.

OP posts:
maygirl · 28/12/2015 12:53

Amazing exit! What are your top tips?
Weigh in on Wednesday for me. I'm definitely "engorged"! Relatives have all left now and I've sent food and drink back with them. Back on it today but so far just drinking herbal tea and waiting for actual hunger to return before eating anything. Its been a while since I felt it!

OrianaBanana · 28/12/2015 16:03

Weigh in today for me, I'm guessing at least 5. I'll then draw a line and get back on it, I'll do the 7 day plan from the mag when I get home. Xmas Wink

overitalready · 28/12/2015 17:49

welcome exit you look amazing well done

oriana great minds! I scowered my slimming world mags last night and have meal planned for all week.

Let's hope it works.

ExitStageLeft · 28/12/2015 19:36

You're all very good, I've still been munching away. I know exactly what you mean about not feeling hungry, so weird, you just forget to eat because you're hungry not because it's actually there looking at you.

My top tip is definitely a third/half a plate of salad of veg with your main I have pasta but much less. And I did C25K too and now can comfortably run 3/4 miles which has really helped. Must tone up my belly. I also use a HEB once a week to coat chicken into goujons and do SW chips so I feel like I'm having sort of a KFC!

FannyFanakapan · 28/12/2015 19:41

hello my lovely slimmers, I have returned after a shockingly good Christmas with the in laws. Ive also had a wedding anniversary and 2 family birthdays as well as a celebration meal for DD and a big fat banquet on christmas tree day.

Net result - when I stood on the scale thismorning I was 7lb heavier. so back home now and back on plan (I love my inlaws but gawd, everything is fried in lard!)


Bfast: fruit

lunch: Salad. Smoked Salmon. Leftover duck slices. Coleslaw. 1tbs dressing (3.5 syns. shopping tomorrow!)

Dinner: Lamb tagine with rice and pomegranate. (2s)

maygirl · 28/12/2015 19:41

Back on it, fighting cravings though!
only drinks until felt hungry at about 3pm when I had some fruit.
Light and simple dinner of shakshouka with rice and butterbeans, HEA cheese and HEB bread made into garlic bread, 3 syns for butter.
lunch out tomorrow but determined to stay on plan with fish and veg.

OrianaBanana · 28/12/2015 20:23

Fanny, 6.5lbs for me Xmas Hmm so back on it now. I have 9 days so aiming for a record loss! Grin

grumpygertie · 28/12/2015 21:20

First day done was easy as I think I am coming down with something and strangely no appetite at all which has obviously helped loads!!

Have printed off the plan info you get when you join online so I can get my head around it again (have followed SW before but it has changed a little since then).

Got a Fitbit flex for chrimbo too so obsessive now about getting my 10,000 steps in each day which should help.

And wow Exit you look fab!

calzone · 28/12/2015 21:21

Spaghetti and meatballs for lunch

Linda sausages with curly fries and mushy peas for dinner


OP posts:
Passthevodkaagain · 28/12/2015 21:35

Hi I've been doing Sw for 7 weeks now just found this thread so hope it's ok to join. I have managed to loose 13 1/2 lbs so happy so far Smile. This week I lost 1 1/2 completely shocked because I've had guilt free no counting syns Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and would have been way over my syns had I counted them!
Anyone else lost when they expected to gain? Is this going to come back and bite me next week.

I got weighed at a different time than usual could that be why?

Being good from now and back on plan but a bit Confused but still Smile

KittyOShea · 28/12/2015 22:12

Welcome vodka and well done!

I am in a similar boat. Just weighed myself at home and have only gained 1/4 pound. SW weigh in is on weds so hoping for a maintain or loss by then.

I also ate whatever I wanted on Christmas Day but probably didn't go past 20 syns on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. It'll be 2 weeks between weigh ins for me as well as I have been away.

B- fruit and yoghurt
L- ryvita (hexb) smoked trout, Mayo, cucumber and fruit
D- turkey and ham risotto (all turkey and ham used up now thank god!)

Syns- 1 sugar, 1 Mayo, 6 hi fis

calzone · 28/12/2015 23:02

Am out of brain has died......hit me with the best recipes you have please......

Diet Coke chicken with rice and salad
Chicken noodle stir fry
Vegetable soup
Red lentil and butternut squash curry
Pasta with clams
Frittata and salad

2 chicken dishes
2 veggie dishes
1 fish
1 egg


OP posts:
overitalready · 29/12/2015 05:08

Struggle isn't it cal trying to get back in the zone!

Tonight I have chilli chicken from the slimming world mag which is just chicken drumsticks marinated in 6 table spoons of soy sauce and 2 of sweet chilli sauce with cauli rice and salad

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