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Right MNHQ, I'm looking at you.

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ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 13:55

You know what I want. Enough with the delayed gratification.

I will not be moved. I have a banner.

Do it.

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 02/02/2010 15:02

Just imagine the mess - no way!

Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 15:02

don't be so rude about his cock! Look it's all shrivelled up now!

Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 15:03

Yeah, you don't really want David Tennant's cock all over MNHQ do you? Terribly messy.

Bella32 · 02/02/2010 15:04

If it was called Friday Night Topic would it only be open, receptive, gagging for it etc., on a Friday night?

Would it be impossible to post at say, 3pm? What about ladies in Singapore? Would posting close at midnight or would it become a Saturday morning topic?

PixieOnaLeaf · 02/02/2010 15:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

crumpette · 02/02/2010 15:04

I'd rather frisk a dalek than David Tennant.

I'm with justabout, I like the sex muddled up everywhere too, makes MN more interesting

However, the Friday Night Topic is a great name for it

JustineMumsnet · 02/02/2010 15:05

By the by Bella, we now have this - for when you're confused.

PixieOnaLeaf · 02/02/2010 15:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TheElephant · 02/02/2010 15:06

the buscuit has not been a success has it really

Hullygully · 02/02/2010 15:06

I thought it meant stoned - still, pretty similar

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 15:06

But sex will remain all over the board. Because people post by default in chat and others in AIBU and possibly in products, but the weekly bumsex and threesome threads are not what some people want in active convos and certainly not alongside domestic violence and divorce and affair threads. Let people hide that bit. And allow mamazon her namechange fails in peace.

Justine to what do you declare no? Is it the topic. Can I just say I always liked you best, you're our favourite.

David Tennant is the mascot for my topic btw. If you don't like it, I refer you to Damian Lewis as adequate substitute.

This thread is beginning to make me haggard.

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 15:06

He's now also American.

At least a Daleks cock would stand up straight I suppose, no problems with limpness there, though I would worry about rust with constant use.

Bella32 · 02/02/2010 15:07

Awesome, Justine - shall be using that one a lot, thanks

PixieOnaLeaf · 02/02/2010 15:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Bella32 · 02/02/2010 15:09

btw, Justine - have you started working on a bumsex emoticon, or will have to suffice?

MollyRoger · 02/02/2010 15:09

1: I do attempt to keep up with the modern parlances and ting, but that like rimming?

2: David Tenant looks more like this

3: I always like a good picket line. and SoH is particularly fragrant so I've bought me donkey jacket and harmonica.

Hullygully · 02/02/2010 15:11
ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 15:11

But some people don't want the more specific and niche stuff on their MN and this way everybody's happy. Because people will still post about sex everywhere else, just as they always do (the 'bung it in chat whatever the topic' theme) but we can gently encourage that the rather specific stuff be put there where an avid audience awaits. Well BoF and Shiney with mamazon and reality doing the off peak shift.

And open all hours because you don't know when the need will take you or when a David Tennant clip will be on the BBC. It's at all hours these days. He's even on cbeebies bedtime hour. It's most confusing. Sorry, most [sucking a lemon] face.

OP posts:
MollyRoger · 02/02/2010 15:11

What i mean to say is, not that I am repressed but I do like the idea of a generic Friday Day Night topic which can be hidden (from 12-yr-olds who like to read over my shoulder as they have grown up with Mumsnet and It Is The Fount Of All Knowledge...)

crumpette · 02/02/2010 15:14

OK I am joining the picket line, as long as it's still in aibu, chat, etc etc. Justine- why no? You seem like a fun person who may enjoy bumsex when you appear on sky news. Would you not like to join in the Friday Night Topic? If you ever join the question time panel I promise nobody will ask you about all the sex chat on your parenting website

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 15:14

Molly, I have a fiddle and bodhran and I'm yours to direct. Shall we have a sing song? Do you know Another Man's War, I'm good at that one?

is the blowjob emoticon isn't it? Or is it only when used in sequence?

That's hyperventilating at the end btw. Or gagging.

All together now...

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 15:15

Or Another Man's Cause

OP posts:
MollyRoger · 02/02/2010 15:16

''I'm part of the Onion, till the day I die''...

MrsChemist · 02/02/2010 15:17
bratnav · 02/02/2010 15:17

at an aroused Ood

Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic
Friday Night Topic

If we say it enough will it work do you think?

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