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Right MNHQ, I'm looking at you.

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ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 13:55

You know what I want. Enough with the delayed gratification.

I will not be moved. I have a banner.

Do it.

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 02/02/2010 14:44

at negotiating tactics being employed here.

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 14:44

Rhubarb, you sound a lot like I aspire to be when I've reached senility. Pointing out men's cocks and shouting rude slogans. Maybe I should start now.

OP posts:
Bella32 · 02/02/2010 14:45

Ha! Got it! Here

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 14:46

Yes big teak tables, fists, it's like the topic's already here Helen. Just take the final step.

OP posts:
Hullygully · 02/02/2010 14:47

It was a dinner lady before...I don't know what Dr Who has done with her.

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 14:47

Bella, that's a pretty picture. It's like the GP's colour chart when diagnosing from phlegm.

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 14:49

Tennant tried out that naked airport scanner I believe. They still had to frisk him to check it was real.

justabout · 02/02/2010 14:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun · 02/02/2010 14:51

Maybe there could be gradations of who culd post to ward off the weirdos? Like you have to have done a lube thread before a bumsex one- that might be sensible?

This place is full of weirdos anyway. That hullygully makes me really apprehensive.

PixieOnaLeaf · 02/02/2010 14:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 14:55

HullyGully makes me restless.

Lube before bumsex, yes the natural order of things.
OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 14:56

If I still mistrust the scanner, can I frisk David?

OP posts:
crumpette · 02/02/2010 14:56
Hullygully · 02/02/2010 14:57

This sort of thing makes me torpid

Antdamm · 02/02/2010 14:57

I think a Friday Night Topic is a fab idea.

I wanna join the parade!!

Hullygully · 02/02/2010 14:59

There wasn't meant to be any Dr Who. I really don't know what anyone sees in that skinny runt Tennant. Bring back the kidnapped dinner lady what's having it away with Helen's dh.

Maybe they eloped. Even now they are heading for Gretna, pell mell.

Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 14:59

You can have the leftovers once I've finished with him....

JustineMumsnet · 02/02/2010 14:59


justabout · 02/02/2010 15:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

justabout · 02/02/2010 15:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BitOfFun · 02/02/2010 15:00

I think somebody is employing guerrilla tactics in Chat to force Helen's hand....

Hullygully · 02/02/2010 15:00

Justine is jealous of the dinner lady.

PixieOnaLeaf · 02/02/2010 15:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb · 02/02/2010 15:01

She's saying she doesn't want what's leftover of Tennant's cock after I've finished with it.

Hullygully · 02/02/2010 15:01

And he has little snarly teeth and a mean mouth and a thin ferrety nose.

I am Jon Pertwee (shows advanced years)

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