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merrylissiemas · 15/12/2007 21:42

can i nominate this:

I just love rhydian. Dh gets really arsey when i mention i fancy him. He says 'huh, why don't you marry him then'

I don't want to marry him!!! I just want to see his schlong

by lazawreath on thisthread

OP posts:
deenymcqueenygoreandguts · 15/12/2007 21:45

Cant remember who said it but it was to do with leaving a nativity play because of emotion.
The person was suffering from PMT and said that
"if any of them toddlers dressed as angels looks at me wrong, i shall rip the bloody halo off their head"

that made me chuckle all week!

AbbyMumsnet · 18/12/2007 18:02

THanks - keep 'em coming x

AbbyMumsnet · 19/12/2007 12:03


moljam · 19/12/2007 12:08

i cant decide but whole of this thread was hilarious!!!

'I have just found them playing Ben 10 and using my vibrator as a ray gun. They were playing so nicely upstairs, I left them to it.'

AbbyMumsnet · 19/12/2007 13:28

Am so ahead of you on that but good to know that we're all thinking along the same lines!

Califraunkincense · 19/12/2007 21:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pantoinghousewife · 19/12/2007 21:30

Another vote for the vibrator as ray gun thread, I laughed about that all day.

WanderingTrolley · 02/01/2008 10:48

I was woken by my new neighbours shagging noisily.

I asked for suggestions of how to mention the fucking fucking noise on this thread

By notjustmom on Wed 02-Jan-08 01:11:48

yes what about "hi,how are you ? nice to meet you and welcome to the street.the bin men come on mondays, the window cleaner comes on wednesdays and you come too loudly ?

AbbyMumsnet · 09/01/2008 09:59

Any more suggestions for this week's letter?

AbbyMumsnet · 09/01/2008 10:33


AbbyMumsnet · 09/01/2008 11:59


FioFio · 09/01/2008 13:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nailpolish · 09/01/2008 14:00

god yes i second fio

psychomum5 · 09/01/2008 14:01

morning papers quip about the 'how many posts have we done thread'


AbbyMumsnet · 09/01/2008 14:02

Be great if you could link to these for me! TA V MUCH.

MamaG · 09/01/2008 14:03

sheesh abbey do we have to do everything?

FioFio · 09/01/2008 14:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

psychomum5 · 09/01/2008 14:05

I don't know how to do links.....have tried, but always fails....sorry.

will try againtho maybe, you never know, I may shock myself

nailpolish · 09/01/2008 14:05

fio you big sook

ahundredtimes · 09/01/2008 14:06

I liked PersephoneSnape's comment on the Hillary thread -

'I've got a lot of time for hillary - i do hope she gets the nomination - it would be like Lisa Simpson running for president.'

Well, it made me laugh.

policywonk · 09/01/2008 14:06


'Pannini sounds like a pet name a family might have for a vagina. So a crostini might be a post-menopausal pannini?'

From here

ahundredtimes · 09/01/2008 14:11

Swedes2Turnips1 has had a good week. She made me laugh here too:

Interestingly, Nietzsche also said "All truly great throughts are conceived while walking" which suggests he thought brilliance did not come from labouring quietly - unlike Flaubert who thought one could not write except when seated (on ne peut penser et ecrire qu'assis). If only Nietzsche was clearer, perhaps "All truly great thoughts are conceived while.....
potty training
changing nappies
cleaning the highchair"

hang on will find thread

morningpaper · 09/01/2008 14:11

Fiofio seriously sceptical that a man gurning at a toddler in a car is achild pervert:

"I think if he had his nob out and was rubbing it up the window it would be the time to worry"

ahundredtimes · 09/01/2008 14:12

[[ here is my high-minded quote of the week]

ahundredtimes · 09/01/2008 14:12

[[ bugger]

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