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OMAZE house

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walkinthewoodstoday · 02/01/2023 20:42

So, I'm thinking of entering this competion. Clearly as much chance of winning as me getting an Olympic gold medal, but I keep reading that these 'amazing' houses have issues. Eg one has been massively flooded and another is so close to the cliff edge that it might be uninsurable and when it falls the owners will have a massive clear up bill. The current one is in Finsbury Park and I've even been sad enough to streetview it. Can't see any obvious issues, so why is it an OMAZE house? Please enlighten me!

OP posts:

helly013 · 23/02/2023 08:39

We entered for £10, my husbands cousin won the Porsche on the last draw ! So you never know you could win one of the other prizes.
Worst case keep the house and use as holiday let, probably your best income.


Mummylovesutoo · 25/02/2023 23:53

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Mummylovesutoo · 26/02/2023 00:09

Apologies for some reason the video I've posted is not working and I'm unable to delete the it


muckel10 · 18/03/2023 19:32

PL23 1LY


muckel10 · 18/03/2023 19:35

muckel10 · 18/03/2023 19:32

PL23 1LY

greennavy · 02/01/2023 21:09
Does anyone know the postcode of the house?


IaminRome · 04/04/2023 17:24

So it is real and not a scam and not all the houses are wildly impractical?! Interesting!


Bouledeneige · 05/04/2023 08:45

I liked reading about the family who won the Finsbury Park house but I did think that the £100k could be a crucial part of the prize to help pay for the running costs of the house.

When I was day dreaming about winning the Cornwall house I did wonder how long I'd keep it as I wouldn't be able to afford to run a second home unless I rented it out a lot. But I was forgetting about the cash prize too.


Mirabai · 05/04/2023 10:47

The winners very like such nice people so I’m happy for them <sniffs>


TheMagicDeckchair · 05/04/2023 18:01

I have just won a £10 Amazon gift card from my £30 entries into this draw! Would be nice to get the £250k or the Cornwall house.

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