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IVF pregnancies - Spring 2024 (thread 2)

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thislittlebird · 25/11/2023 10:02

New thread! Do tag everyone I've missed, I'm off out to see the new Hunger Games so can add more later but need to dash! @CazzyM1983 @KG1244 @countrypunk @Misty84 @ASGIRC @TheBirdintheCave @Summerishere83

OP posts:
thislittlebird · 23/02/2024 13:17

@TheBirdintheCave yeah I had one after a large, benign breast lump was removed. I remember it being in there for a while after but it’s hazy.

I think I’ll take nighties just in case it’s easier to deal with them. I remember having to have one that time.

@ASGIRC I want to believe it’s time, I really do. I just worry something will happen and I’ll have all this stuff. I also just know my mother will be all sorts of superstitious and judgey if I buy stuff now, I might have to not tell her for a few weeks. She offered to give me money AFTER the baby is here, which I find a little weird since we need to buy stuff beforehand. I assume she’s being superstitious with this too.

The physical ability thing makes some sense, I was exhausted after lots of walking yesterday. Once all of the stuff is ordered we will then move on to sorting out the small room (starting this weekend) and booking a decorator.

OP posts:
thislittlebird · 23/02/2024 13:25

I think we’re going to splash out on one of those totter and tumble mats too, since we get a discount. Our downstairs is hard flooring and I’ve heard good things about them. They also don’t look like kids play mats, which is a bonus.

OP posts:
ASGIRC · 23/02/2024 14:02

@thislittlebird I mean... things can happen. But statistically, they are rare at this point! And things can still happen after the babies are born! You cant really dwell on that.

And my mom was all in the "its too early" boat, but once I hit the 3rd trimester, it really stopped being too early!

Nursery bed arrived today, my cousins are coming to help assemble it (cause I am not supposed to do it, because of the contractions), and tomorrow Im gonna go look at some fabrics for the bed veil (the bed is one of those little house beds, close to the floor)

After that, the nursery will be DONE! And there will just be the next to me to assemble, rocking chair need to be brought from my moms house... and hospital bag needs to be packed! LOL

thislittlebird · 24/02/2024 11:40

@ASGIRC I’ll be in the third tri in a week, so not far off! Chatted to my mum last night and she thought my pram and car seat choices were good value with the discount, so might tell her I have to order soon lol. We’re going to clear out our small room today and we kinda need that done to make room for all the baby stuff.

Nice of your cousins to help! The dreaded hospital bag lol

I have now developed a terrible case of pregnancy snore 😴. I keep waking myself up with these loud, brief snores, I never normally snore and I’ve read it’s the extra hormones causing havoc.

Ordered a jojo maman Bebe swimming costume from vinted for £8 and it arrived today, I’m pleased with it!

OP posts:
ASGIRC · 24/02/2024 12:08

@thislittlebird yes!! It is all happening now!!!

And small steps are good. Clear the room, then start ordering the things, and then you'll notice it is nearly your due date!!

Ugh the hospital bag will be the bane of my life 😂😂😂

CollsR · 24/02/2024 22:02

Exciting we are all getting towards the end. I'm 30 weeks today. My morning sickness has been a lot less the last 2 weeks. I also did a lot of unpacking last weekend so I feel loads better emotionally. I've also been walking more and seeing friends more.

It's been great to feel better, have more sunshine around and feel more like myself. The silly side is it makes me worry more about the baby.

I think I also have a lazy baby that doesn't move much. I feel him a little after eating, a little at night before bed and around 3-4am when I wake to pee. I think I just have to try relax and trust the process, while paying attention to baby's movements just in case.

CollsR · 24/02/2024 22:05

@ASGIRC I've been thinking the same. Things going wrong are now statistically rare. Also, I think that if anything happens then an purchases or joy I felt before are not going to make it worse. Just trying to shake the feeling I'm somehow not doing the right things (I worry I drink to little water or eat to little fish or veg).

KG1244 · 25/02/2024 21:01

So I had a bit of a freak out last night about having a baby and surviving on minimal sleep. Anyone else here with me?

I think as the weeks go on and I get bigger, I can believe that this is actually happening and it’s a bit OMG. I think I spent so many years desperate to get pregnant but I never thought about what happens when the baby comes. To be clear, I’m very excited and feeling very blessed but there is definitely a side of eeeeeek!

thislittlebird · 25/02/2024 22:25

@KG1244 oh god, you aren't alone. I think you're a similar time to me and I can't really ignore my bump now, it's just....very there. What you described is all I can think about. I'm really tired already just getting everything organised. And I'm kind of terrified about how I'll survive on so little sleep, feels worse at 40 somehow :/

I'm also somewhat anxious about how big a change it is. I don't love change, and it's really hard to comprehend how our lives will revolve around this baby shortly. That's before I even start thinking about how the baby gets out of me!

OP posts:
thislittlebird · 25/02/2024 22:27

@CollsR I can't believe you're still getting morning sickness, that sucks.

We decided we'll place our Big Baby Order soon, but first we started clearing out what will be the nursery because we need space for all this to go. Now on the hunt for a good shade of green paint.

Gestational diabetes test in the morning for me 🙃

OP posts:
CollsR · 26/02/2024 10:27

@thislittlebird I think the third trimester is a good time to start buying. Honestly just ignore others and do what you want. It's something we'll all have to get used to doing, I fear, for years to come. Of all the pregnancy issues one of the most surprising is the amount of random advice sometimes. (My biggest issue has been morning sickness, but unasked for advice comes second!).

Still having morning sickness does suck. I've only put on 1kg so far at 30 weeks. My pregnancy weight gain might be after the baby comes when I can eat freely again.


KG1244 · 26/02/2024 16:24

@thislittlebird pleased to hear I’m not the only one! How was your diabetes test this morning?

@CollsR so sorry to hear you’re still suffering. That’s really rubbish. I know everyone is different but Ive found almonds helped a bit and cucumber but I know everyone is different.

Has anyone been reading any baby books? Friend of DH was shocked he hadn’t. I mean piss off 😂 but if there are any that you guys recommend, please do share!

thislittlebird · 26/02/2024 16:43

@KG1244 yeah I worry about it all most days 🤪

The test seemed ok. I felt a little bit iffy right after the glucosey drink but it didn’t last and was instructed by the nurse to “keep it down” lol. A couple of women had to go and lie down because they didn’t feel well, so I’ll take it as a good sign that I didn’t throw up or anything.

So we have a couple of books. But I haven’t read enough of them to say whether I recommend any. Both are second hand from other people and so far the baby guru style one is a little self evident so easy to read because we’d anticipated lots of the advice. The other one is a birth book and I should read it really, I’m still pretending my c section will definitely happen and I don’t need to think about natural birth lol. We are spending 20 minutes flicking through a few pages before bed every few nights.

@CollsR I feel lucky i didn’t get any sickness. The worst bit probably the plantar fasciitis i have right now. I don’t like not being able to walk a lot. I’ve gained 10kg already and I’m assume another 5kg or more yet to come, since I now can’t move as much either.

I think you’re right tbh. I’m not the best at ignoring people so I just know all the advice and hot takes are going to grate on me massively.

OP posts:
thislittlebird · 26/02/2024 16:45

My nephew dropped off a bundle of his baby daughter’s vests and babygrows yesterday, which was handy.

OP posts:
TheBirdintheCave · 26/02/2024 18:13

@KG1244 Nah didn't read a single one 😂

ASGIRC · 26/02/2024 22:19

@KG1244 No books for me!!! I find them patronising AF! LOL
I have a really weird attitude to advice, in that I dont like people giving me advice on things I have opinions on. Unless they prove why their opinion is better, beyond a reasonable doubt! It doesnt make much sense, but it is what it is! LOL

So baby books... They rub me the wrong way. Mostly because every one will say a different thing, based on nothing at all!
Unless they say things like "for me, the best baby bottles were X, try them if you wish to, or there are other good ones". In that case, I might be inclined to give them a go, as opposed to someone saying "Use THIS BRAND of baby oil, because I say so!".

I didnt read it, but Expecting Better would have been something I would have read and probably enjoyed.

@thislittlebird ohhh hand me downs are the best!!!!!!

KG1244 · 27/02/2024 10:58

You’re all giving me the answers I was looking for 😂 thank you! X

thislittlebird · 27/02/2024 21:28

are any of you guys going to attend NCT classes? I’m really torn over them. My bf made great, long term mum friends through hers but I know it’s luck to the draw and some people don’t have a good time. I looked up the price today and was a little shocked by how expensive they are.

OP posts:
KG1244 · 27/02/2024 22:32

@thislittlebird yes I am. Absolute rip off but friends that have done it say it’s great for making some mum friends and they found the course worthwhile. I think there might be an nhs one you can do as well.

thislittlebird · 28/02/2024 00:14

@KG1244 there’s a QR code in my purple nhs book to scan so I need to look into that.

The NCT price just shocked me a bit. £199 for online and £369 for in person. My friend paid a lot less than this when she did it in person a number of years back. It’s frustrating because you don’t know you’re going to make good friends there, so feels like a big ask.

OP posts:
TheBirdintheCave · 28/02/2024 07:56

@thislittlebird We did ours online due to lock-down and was entirely made up of NT people (besides us) so we didn't click with them at all as we had nothing in common. I won't be doing it again.

TheBirdintheCave · 28/02/2024 09:25

@thislittlebird Oh my trainers arrived by the way! They're lovely but seem to run big so I've had to swap them for a smaller size. They are elasticated inside so you can indeed slip them on but the laces can also be adjusted to tighten them across the top of your foot if they're too wide. The smaller size come this afternoon so fingers crossed they're a good fit and I can finally have the comfortable pair of white trainers I can wear in the rain without having my ankles eviscerated 🙏


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ASGIRC · 28/02/2024 13:59

I am not doing any NCT classes.

Its the same principle as the baby books... People giving me advice on things I have opinions on. I just dont think I would cope well. I dont need anyone telling me how to change a nappy or bathe a baby. Ill be fine.

And I wont be having a natural birth, do that part of it is also not needed. In general it just didnt seem like it would be a useful thing for me.

The 2 options I had, on the NHS, were either a 10 week course (1 morning a week online!!!!), or 1 full day, in person. Neither sounded appealing.

And I already have pregnant friends, so I am not relying on the course for that side of things. I was lucky enough to join an April due date whatsapp group, and some of the girls are pretty local, and weve become good friends, and have been hanging out every week or so for months now!

thislittlebird · 28/02/2024 22:13

@TheBirdintheCave oh nice, how is the arch support out of curiosity? Running big can be handy for me if it’s width wise, if they’re too long then that’s annoying as my feet are short and wide lol

Your NCT is experience is the one I would not like!

@ASGIRC i’m also wire opinionated on a range of baby things and I suspect those opinions won’t fall in line with the teaching. I might have a c section and bottle feed, I doubt they’ll love that. I have no friends in a similar situation really, so that’s the potential appeal for me.

Placed our big John Lewis order tonight. I went to check and lots of tommee tippee items had had a price hike in the last few days 🙄. Will assume this is a seasonal thing. Decided to check out before anything else went up. No idea where we’ll end up putting it all 😩

OP posts:
KG1244 · 28/02/2024 22:33

Anyone bought their car seat yet? People have generally recommended ones that you can take out of the car in case they are asleep but having looked online, I think a fixed swivel car seat would be more practical… any wise words from the group? X

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