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Anyone due mid 2003?

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Ghosty · 28/09/2002 11:50


I told Katherine I would start this thread! Are you there Katherine? Am feeling shy now!!!

OP posts:

percy · 28/09/2002 18:19

Hi Ghosty - sorry not Katherine, but am
due end of April 2003 - is that mid enough?


Ghosty · 28/09/2002 21:06

Hurray, percy!

Of course it is! I am only 6 weeks gone (whispering as no-one knows yet) with baby No2! I wasn't sure whether to start a thread yet as it is so early but seeing as Katherine has had a bit of a scare and we have been chatting on another thread I thought we could start an official thread for mid 2003!

How is it going for you? Already this pg is feeling different from my first. I felt as rough as anything from day one then and now apart from feeling a bit tired I feel remarkably well! Don't know if that is a good sign as I was told with my first that morning sickness was a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I guess it is early days yet though!

OP posts:

SANDYD · 30/09/2002 01:00


Just found out today that I am pregnant with my second - I have a little boy who will 4 at the end of November

I had a miscarriage in July so a little bit shocked it's happened again so quick, nice surprise tho!!!

Due 6/6/03 - although not getting two excited just yet as I lost my other one around six weeks


Ghosty · 30/09/2002 07:53

Congrats SandyD! I am due at the end of May, just hit the 6 week mark.

These early weeks are a bit difficult aren't they as you never know what's going on. With my DS I didn't feel that it was real until the 12 week scan!

Katherine, how are you feeling?

OP posts:

Katherine · 30/09/2002 09:21

Hi Ghosty - I'm here and doing fine. N more discharge so starting to breathe again. Actually I think I had a similar thing with DD. MW didn't know what it was but as long as it doesn't develop at all then I guess its par for the course. SANDYD - hi and congrats to you to. I know what you mean about not wanting to get too excited. Its like you have to get past all the milestones before you can believe in it. I don't think I relaxed at all with DS or DD until the baby was moving regulary. It was only then I had some way of know things were OK between MW appointments. Still feeling wonderfully sick and have no gone off tea and coffee which is a big disappointment - what am I meant to drink? If I keep guzzling hot choc then I'm going to get really FAT! Can't stand herbal teas. That leave hot blackcurrent!

DS (4) told me he was cross because he'd wanted to come into the DRs to see the baby last week (he couldn't as it was a vaginal scan). I promised him that I would try to take him next time. Then he asked how they open my tummy to see the baby I think its going to be really fun with little ones to monitor my progress.


Ghosty · 30/09/2002 10:26

Hi Katherine - glad it all seems to be settling down. Sickness is supposed to be a sign of a healthy pregnancy isn't it so enjoy it! I felt rough with DS but so far this time I have felt ok. I just beginning to feel a little bit iffy if I let myself get too hungry - that worries me as I put on 4 stone last time! I have only just got back to pre first pregnancy weight!

OP posts:

bundle · 30/09/2002 11:13

not so much mid as spring - 8 or 9 April, so nearly 13 wks now. well done everyone! (esp Katherine, glad to hear things working out)


Ghosty · 30/09/2002 11:40

Congratulations bundle! Have you had a scan yet then? All well?

OP posts:

percy · 30/09/2002 19:02

Hello again fellow pregnant ladies - pleased to 'meet' you. We can be a little gang for the next 7/8 months.

Am just over 10 weeks now and still feeling pretty rotten - much sicker than last time I'm sure, and a bit of a misery guts too. But really looking forward to 2 weeks time when should be feeling tip top again. Am actually off on hols for a few days ON MY OWN to see my dad in USA so am very excited. Then scan when I return, so will post again then.

Best wishes all - especially Katherine, I'm really pleased all is well.


Katherine · 01/10/2002 08:07

Hi Percy - Well done you. Its so great to have a little "group" we can all "monitor" isn't it. I know what you mean about the sickness. I kinda thought your body would get more used to being pg so it would get easier (!) but in fact I have felt progressivley worse with each of my pg. this time I feel sick, all of the time and whilst its really reassuring, it does get me down a bit. Like you I can't wait to get to the blooming stage. Have a lovely holiday.


bundle · 01/10/2002 15:52

Ghosty, I had a dating scan last week, all appeared to be fine (just one baby!), it's 4cm long and I had the nuchal translucency measured (I'm 37) which was 1.2mm, well within the 3mm guide, so I'm feeling pretty good about things
tummy starting to show, but much more to do with my flab/lack of stomach muscles than baby
nausea seems to be sporadic and still getting up in the night to wee!


Katherine · 01/10/2002 22:32

I thnk getting up in the night is the pits. We need our sleep, won't be getting it for much longer. This is such a cruel twist of nature to deprive us now. I wake really early desperate for a pee but daren't go as I know it will wake DD so I lie there for ages until she wakes up anyway and comes and jumps on my bladder! Biology (or whatever) is so mean


Ghosty · 06/10/2002 10:58

bundle, glad your scan was tickety boo! Percy, have a nice holiday!!!

Not having too much of a problem with going to the loo a lot at the mo but I spoke too soon when I said I wasn't feeling sick! For the last week I have felt absolutely dreadful - ALL DAY! With DS it was bad until about lunchtime but now it is constant!! Nothing seems to be helping - YUKKY POO, whose silly idea was this????

Just moved house on Friday which didn't help things as I was trying to pack between running to the bathroom!

Ho hum ... only 9 weeks to go until I feel better (got better at 16 weeks with DS)

DH keeps saying to enjoy it ... easy for him to say! Mind you, he has been an absolute angel recently, am very lucky and feel guilty about moaning about him on other threads!!!

OP posts:

Katherine · 07/10/2002 14:42

Hi everyone, hope all is going well and you are beginning to sprout!

Had a shock yesterday when I went to put my old jeans on. Been leaving the top button undone as more comfortable but haven't worn them for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I had to leave 3 buttons undone! Aghhh. Only 8 weeks. Have my muscles given in already

However am feeling rather chuffed with myself. Finally (after 4 years) managed to repaint the lounge floor. gone is that awful orange varnish, now gleaming white (yes I know its not that practical but most of it is covered up anyway and the room is so dark, with pale blue walls its going to look very New England. Anyway I got most of the decorating done when pg with no1 and 2 so as this is my last time (definitley) I need to get it finished , hmm maybe a bit ambitious but having just done the final coat of varnish I'm on a high. Mind you I really had to force myself so don't think nesting has kicked in yet.

Been making a list of all my symptoms so far. Feel like I've had the lot this time: fatigue, nausea, constipation, indigestion, needing to pee, bloating, big sore boobs, fatigue, off tea and coffee, headaches, milk, fatigue, sleeplessness, expanding wasteline, fatigue, spots, greasy hair, forgetfulness, fatigue........... Hope this isn't a sign of a difficult child Still at least it is reassuring that all is still well. Better go before the smileys take over....


bundle · 07/10/2002 16:03

hi Katherine, Ghosty & all...
hurrah didn't get up to pee last night! (14 wks on Weds) and the nausea is definitely more sporadic, just when I get too hungry. One of our dear friends is due at the same time as me..and texted me the other day: Oh My God: Twins! (glad it's her and not me


MiriamW · 07/10/2002 21:04

Hi, I'm 8 weeks pg with #2 (product of 4th IVF, ds (18m) being product of 3rd IVF). Feeling fairly tired, and needing to pee in the middle of the night, but otherwise OK. Already had my first antenatal appointment as I have a weak cervix, so go into hospital mid-November to have a stitch put in.

Look forward to keeping track of everyone! I'm due mid-May, but had a c/s last time, so may have an electove this time.


Katherine · 08/10/2002 08:19

Forgot to add strange tastes in my mouth, and cravings for potatos and cheese!....oh and fatigue

Congratulations MiriamW, you must be due virtually the same time as me (16th May).


SueC · 08/10/2002 15:44

Hi there. I'm due 6 June with number 2. Only 6 weeks but I already look as if I'm 3 months pregnant! Just waiting for nausea to kick in.


Katherine · 08/10/2002 16:23

Hi SueC, congratulations. Isn't it exciting. I'm expecting no3 and am now down to one pair of leggings at 8wks. Can't fasten ANY of the buttons on my jeans now. This is serious. I've got lots of nice stretchy dresses but they are all summer ones. There is nothing for it, but finally on my 3rd pg I am just going to have to buy some maternity clothes. Aghhhhhhh.....


MiriamW · 08/10/2002 18:07


Yes, my edd is 17th May! However if it is another c/s I'll probably have it a couple of weeks early all being well. So I'm 8w 3d (us IVFers count they days until 13 weeks!). I'm having another scan tomorrow for reassurance, and then my nuchal on 5th November. You've already had a scan? I had one at 5w 4d to confirm the pg, though they did let dh and ds in (also a t-v scan). I'm going on my own tomorrow though - too far to trek ds.



Katherine · 08/10/2002 18:13

MiriamW, Wow we are close. My DS was 5 wks early and DD was 2 weeks early so I'm hoping I won't have to hang on until the bitter end, although I actually enjoyed the last weeks of my pg, feeling the babies moving so much. Mind you I didn't have to hang on and hang on...

I had a scan at 6 wks after a bit of a scare (see mc scare at 6 wks thread) but everything was fine and judging from my symptoms still is. I count the days too (8.4) - hoping I'll get another peep at about 12 weeks. Hope everything is well tomorrow. Thinking of you.


bundle · 08/10/2002 18:24

Miriam, that's great news, I hope all is well with the scan


LISALEE · 09/10/2002 13:59

Hi there Im 8 eights gone and feeling crap, First pregancy so not sure what to expect. Im told im due in May 2002 so its a early summer baby which is nice. Hope I start to feel better as I keep thinking how I am going to manage feeling like this, working and trying to please hubby. How do we women cope!!!!


MiriamW · 09/10/2002 16:01

Scan was fine - could just start to see the spine forming - healthy heartbeat and CRL for 9 weeks. So I'll relax and start telling folk (was getting nervouis as the news was leaking, but I still feel it to be very early - however hard to stop this as a number of friends and family has to look after ds whilst I was doing IVF).

Lisalee - sorrey to hear that you're feeling crap, but even more alarmed by your comment about needing to please your husband - You must read "The Best Friends Guide to Pregnancy". This is your "sacred vessel" moment, and it is your husband who shoudl be looking after you.

But yes, the first few moonths are the worst for feeling lousy - I found that by the time I could feel the baby moving I was a lot happier about the whole thing even though I was feeling heavy and awkward.


Katherine · 09/10/2002 16:23

MiriamW, great news about the scan. I feel really chuffed for you

Ghosty, Percy, SandyD, Bundle, SueC - how is everyone else doing?

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