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your earliest ''i just know im pregnant ''symptoms...please

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beansontoast · 26/06/2006 13:12

indulge me

there is nothing more than a very slim chance that i might be pregnant...but i am temporarily insanely broody and devoting alot of time to teh fantasy that i may have... as near as damm it.. immaculately conceived! tired,have sore boobies,softer skin,a keen nose,a twingey back...feel slightly sick [but that could be exitement]...and i cant park the car!...

im not due on till thurs,have been like this for a week...oh and ive had a neg result ..but im quite able to ignore that

how do you know?


Hi there - this thread is a little old. [[
If you want to find out about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, we’ve got more information here]]. MNHQ

OP posts:
threebob · 26/06/2006 17:52

Nasty taste in mouth. Like metal.

Marne · 26/06/2006 17:53

I felt sick very early on, thats how i knew i was pg.

squishy · 26/06/2006 17:55

I felt emotional (am not normally!) and kept getting up in the middle of the night to go to the loo!

Then took a negative test 5 days after period was late, still knew I was pregnant and waited another week before I took another test (which was positive!).

Then I felt gradually more and more pregnant (and hate to say it, worse) for the next 18 weeks! Am now 22 weeks and beginning to, occasionally, feel like a human again (apart from poor sleeping and getting kicked regularly!)

jalopy · 26/06/2006 17:57

I felt slightly spaced out, had sore boobs, disgusting metallic taste in my mouth and tired at least a week before AF due. Neg test 7 days after missed period too. Bouncing baby at the end of it
Embarrassed to mention this too, but also noticed a 'softness' or swollen feeling down below. Did anyone else get this?

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 18:00

...flameboo...thats what ive got...fell like im going to come on...nowt happening....

oh please oh please oh please oh PLEEAAAAASE

secur...sorry sorry sorry..i am scatty at the best of times...but i posted a replyon 'your'thread...cos that makes sense? still teething x

OP posts:
peachygirl · 26/06/2006 18:02

Hi I'm 6 weeks and I had high temps consistently. I also needed to wee lots, and I did experience 3 days of spotting which was quite different to my usual period.
Things smelt quite pungent too _ neighbours dinner cooking ,school dinners cooking etc, quite emotional and a bit ratty too

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 18:02

...and that spaced out thing....

oh baby!

OP posts:
beansontoast · 26/06/2006 18:04

im delighted by all these false negatives

OP posts:
h23 · 26/06/2006 18:26

Hi Beans- me too! there's the slightest chance that i am pg: we've only tried twice in the last couple of weeks, but now i have sore boobs, am soooo tired, feeling queasy, sore tummy...
my AF is due between tomorrow and the end of the week. maybe we'll see each other on a "due in march 2007" thread?!
good luck!

fisil · 26/06/2006 19:00

couldn't wear contact lenses
wierd moods (like crying when laughter would've been appropriate)

They started about a week before I tested (which I did at 4 weeks) and continued throughout!

Xavielli · 26/06/2006 19:01

DS - Just knew... no symptoms til after I took test. was 8 weeks when I found out!

DD - Heartburn... I never get heartburn! found out at 4 weeks!

southeastastra · 26/06/2006 19:01

the first thing i noticed were blue veins

squishy · 26/06/2006 20:08

ooh, I forgot that I had period pain with nothing followed since the day before my due date (even though it took a good 12 days before positive test) and that, because I had been really ill, we must have only tried once or twice in the "window"!!

SophieB · 27/06/2006 09:12

My boobs were the first sign, really sore and tender, then the morning sickness followed! i was also late for my period so that was a big indication!!

crazydazy · 27/06/2006 09:14

The first sign was a missed period but I always know when I'm late, I still had crampy pain but it was the overwhelming tiredness that just consumed me. The nausea started at about 9 weeks.

nogoes · 27/06/2006 09:21

I'm on the pill but have been a bit careless recently and missed a few. I have a lot of the symptoms and I feel very similar to when I was pregnant with ds. I have also had spotting although I am currently a few days into my next packet of pills. If I am pregnant how would I be able to work out my due day as it is not a true period if you are on the pill is it? I did not take a break between the last packet of pills and this packet.

whiffy · 27/06/2006 09:33

Easy test. Go into pub for drink, go through list of alcoholic beverages and if you don't 'fancy' any of them, you're pregnant.

I am on 9th pg (lots of m/c's) and this is always the clincher for me and kicks in well before my period is due!

Cappucino · 27/06/2006 09:47

thinking 'ooh I really fancy lemonade'

when I got back from hospital after having dd, I was horrified to find bottles and bottles of it in the cupboard. I hate lemonade; it was like waking up from a dream

fancied it as soon as i was pg again - big clue

mawbroon · 27/06/2006 10:56

I shook with hunger despite having eaten only a couple of hours earlier. This was before my AF was late.

teabelly · 27/06/2006 12:32

Desperately wanting a fag despite having given up years before and being stone cold sober! - Happened both times.

MrsDoolittle · 27/06/2006 12:41

I woke up next morning and said to dh "I think I'm pregnant"
Bloody hope not, he says because we were skint.
9 nine days later tested positive, over a week before I was late.

Have resigned ourselves to the being skintypoos

beansontoast · 27/06/2006 12:51

for the record....

im simply mad

OP posts:
thirtysomething · 27/06/2006 14:25

with both pregnancies I woke up in middle of night about ten days after the deed, feeling mega hot and flushed. Just one night like that and no other symptoms till about the 6 week mark when huge sickness kicks in, but this has been an identical pattern with both, often wondered if it could be a hormone surge at implantation?

Pruni · 27/06/2006 14:33

Message withdrawn

ComeOVeneer · 27/06/2006 14:38

With dd I started gagging when cleaning my teeth one morning. A friend had said (ages before that) that she had this problem with all of her pregnancies and I remebered what she had said so tested "et voila". With ds I suddenly realised I hadn't had a period for about 12 weeks so tested and... (mind you 12 weeks isn't unusual for me - I am often buying tests "just to check" ).

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