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your earliest ''i just know im pregnant ''symptoms...please

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beansontoast · 26/06/2006 13:12

indulge me

there is nothing more than a very slim chance that i might be pregnant...but i am temporarily insanely broody and devoting alot of time to teh fantasy that i may have... as near as damm it.. immaculately conceived! tired,have sore boobies,softer skin,a keen nose,a twingey back...feel slightly sick [but that could be exitement]...and i cant park the car!...

im not due on till thurs,have been like this for a week...oh and ive had a neg result ..but im quite able to ignore that

how do you know?


Hi there - this thread is a little old. [[
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OP posts:
SomethingAboutMary · 26/06/2006 14:28

With ds it was complete tiredness & also V sore boobs.

Dd i had no signs at all until i did an early pregnancy test 3 weeks after last af & it was positive i now have a lovely Dd.

Goodluck i hope you get a pos

SomethingAboutMary · 26/06/2006 14:29

With ds it was complete tiredness & also V sore boobs.

Dd i had no signs at all until i did an early pregnancy test 3 weeks after last af & it was positive i now have a lovely Dd.

Goodluck i hope you get a pos

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 14:29

definite 'can feel it..scaffolding style' feelings going on....

omg...this means im one of two things...preg or


OP posts:
SomethingAboutMary · 26/06/2006 14:29

Oops Sorry

SomethingAboutMary · 26/06/2006 14:29

What pregnancy test have you done? which make?

MrsJohnCusack · 26/06/2006 14:43

or the third option - pregnant and mad

lalaa · 26/06/2006 14:47

i was wearing a sports bra in bed even before I missed a period. i would have killed anyone who came near them - too sore for words.

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 14:49

my GP friend gave me one...which i did wrong ...and then i did a boots own test on Sat.

mmmm preg and mad...why didnt i thinbk of that!

OP posts:
SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 14:50

BOT - when did you do your test?

SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 14:51

Ooh Sat - taht is ages ago

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 14:53

i did the blundered one on friday...ahving drunk lots of tea didnt think that one counted...and of course i wazzed on th ewhole thing when i should have dunked!

the second one i did Sat afternoon.

i nearly bought another one today...but really cant justify the cost!!

OP posts:
beansontoast · 26/06/2006 14:55

oh god secur!...ive been in hennes LOOKING AT MAT CLOTHES!!...ive seen some cute shorts...and a lime green nursing

OP posts:
SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 14:55

Do you have a family lanning clinic nearby - you could just "pop in"?

Or go to the chemist and tell tehm that you ahve to have one free asap because half of teh worlds mothers want to know

SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 14:57

so really the question here is - if you are not this time how long will it be until you are

I am taking bets on this time next month......

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 15:03

the earliest i should line with uni commitments...even nov/dec.[impatient]...with a view to a baby soon after i graduate...simple?

dp has been given notification of pending redundancy....[a couple of weeks ago...hes having SUCH good year ..not....]sooo,hes not really as exited about these plans as he could be.

OP posts:
SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 15:07

Oh no no - I was meaning an unintentional of course...

Thing is - I really believe that worrying too much about job being right, house being right etc etc just means you end up not doing it - I am def. of the opinion you should go for it first and worry about it later

BTW are you ignoring me asking if I gave you me email addy or have you missed it (don't worry I won't be offended if you don't want it I know I am an annoying trout!)

snowleopard · 26/06/2006 15:17

I had some test called Answer that were much cheaper than others - and used one when I got my BFP so they work.

FlameBoo · 26/06/2006 15:17

I was begging DD to go to sleep so that I could have a sleep too - tested that day and was 3 +6 weeks!

With DD... thought I had a week long hangover , then told Psychomum that I was having tummyache like I was going to come on, but nothing happening - and she told me to test... two lines later....

Pruni · 26/06/2006 15:24

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 26/06/2006 15:40

this thread is freakin' me out.

good luck to all those who hope they are preggo!

Olihan · 26/06/2006 16:03

Feeling travel sick while reading in the car - I've never felt sick reading in the car in my life. It was about a week after we'd done 'it'. 4 days later - 2 little lines.

lennied · 26/06/2006 17:21

very sore boobs for about 7-10 days before AF was due. Same when I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks, and never have them normally before AF. Also felt emotional, cried at a story about a family losing weight together in the Sunday papers. Nothing else (except absent period) until 6 weeks pg.

LadyTambaOfTambaTown · 26/06/2006 17:30

I had really bad indegestion and smells made me sick - driving past a chippy was horrible for me - yuk

NatalieJane · 26/06/2006 17:37

With DS we had been to the coast with my MIL and DH's nephew, the nephew wanted me to take him on a roller coaster which normally I would have been dragging him on, but I just couldn't get on it, luckily, 8 and a half months later DS arrived!

This time I am 18 weeks pregnant and apart from the bump, movements and heart burn, I still don't feel pregnant.... I know how silly does that sound, but it is true none the less.

sugarfree · 26/06/2006 17:51

The only early symptom I had with all of mine was snoring.Started before AF was due every time,and stopped straight after delivery.

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