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your earliest ''i just know im pregnant ''symptoms...please

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beansontoast · 26/06/2006 13:12

indulge me

there is nothing more than a very slim chance that i might be pregnant...but i am temporarily insanely broody and devoting alot of time to teh fantasy that i may have... as near as damm it.. immaculately conceived! tired,have sore boobies,softer skin,a keen nose,a twingey back...feel slightly sick [but that could be exitement]...and i cant park the car!...

im not due on till thurs,have been like this for a week...oh and ive had a neg result ..but im quite able to ignore that

how do you know?


Hi there - this thread is a little old. [[
If you want to find out about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, we’ve got more information here]]. MNHQ

OP posts:
shhhh · 26/06/2006 13:13

I felt "hungover"

pucca · 26/06/2006 13:19

Tbh honest i didn't have a clue until i did the test, i even got a neg the day my period was due and only tested pos when 4 days late!

I had been ttc-ing and every month i had symptoms, the only month i didn't have any i was pg!

Good luck, fingers crossed for you xx

Gillian76 · 26/06/2006 13:21

I always felt sick at tea-time.

Agree it's easy to "imagine" symptoms if you're trying.

Good luck

Gillian76 · 26/06/2006 13:21

I always felt sick at tea-time.

Agree it's easy to "imagine" symptoms if you're trying.

Good luck

Gillian76 · 26/06/2006 13:21


Rhubarb · 26/06/2006 13:24

Didn't have the faintest idea until my period didn't come. Not one sniff, not an iota or a smidgen of an idea - sorry!

I have become more aware now though that about a week before my period is due to start, my boobs are sore, I get irritated and clumsy and am generally more aware of changes in my body.

shhhh · 26/06/2006 13:28

christ rhubard..i'm irritated and clumsy most days !!!

amber5 · 26/06/2006 13:28

was on a perfectly smooth flight home from Venice, and was extremely travel sick. was standing in baggage collection crying with nausea and noticed no-one else was remotely sick. thought to self, mmm this is wierd... 8 1/2 months later along comes dd!!

notsoladyjess · 26/06/2006 13:29

had tingly boobs. did not realise what this was the first time but when preg with ds2, the feeling reminded me of the feeling when i bbreastfed so i knew. i had a neg test too but i was convinced.
good luck.x

SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 13:32

no idea with dd1,2 or ds (in fact with ds I denied even the possibilty of it to a team of doctors who were telling me I was )

But with dd3 I knew no symptoms just a mothers instinct awww!

Hope you are

FioFio · 26/06/2006 13:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 13:35

ps, I knew before it was even early enough to do a test (got a bfp on teh first possible day!) - so it is not complete madness that you are thinking it already! (oh yes and if you want it to be tehn I would read an early bfn as an open invitation to re-test!)

niceglasses · 26/06/2006 13:37

Hungover here as well. Awful taste in my mouth when waking up.

slug · 26/06/2006 13:37

At a wine tasting. Everyone was raving about a wine that tasted distinctly off to me. My period wan't even due for another 2 weeks (I have a long cycle)

beansontoast · 26/06/2006 13:51

oh yeah this is just what i needed...thanks 'Team Mumsnet'

hello secur at contesting the opinion of a team or drs! classic!

OP posts:
tessasmum · 26/06/2006 13:54

No idea for 15 weeks (yep 15!!) with DD and then had to be almost told by DH
With DS I had sore boobs about a week before I was due on and that was only about a week after the deed!!

Hope it works out.

SecurMummy · 26/06/2006 13:56

Hi BOT - hope you are all well!

PS, did I ever give you my email addy - i know I meant to!

jamsambam · 26/06/2006 13:56

i too had horrrendous sore boobs, but my consultenet argued untill i was nearly 5 months gone about if i relly was or not...long story...

second time round i figured something was up by the end of the week after...are we phsycic??

jamsambam · 26/06/2006 13:57

or psycic

wilbur · 26/06/2006 13:57

Before af was due, each time I had:
a) nuclear-waste-yellow wee
b) very vivid dreams
c) a stinking cold

Those appear to be my early pregnancy symptoms. Any ring a bell?

puppy · 26/06/2006 14:01

Good luck beansontoast for a BFP,

For me it was the road map that appeared on my cheat, tiredness and the af type pains I had the thought I was on CD21 with these symptons and here I am 28weeks

Fingers crossed.

puppy · 26/06/2006 14:02

cheat = chest


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Feistybird · 26/06/2006 14:03

knackered, coldsores, general ill health, and really really bad temper.

misdee · 26/06/2006 14:03

with me its nausea within a couple of days of bd-ing.

biglips · 26/06/2006 14:05

i was ssooo knackered and went to a new years party at my auntys - took loads of ale- only drank 2 bottles as was too tired to drink.. stayed and celebrated at midnight, went straight home and straight to bed!! zzzzzz but i still didnt know i was pg still 2 weeks later (i must've of been 1 week pg) so i was about 3 weeks pg whne i found out

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