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Not racist, come hither.

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Drabarni · 02/11/2019 13:01

Now I have your attention.
If you think you aren't racist please look at this and if you feel like gettig behind this
Thank you very much.

Obviously, you don't have to make an appointment with your MP as suggested, you could email or post.

OP posts:

Pricey3 · 21/01/2021 21:45

Hi I no really late post but you asked wat racism gypsys get and trust me it's quite alot they refuse to house us in case one day we decide to move so our housing chances are very little no matter wat the circumstances we are all brushed the same even tho romany gypsys are different then irish travellers there actually immagrints we are not so 2 different kinds of ppl believe it or not we struggle to get work nit because of education I've done school and college course they still refuse me to work we struggle with every day to day life because ppl would rather judge before actually getting a understanding of who we are I am a mum with 4 young children and all I want is a settled home where my kids can go to school and I can get a job but the council we have asked for help have refused to house us because of who we are told us to pack our bags and make ourselves homeless else where out the county and be someone elses problem as they will never give me a permanent address I have recordings to prove how racist they can be and to top it all off report me to ss as I have no permanent address and there worried as my kids aren't in school can you see where this is fair?
Rasism has never stopped it just gets covered up even more we are not all bad ppl believe me there are some very nice ones same as in your community I do have friends that are not gypsys but the level of Rasism we still get just gets covered up so you never hear it we are now in 2021 and nothing has ever changed in all honesty it's got alot worser sorry to bore you with this it's just I was looking for what steps to take against a rasist council and seen ur post so thought I would just share my experience with you ☺️ take care

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