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Feb/March 2023 Birth Club

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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 17:54

Hello my lovelies! I thought I'd make a post birth thread so we can continue our chats now that our little ones are earthside. Feel free to tap out!

20/1 - botleybump πŸ’“ (due 23/2)
10/2 - Amy1303 πŸ’™ (due 27/3)
12/2 - Babynum2 πŸ’™ (due 5/3)
12/2 - Cams50 πŸ’™ (due 2/3)
13/2 - LizziBee πŸ’™
14/2 - BabyNumber3OnTheWay πŸ’™ (due 28/2)
18/2 - Ubbee πŸ’™ (due 27/2)
19/2 - beatingheartbaby πŸ’“ (due 14/3)
21/2 - suchardchoccy πŸ’“ (due date baby!)
22/2 - muminlndn πŸ’“
24/2 - saltandpepperr πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
24/2 - mrs2022 πŸ’™ (due 24/3)
25/2 - JTB123 πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
25/2 - Splashh πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
26/2 - GreenIsle πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
26/2 - LaForza101 πŸ’™ (due 3/3)
27/2 - EastyBaby19 πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
27/2 - Katdemar πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
28/2 - TeddyBeans πŸ’“ (due 26/2)
1/3 - Franklin123 πŸ’“ (due 13/3)
2/3 - Thirdtimesacharm3 πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
2/3 - allthingssparkly πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
3/3 - Blondewave πŸ’™
3/3 - June628 πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
3/3 - Noodle20 πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
6/3 - Shep21 πŸ’“ (due 18/3)
7/3 - MoronikaFaceache πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
7/3 - Room4onemore πŸ’“ (due 17/3)

OP posts:
Rainbowbaby23 · 21/04/2023 08:35

@Blocklynn I have tried, this boy just passes right out as soon as the bottle goes back in his mouthπŸ˜‚

Blocklynn · 21/04/2023 09:18

@Rainbowbaby23 little monkey!
I am having a problem at the moment with madam as she has wind but can’t get it out, so she’s hungry but will only eat a bit due to wind then screams for more shortly after. Then screams at the bottle πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Rainbowbaby23 · 21/04/2023 09:29

@Blocklynn what way are you winding her? Sometimes if he is finding it hard to get wind up ill put his vibrating hedgehog toy up against his back then stomach for a bit and it helps!

Shep21 · 21/04/2023 10:04

Is anyone’s baby going up through the clothes sizes really quickly? Had bout some 3-6 month vests ready for summer days, and they look like they might be tight already. She’s not yet 2 months and it doesn’t feel like she’s worn that much of her 0-3 clothes!

Greenissle · 21/04/2023 10:20

@Shep21 yes my little girls the same, I have some 0-3 month clothes that she hadn't worn yet because her 0-1 month still fit but I put a 0-3 month outfit on today and let's say it's not going to last long at all so I'm going to try and get some wear of of these quickly

Blocklynn · 21/04/2023 10:30

@Rainbowbaby23 I try her on my knee, rubbing then patting her back. Over my shoulder, wonky winding, sitting her up really straight, leant over my arm face down. None of it works consistently.

Rainbowbaby23 · 21/04/2023 10:44

@Blocklynn try and just hold her upright, facing you, alot of times I do this and Kyrie will get his own wind up! Or maybe bicycle legs?:)

Blocklynn · 21/04/2023 17:23

@Rainbowbaby23 I’ll give that a go thank you 😊

TeddyBeans · 23/04/2023 14:25

Little miss gave me quite the shock last night. DP kept her with him while I went to bed and brought her to bed later. She didn't wake up til 4.45 for a bottle and I'm shocked! She went from 9.25pm to 4.45am between bottles 😱

OP posts:
ChristmasJumpers · 23/04/2023 16:10

I've been worried about letting her sleep all night between bottles. She's 5+2 weeks today, when are people starting to let their littles one's sleep through? As a rule she won't go longer than 4 hours anyway, occasionally 5 hours through the night but I set a 5 hour alarm just in case!

Rainbowbaby23 · 23/04/2023 17:03

Hi is anyone here cosleeping/bed sharing? I feel like it would help my PPA and might be the only way I get more than 2 hours sleep every 24 hours

Rose429 · 23/04/2023 21:49

@Rainbowbaby23 We do! Not out of choice, but little lady hates the crib so the three of us have to make do on our tiny double bed. Just follow the 7 rules and you will be ok x

Rainbowbaby23 · 23/04/2023 22:07

@Rose429 i have a king size bed and it would just be me and baby, with no duvets or pillows and just a sleep sack on him while doing the β€˜c’ curl
Going to try it tonight and see if we both get a better sleep:)

Rose429 · 24/04/2023 02:28

@Rainbowbaby23 Sounds like you got it sorted!

Actually I’m up and doing a feed now with her which is much easier because I just pop my boobs out. Before co-sleeping at 2 weeks, we were literally taking turn every 2 hours holding her in our arms because she refused to be put down anywhere. We’re sleeping so much better now, but normally for 2.5 - 3 hours stretch so pretty jealous of the bottle feeding babies on this thread πŸ˜‚

Rainbowbaby23 · 24/04/2023 02:46

@Rose429 im bottle feeding, and still only getting 2/3 hour stretches(partly because he falls asleep after only drinking 2/3 oz) and after each feed he needs help up for 30 mins due to reflux so by the time I actually close my eyes I’m not getting to sleep very long either
the tiredness is real

TeddyBeans · 24/04/2023 06:36

@ChristmasJumpers let her sleep, if she's hungry she'll wake up 😊 it's likely to be a phase and she'll go back to waking up more regularly in a few days but if she's content, she'll sleep. I've always found that waking a baby up for a feed results in not much being drunk and them just falling back asleep anyway

OP posts:
TeddyBeans · 24/04/2023 07:46

@Rainbowbaby23 how did you get on with cosleeping?

OP posts:
Rainbowbaby23 · 24/04/2023 08:20

@TeddyBeans great! Definitely feel more rested today even with getting up for feeds and he seems to settle quite quickly!

Blocklynn · 24/04/2023 08:26

@Rainbowbaby23 I would co sleep if I thought it would be better but it would just mean the little grunty creature is closer to my ears πŸ˜‚

Blocklynn · 24/04/2023 08:27

@Rose429 we’re bottle feeding and definitely not sleeping for longer yet!

Perexi · 24/04/2023 09:45

Were bottle feeding basically now and night sleep ranges from 1 hour to 2.5 hours at best!

DaisyRainbow · 24/04/2023 10:09

Those that are bf, how are you coping with the longer stretches of sleep overnight? I've got a little one that feeds 2 hourly during the day but then went 6 hours last night. I had to express after her feed as I was still uncomfortably full. Is this what il keep having to do?

Suchardchoccy · 24/04/2023 10:52

@DDaisyRainbow mine is sleeping sleeping long stretches through the night now and then, usually she goes about 3 hours. She's 9 weeks tomorrow. I've been leaking all over the bed some nights but I would say my breasts are getting used to it?

havananana · 24/04/2023 12:40

My 5 week old would sleep through the night but I wake her up 1x for a feed , so she does about 5h, then feed,nappy,burping, and then another 3h usually.
I think I will feel comfortable letting her sleep through the night when she eats 1l of milk per average in a day.
At the moment it's about 930ml, so I don't think it's enough to let her sleep through as she has dry lips after the 5h

Rainbowbaby23 · 24/04/2023 12:49

@havananana whats your secretπŸ˜‚

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