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What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?

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Shocksandboooos · 23/10/2018 10:40

I have £4 worth of Argos vouchers that run out on Friday.
Dh tried to throw them in the bin this morning, saying that I wouldn’t be able to get anything worth having with them without adding a lot on.
I need to win this bet as I lost the last one and haven’t lived it down.

I thought I’d cracked it when I found a pair of slippers but you have to pay online for TU clothes and the vouchers can’t be used online.
We have a 2 year old so stocking filers are a possibility. Please hit me with your best suggestions so that I can wipe the smug look off dh’s face. Grin

OP posts:
importantkath · 01/01/2019 15:37

I dressed my raven up and gifted it to my sister. She found this thread and loves it!

Triskaidekaphilia · 01/01/2019 20:12

Get it in time for Halloween, and instead of doing Elf on the Shelf you could have Raven in the Haven.
This was my first thought reading through. Although the rhyme's not quite as good I suggest 'Raven in the Oven' Grin

Greypaw · 01/01/2019 22:02

"...I know, I know, it's seriouuuuus"

DobbyLovesSocks · 04/01/2019 15:05

Oh goodness HOW did i miss this thread?? I want a raven but guess ill have to wait until this Halloween (when they will no doubt by over £10!!!)

Thatsnotmyname4291 · 10/06/2019 11:54

I’ve just found this thread via a ‘mumsnet recommends’ email that linked to a ‘mumsnet best recommendations of 2018’ article. I still had no idea what an ‘Argos raven’ was because obvs no link and no description in the article - rude!
So then I searched Talk for Argos Raven and came across this beauty of a thread.

Of course no ravens are in stock now, it’s not the season for them but I am sans and also Terribly, Terribly sad.

But you’ve all entertained me with snorty laughs for the past 40 mins!

MoobaaMoobaa · 18/10/2019 17:42

Why is this thread not in classics?

Argos and Sainsburys ran out last year, So a year later here is mineSmile
she's call Osade

I am truly sad

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
JeffreyJefferson · 18/10/2019 17:45

@moobaamoobaa it is

MoobaaMoobaa · 18/10/2019 18:12

is it! BlushI thought I found it in AIBU Grin

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